Idaho: Man jumps on bar screaming about “Allah”, customers run for the doors

Staff quickly took him down, but not out. A similar incident occurred in Florida last week. Carry wherever you go.bell on bar 3_1467509198731_3682907_ver1.0

**Note this was in Idaho, not Iowa as originally titled. Source: Drunk man praises Allah at Caldwell restaurant, causes panic with customers | KTVB.COM

CALDWELL – Customers at the Horsewood’s Restaurant in Caldwell were panicked Friday night after a drunk man got up on the bar and “praised Allah as the only god.”

The incident happened at around 8:15 p.m. Friday night, according to Caldwell Police.

Lt. Joey Hoadley tells KTVB that officers were on scene less than two minutes after receiving the call.

Horsewood’s owners, Jessie and Aaron Horsewood, explain the event as surreal. They say the young man had been sitting in the bar for awhile when he suddenly climbed up on top of the bar, told everyone to be quiet, and yelled, “Allah is the only one true god.”

The Horsewoods say customers immediately bolted out, running to every door in the restaurant.

“It was surreal,” Jessie Horsewood said. “There were purses left on chairs, cell phones left on tables.”

They say Bell was wearing a backpack and it worried customers that he was carrying a weapon.

The Horsewoods, along with the bartender and several other staff members, pulled the man, Ralmanzow Bell, 21, down from the bar and outside.

“allah” screaming Ralmanzow Bell

“All this is going on real fast and I”m just trying to get him away,” Horsewood’s bartender, Christopher Ozuna, told KTVB.

Ozuna ripped Bell’s backpack off and staff members proceeded to tackle Bell to the ground outside, holding him there until police arrived.

“We had to react in the way that we did,” Aaron Horsewood, said.

Caldwell police say customers were fearful of the backpack Bell was wearing and thought he might have had a weapon on him.

“That’s what panicked people,” Lt. Hoadley said. “Not necessarily what he was saying- that maybe contributed to it- but that, along with a backpack, and then people saying he had a gun. It startled people.”

Witnesses say it was a surreal experience.

“Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack. Whether it was legitimate or not, that’s how you had to view it at that moment,” Aaron Horsewood added.

Police searched Bell’s backpack to find only alcohol inside. Officials say he was then examined at a local hospital and booked into the Canyon County jail. Bell is being charged with disorderly conduct.

“I think this is more of a case of a guy who was intoxicated and did something out of the norm and that scared a lot of people and freaked some people out,” Lt. Hoadley said.

Caldwell police say this isn’t Bell’s first run in with the law. He’s been involved in the criminal justice system several times.

“I’m just glad that everybody is safe and no one was harmed,” Ozuna added.

Nah, a guy jumping up on the bar yelling allah akbar, that wouldn’t panic people. Add law enforcement officers to those Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior to Islam.

PS: A few hours northwest right up 84 from the Muslim refugee enclave of Twin Falls.

13 thoughts on “Idaho: Man jumps on bar screaming about “Allah”, customers run for the doors

  1. This guy will be getting an invite to the white house. I wonder if he learned a lesson by not being stupid. He’s in middle America not the middle east.

    • Jihadis may indulge in all manner of debauchery, counting on a “martyr” death to wipe their slate clean.

  2. I love how law enforcement down plays it. When you hear allah Akbar the next sound is either the bomb going off or gun fire from the muzzies gun. Under sharia law isn’t drinking alcohol punishable by stoning or a brutal whipping of the offender.

    • Yes, it is, but you can’t expect any intelligence from a muzzie. If there were two neurons to rub together in his head he wouldn’t be Muslim in the first place. Change faith is not punishable by death in America – yet.

  3. They should shoot him on the spot and real quick. He could have a bomb in that backpack. Run is good, but shoot is better. What staff did was very brave but far past the border where bravery and stupidity meets. Though they might somewhat reduce explosion with their bodies :-)

    The customers recognized Allah for what it is, not God, but demon of death.

  4. @ScottW. Ok, so that takes care of one of them. Don’t forget, these THINGS are like ROACHES! You kill one and a million more come running out of the wall! We need the courage of a leader like Donald Trump who will declare war on the real problem–which is ISLAM! IT’S ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND NO AMERICAN in his right mind would ever have ANYTHING to do with it!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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