Sharia compliant: No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel


Source: Sharia compliant “disaster porn”? No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel  h/t EuroNews

…even in make-believe world, thou shalt not desecrate landmarks that might upset adherents of a certain religion of peace.

The aliens are hell bent on extinguishing humans but even they bow to “sensitive groups” that use violence if offended. Which is why there’s no way you’ll see Mecca’s Grand Mosque flattened by alien ray guns.

Director Roland Emmerich, learned his lesson about blowing up “sensitive” Islamic architecture five years ago while making “2012”.

The Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Christ the Redeemer statue — all “blowed-up real good,” but Middle Eastern landmarks were spared.

Emmerich stated:

“We have to all, in the western world, think about this. You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with an Arab symbol, you would have… a fatwa… so I kind of left it out.”

And so again, thanks to self-censorship, the mavens of political correctness in the West continue to endorse the unofficial slogan of the Religion of Peace:

“Might makes right.”

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  1. why not surprised? I think we should stop of supporting allahwood with our hard-earned money.

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