Germany: Rapefugees smile, walk free after Cologne sex conviction


The first of many to come. Source: Smiling and cheering as they walk free from court: Immigrants convicted of Cologne New Year’s Eve sex assaults avoid jail despite judge branding them ‘animals’ | Daily Mail Online

Two men who were part of the ‘mass frenzy’ of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve grinned and cheered outside court yesterday after only being handed suspended sentences.

The Iraqi man and an Algerian were found guilty for their behaviour on New Year’s Eve in the city. They were the first of dozens of men to answer for sex crimes although several men have been found guilty of robbery on the night.

Their victims openly wept in court as they described the torment they had gone through during and after the assaults.

Speaking via a translator Hussein A. ,21,said ‘I apologize for what happened.’

An Algerian, Hassan T  was also found guilty of being an accomplice to a sexual assault carried out by a group of around 20 men.

The 26-year-old told a man who was walking with two female victims ‘Give me the girls, give me the girls – or you’re dead.’

The court said this was attempted assault. Hassan T was also handed a one-year suspended jail term.

Hassan T has been in Germany since autumn 2014, Hussein A. since September 2015.

Both the accused took pictures with their two victims before the sexual assaults. The two women broke down and wept while testifying against them.

Jennifer W 27, sobbed as she described how she was grabbed on her buttocks and then fondled by another man while a third tried to plunder cash from her purse.

Her friend Lena S. told how she screamed ‘NO! NO! NO!’ when attacked.

They had travelled to Cologne on December 30th with the 27-year-old’s fiance to watch a planned firework spectacular over the Rhine.

8 thoughts on “Germany: Rapefugees smile, walk free after Cologne sex conviction

  1. This just reinforces the belief of Muslims that infidel women are a gift from their god. The time has come when the scoffers and mockers have been turned over to the dark forces of Satan, at their own choosing they chose the Liar over Yahweh, what else makes sense of the madness going on worldwide, why else would the leaders of countries bring in people that are clearly bent on turning their countries into Muslim Hell-Holes Only those with eyes that can see and ears that can hear understand this.

  2. I guess they didn’t “intend” to break the law. Comey doesn’t have any relatives in Germany does he?

    • Of course not, it was medical emergency, like that 21 years old who raped 10 years old guy in public swimming pool. They should be merciful and cure that medical emergency – balls cut off, preferably right under ears.
      They just did what Quran orders. Islam is worse than Nazism and Communism put together. It is not a religion, it is teocratic regime very much similar to Nazism but more violent.

      • Again we have a defense lawyer who would rather see Western society run hog-wild with these g-damned pervs than to recommend a plea of guilty for a lighter sentence! Of course, I’m in no way in favor of giving these criminals “a light sentence” but at least that would ensure that they’re not just running scot-free to rape and murder some other poor innocent victim!!!!! Angela Merkel has to be SOOO proud of what she’s done to Germany!!!!!

  3. Looks like it’s time for Germans to take matters into their own hands and take down the muzzie threat any way they can. It’s clear that in Germany muzzies can now do whatever they want without any punishment by the law or judicial system.

    • Yes Keifer, you’re right, Law has broken down to submit to Islam. The German girls are the accused, not the Rapefugees, who left cheering & Jeering. I hate the sight of a Rapefugee, & I noticed that they
      are arriving late at night by air, then motor coached to different areas in Florida. It’s time for us to take the decision to fight these animals, since our Governments
      will not.

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