Muslim drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot aka “K2” (updated)

“The 10 alleged members of the ring — who were mostly of Yemeni descent” … “millions of dollars being wired overseas to countries like Yemen”

No word on the immigration status of the ten, mostly Yemeni’s arrested. Source: K2 drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot: cops – NY Daily News

A 10-man drug ring that distributed over a ton of synthetic marijuana to city bodegas has gone up in smoke, authorities announced Wednesday.

The operation, spearheaded by Adullah Deiban, Faris Nasser Kassim and Morad Nasser Kassim, involved chemicals shipped from from China to at least one processing facility in the Bronx where they would be mixed and then sprayed onto leafy materials like tea leaves, according to an indictment.

The materials were then packaged into flashy packets, distributed to bodegas around the city and sold for around $5 each, documents charge.

Between Sept. 2014 and this month the drug crew imported enough chemicals to produce 260,000 packets of the drug, commonly known as K2 or Spice, worth over $30 million on the street, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

Six of the 10 suspected members of the drug ring were in custody.

The 10 alleged members of the ring — who were mostly of Yemeni descent — face drug conspiracy charges, which carry a maximum of 20 years in prison. The chemicals allegedly used by the men are considered controlled substances.

Even more disturbing, PIX 11 learned there was great concern about millions of dollars being wired overseas to countries like Yemen.

Federal agents were investigating whether the synthetic pot sales were being used to finance terrorism.

Bharara said the 10 men indicted Wednesday — Abdullah Deiban, Faris Nasser Kassim, Morad Nasser Kassim, Nageab Saeed, Walide Saeed, Mohammed Saeed, Hamid Moshref, Mohamed Salem, Mohamed Almatheel, and Fikri Nagi — were members of an international organization that trafficked, manufactured, and distributed smokeable synthetic marijuana (SSC) in New York City.

More details on the ringleader who had been arrested previously: Did an $800K Traffic Stop Bust a Major New York City Spice Ring?

Six of the 10 indicted this month in connection with the major synthetic pot ring have been arrested. Alleged principals Deiban and Faris Nasser Kassim, as well as alleged transporters Mohamed Almatheel and Hamid Moshref, remain at a large.

DEA agents say Deiban boasted about providing the substance to consumers over eBay.

The case was settled in November 2014. Under the terms, Deiban did not admit to any of the allegations levied against him. The U.S. Marshals Service repaid him $477,163.80 from the greater sum contested.

In return, Deiban forfeited the remainder of that sum, and the whole of the additional $150,935 seized to the U.S. government.

An attorney who represented Deiban in 2014 did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast. None of the other nine men indicted alongside Deiban appeared in the other court filings.

Instead of counting his blessings, Deiban allegedly sought to make more dough. The September 2015 complaint says that in the past year, Deiban and his cronies imported at least 220 pounds of banned powdered substances used to make K2 or “spice”—enough to manufacture at least 260,000 packets.

The complaint alleges that Deiban’s organization “imported, manufactured, and distributed” smokable synthetic cannabinoids, in part by mixing the illegal compounds with acetone to contaminate tea leaves.

Abdullah Deiban, Faris Nasser Kassim, and Morad Nasser Kassim allegedly ran the shop, while Nageab Saeed, Walide Saeed, and Mohomed Saeed allegedly made sure the contraband made its way to 70 New York City retail locations. Authorities accuse Hamid Moshref, Mohamed Salem, and Mohamed Almatheel of transporting the drug to retail locations and Fikri Nagi of being one of the retail sellers.

As much as $30 million worth of product has been seized in the case so far.

New York banned the sale of these substances in 2012, but consumption is not illegal.

More, two of the at-large ringleaders were caught in another Muslim country: Synthetic pot ringleaders busted in Dubai, extradited to New York

Two bosses of a 10-man drug ring charged with smuggling loads of synthetic marijuana to city bodegas were busted overseas and flown to New York Friday to face charges.

Adullah Deiban and Morad Nasser Kassim were arrested in Dubai and landed at Kennedy Airport, NBC New York reported.

Download u.s._v_deiban_et_al_indictment.pdf

Updates:  Vidoes of the Muslim-imported drug destroying Brooklyn neighborhoods.

33 Suspected of Overdosing on Synthetic Marijuana in Brooklyn

More pics here K-2 zombies return to Brooklyn neighborhood one day after 33 addicts collapsed at 9.30am after smoking bad batch of the synthetic marijuana from infamous deli

3 thoughts on “Muslim drug ring flooded NYC with a ton of synthetic pot aka “K2” (updated)

  1. Whoever received the money sent to Yemen, it’s a dead cert some of it went to finance terrorism. Part of the money would be paid in zakat, and of course jihad, including armed attacks, is regarded as a valid use of zakat. The same thing happens when you buy halal meat – some of the price goes to a halal certifying body which then pays zakat.

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