Arizona: Muslim arrested, plotted jihad on govt buildings in Maricopa and Pima counties

Source: FBI arrests man suspected of conspiracy to commit terrorism in Arizona

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office have arrested an 18-year-old Tucson man they say conspired to carry out acts of terrorism against government buildings in Maricopa and Pima counties.

Mahin Khan was arrested in Tucson following an investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, according to the FBI. He was booked into Maricopa County jail on suspicion of conspiring to commit terrorism.

Mahin Khan

Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Mia Garcia and FBI officials said Khan’s alleged plans did not involve the Fourth of July or any related festivities.

“The  Arizona Attorney General’s Office is working closely with federal authorities to keep Arizonans safe. We are not aware of any threats Khan made that involve the Fourth of July holiday weekend,” Garcia said.

Garcia said there are no additional suspects and no current threat to the public involving Khan’s plans.

Khan has had his initial court appearance but court records have been sealed and no additional details were immediately available.

A man who said he was Khan’s father, contacted at his home in Tucson, declined to comment.

Records show Khan lived with his family in a gated community near River Road and Camino Boscaje Escondido in north Tucson close to the Catlina Foothills. Additional family members could not be reached for comment.

Neighbors who lived near the Khan family at a prior residence described the family as quiet, but declined to be interviewed.

Sealed record? Is he helping the feds target fellow jihadis? Cartel/jihad links on the border?

10 thoughts on “Arizona: Muslim arrested, plotted jihad on govt buildings in Maricopa and Pima counties

  1. Who converted him? What Mosque did he attend? This is a conspiracy that must be shut down by arresting those responsible for his conversion. Every Saudi Financed Mosque is an enemy combatant location. So sick of the lack of comprehensive action to protect our Republic by the Obama Administration.

  2. The Khan tribe is spreading out all over the US. You can bet your life that neighbors of this mob are
    scared to death of saying a word about them, but neighbors always know what is going on in their area. Just one request, don’t send anymore Khans to Florida,we have fulfilled our quota.

    • I love this site but I have spent an hour trying to reply to you, I decided to do my best to get posted, I’m sure this why there are few posting on here. I wish they had Discus I never have a problem with them But Face Book and Word Press never have my password, anyway I tries posting my original comment 4 times when I hit post I was directed to login again and when I do my post is gone when I return

  3. Hi Non-Muslims and Kafir

    We at CAIR will tell you now exactly what to think because we are followers of Islam and will tell you what Islam is and more importantly what Islam is not.

    If you deviate from our message that this individual and all individuals who do violence in the name of Islam do not represent Islam – we will label you a hater, bigot, and a possible lawfare lawsuit if the opportunity presents itself.

    This man and Omar Mateen for example were ignorant of Islam. I am Mr. Awad and I know what you do not.

    These Muslim Mujahadeen are bad for Islam. We at CAIR must tell you that every time one of our brothers or sisters in the Ummah blow themselves up, shoot up some public place, or just kill and maim as many people as possible Here’s what you need to know….

    We at CAIR fear a backlash from you ignorant Christians and Jews. You Christians and Jews are the real problem and we are the victims of your non-Muslim bigotry and micro aggressions.

    I am CAIR and I will tell you what to think and write.

    May Allah bless you and the compassionate thing to do is to submit to Allah and Mohammad. If you join team Islam we will not have to kill unless it’s absolutely wasted.

    • “I am CAIR and I will tell you what to think and write” You’re not CAIR, just an ignorant Muslim who can probably write but since you don’t have a brain it’s impossible for you to think. Do you know that you’ve been told a lie about getting 72 virgins; that’s correct, you get One 72 year old virgin, I thought you should know this so you might reconsider the next time you get an urge to blow yourself up in order to murder innocent people. May the Elohim of Abraham, Yahweh stop your madness which comes from Satan. Even Muhammad believed that the entity who gave him the big lies was a demon or Satan at first but his wife and family changed his mind, such a tragedy for so many people.

    • Yes, you should explain those stupid Americans who suppose that they might think and write what they want that they will be put on hit list CAIR publicize and hunt down together with founder of CAIR Hezbollah and sister organization ISIS. When you succeed with your goal – Sharia as law in America, they might be straight away put in death row or stoned to death lawfully.

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