Sharia takes over prayer rooms in international airports

Including airports in the U.S. Source: Blog: Airport sharia

An aspect of the kudzu-like expansion of sharia is the takeover by Muslims of prayer rooms in international airports.

Here in Hong Kong, a prayer room, officially non-denominational, is located in Terminal 1 of the Hong Kong airport, and another is located in Terminal 2.  Each “non-denominational” prayer room supports Mohammedism, to the detriment of all other religions.

The Terminal 1 prayer room has an Islam-required washup area.  It is a permanent installation.  There is a similar permanent installation in Terminal 2.

Also, each prayer room has an indicator of the way Muslims are to face for prayers.  The indicator is permanent.  In Terminal 1, the indicator is etched into the ceiling.

There is an accompanying square, etched into the floor.  The square, which is permanent, is of the right size for the side-by-side placement of two prayer rugs.

Further, each prayer room has cubbies for storage of religious articles.  Only Muslim prayer rugs were in cubbies.  No religious articles of any other religion.

I observed, at times, Muslim men at prayer.  Only men.

Christians are shut out of the prayer rooms in the Hong Kong airport.  No prayer room has a cross or a crucifix, etched or otherwise, permanent or temporary.  No prayer room has a vestry.  There is neither tabernacle nor aumbry.

A Muslim murder spree of airport passengers would be ignited were consecrated wine stored in a cubby.

Jews are shut out of the prayer rooms as well.  No prayer room has a mezuzah.  No prayer room has a lectern for resting a siddur, and no prayer room has an ark.  There is no mizrach (indicator of the direction to face for prayers).

Buddhists are shut out of the prayer rooms.  No prayer room has a niche wherein a statue of the Buddha can be placed for veneration.  No prayer room has shelving whereon offerings of incense sticks, candles, fruit, and flowers can be displayed.

I wrote to the Hong Kong Airport Authority to call attention to the “non-denominational” imbalance in favor of Mohammedism.

The reply letter extolled the multiculturalism of Hong Kong.  Included with the letter was a promotional flyer.  It had photographs of the façades of three or four churches and temples and some words about each of them and a commendation of the friendly relations, in Hong Kong, among all religions.

Contra: Day and night, numerous guards are present in the courtyard of the Kowloon Mosque in Hong Kong.  The guards keep tight control of entry into the mosque.  Try, just try, gentle reader, to show up at the mosque, to declare yourself a non-believer, and to gain entry into the mosque by virtue of the friendly universality of the transnational and multicultural brotherhood of all men of all faiths.

There are mosquelike prayer rooms in six American airports.  In the seventh American airport, there is more than a prayer room.  Kennedy Airport in New York City has a mosque.

Ramadan at the JFK International Airport mosque in the Queens, New York City July, 2015 ( Tanya Basu, TIME)

Ramadan at the JFK International Airport mosque in the Queens, New York City July, 2015 ( Tanya Basu, TIME)

The Time article has a photograph of the interior of the Kennedy Airport mosque.  The photograph shows men at prayer.  Only men.

The imam of the mosque was quoted.  “It’s the only mosque of its kind in the country[.] … It’s its own mosque, not just a room, which is what most airport mosques are[.] … We are our own place, we have our own services, we are our own community within the chapels here. It’s very different from anything in America.”

Very different, but not for long.  Within a decade, mosques will be standard facilities in all major American airports.  The portent is Denver Airport.  A description of its two prayer rooms: “One room is for Muslims and the other for Christians and Jews.”  Muslims will be favored with a large space.  Everyone else will be squeezed indiscriminately into a small space.

The MSM didn’t report it but, Police Found a Secret Muslim Prayer Room at Brussels Airport Before Attack that killed 15.

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9 thoughts on “Sharia takes over prayer rooms in international airports

  1. I did not see the Jacksonville, Florida Airport on the
    List. I shall take a good look the next time I’m at the Airport, because the airport is jam packed with muslims
    Entering with their retinue in full Muslim rags. Jacksonville is sneaky about their muslims, so their prayer spot is probably hidden from the eyes of Americans.



    if we can no longer have mangers, or crosses, etc at city, county, fed facilities, –then these mosques should shut down immediately!!

    If I had the $$$ I’d immediately put together a team of lawyers — Hopefully someone can put this info in front of someone with deep pockets………

    Koch brothers?? I don’t know where they stand but someone like them who’s willing to put $Millions into this kind of fight….. need all the help we can get!

  3. And so I just wonder, wonder, wonder, could this POSSIBLY mean that the MUZZLUMZ had some kind of an ‘ulterior’ motive when they demanded “INTERFAITH” prayer rooms, i.e., ‘curse the infidels’ rooms, at all of these major international airports???? Oh my, my, my, I am just SHOCKED, I tell you, just completely SHOCKED!!!!! SURELY THERE MUST BE SOME MISTAKE–cause EVERYBODY KNOWS just how luvvving and peeeceful they all are!!!!!

  4. If I want to pray, I’m going to pray…If I am told I can not…there will be a problem…Stop this nonsense Now!!!
    No one should have that much control in countries who are Free!!!!!

    • I don’t travel much b/c I don’t have money to do it, however, I’m TOTALLY on your side, Carol. Enough is enough! It’s time to stand in PROTEST against these G-damned (yes, I said that) MUZZLUM HATE EDIFICES! Clearly, they are not “prayer rooms” and most definitely, they are by no means, “interfaith” prayer rooms! We had that in the military years ago–THEY WERE CALLED CHAPELS!!! There was plenty of space provided for each group to set things up to their own preferences! The Catholics set up their statues and the Protestants put them away when they held services. The Jewish soldiers (there weren’t a huge number) had their own furnishings. There were no furnishings except the interdenominational hymnals and the plain stained glass windows when the chapel was empty! No one ever felt THREATENED by one group or another, if he or she just wanted to enter the chapel to sit and meditate or to kneel and pray. Generally speaking, usually a chaplain would be on duty to pray with you, if you so desired! IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH–MUZZLUMZ NEED TO BE EXPOSED FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE WHAT A VICIOUS CANCER THEY HAVE FORCED UPON EVERYONE!!!!! ISLAM IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE–founded by a blood-thirsty murdering, raping, pedophile criminal!!!!! I’ll say it to my dying day! JESUS IS LORD, CREATOR AND SAVIOR OF ALL MANKIND!!!!! AMEN!!!!!

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