Former DOD Official Warns America On Wrong Track Fighting War On Terror

The right track starts by banning Muslims from migrating to the United States. Any other plan may slow the inevitable but will be futile in the long run. 

Source: Rich Higgins: Terrorists ‘Weaponizing Political Correctness’ | The Daily Caller

Former Department of Defense official Rich Higgins knew America was losing the war on terror when a terrorist attacked the Pulse bar in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring over 50.

Higgins’ sister-in-law asked him if he was doing all he could to fight this enemy after seeing the carnage of innocent life. Now, Higgins is taking considerable risk to speak truthfully about the lack of strategic policy in our government’s war on terror.

In this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, the former Department of Defense official explains how Islamists are “weaponizing political correctness” and using narratives to collapse our understanding of the enemy and how to battle them.

His expertise is political warfare and developing strategies to battle against the ideologies and tactics used to carry out terror attacks.

Higgins calls for a “strategic and operational pause” in America’s misguided battle to stop the terror. He would, instead, ask new leadership to develop a comprehensive political warfare plan, while removing the subversive policies and personnel causing America to lose this paramount battle.

We couldn’t embed the video so click here to watch what is one of, if not the best videos on the infiltration of the U.S. government by Muslims that we’ve seen.

One of the books he mentions can be read here: Methodology of Dawah (pdf)

If anyone can grab an embed code let us know or post the video in the comments.




6 thoughts on “Former DOD Official Warns America On Wrong Track Fighting War On Terror

  1. Muslim-in-Charge surely knows this, and must be furious that someone dared to say it aloud. All together this Muslim invasion all over the western world looks like concerted effort, nothing accidental here. All around western Europe high ranked politicians throw away their careers in effort to stuff as much Muslims as possible into their own countries before people start to fight back. America is not an exception.
    Now it looks like they are trying to provoke racial violence to cover the invasion.

    • The “leaders” of the general public has most Americans fooled, from George W.’s “religion of peace” on. Islam IS the enemy, but NO ONE SAYS SO! My friend is reading ’13 Hours’ and the book shows how enemies are running our government! We need a COUP RIGHT NOW, with or without Trump. But I think God has other plans for us………

  2. Not much chance for a coup, who would do it? Every structure is already infiltrated, including army: “Video: Pentagon Celebrates Islamic ‘Month of Jihad’” (here on Creeping Sharia)

    “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society” – Aristotle (384-322 BC)

    So far it looks that God plans to change identity to Allah… ….and wont to see our asses instead of faces.

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