Minnesota: Woman’s chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim invasion, rape threats

Somali teens and men in their 20s invaded the Linden Hills neighborhood for three consecutive days during Ramadan in late June.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has ignored the incident. And only one TV station, KSTP Channel 5, has covered it.

Source: Woman gives chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim rape threat

Editor’s note: The name of the victim in this story has been changed to protect her safety. Sarah Penskey is not her real name.

Sarah Penskey was in her garage unpacking boxes on a sunny morning in late June when she was approached by several bearded Somali men in their early to mid-20s.

It was the last week of Ramadan, and the men were wearing traditional Islamic robes.

The uninvited visitors to this posh Minneapolis neighborhood known as Linden Hills – situated among tall trees just off of Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun – ground to a halt beside Penskey’s house that morning.

They came in a white RAV 4 Toyota and a dark-colored van, catching her unawares as she walked out of her garage to put something in her trash can.

It was just the day before that another group of Somalis had driven through the neighborhood and approached her as she was turning on her sprinkler, but they were younger, in their late teens and dressed in basketball shorts, not robes.

Penskey, blonde with an hourglass figure, quickly became an object of their curiosity.

“Hey, you have a beautiful house,” they said. “You’re beautiful, too. Can we move in with you?”

“Thank you. Have a nice day at the beach,” she replied, dismissively, walking back into her house and doing her best to, as she says, “diffuse the situation.”

The older group that showed up the next day was not so subtle. Nor would they be so easily dismissed.

“Hey, hey… hey,” they yelled as she was taking out her trash.


“We want to live in your house. We want to marry you.”

“No, I already have a husband, but have a good day,” Penskey replied.

The men starting jostling with each other and yelling things that were hard to understand. At least five other cars were driving recklessly through the narrow streets, setting off bottle rockets, their passengers hanging off of the door frames, some even riding on the hood, yelling, “Jihad!”

They ran over some neighbors’ lawns and reportedly beat up one resident’s dog.

“Do you know Shariah law?” one of the older men in robes yelled at Penskey.

Having lived overseas, Penskey knew about Shariah law and its rules for man-woman relationships and Muslim-non-Muslim relationships.

“Yes,” she said, walking back toward her garage.

“We can kidnap you and rape you!” the men shouted back at her.

She shut the garage door and ran inside to call police.

“I didn’t yell at them. I didn’t do anything, just tried to shut the door and get back inside, so it’s like there were some bad apples one day, and then there were some really bad apples the next,” Penskey told WND in a phone interview Wednesday. Her husband was not home during either of her first two encounters with the Somali men.

Many neighbors called police on the second morning of what some are calling the Somali “wilding,” a day of brazen intimidation that started in Linden Hills using fireworks and fake guns and spread to the adjacent beach on Lake Calhoun.

“On the second day, multiple neighbors were running out, trying to get license plate numbers, and were on the phone with the police. They were running outside, barefoot. One woman came and swept up her child and took her back in the house,” Penskey said. “Imagine six cars driving 50 mph through a residential street, then slamming on the brakes, driving on lawns, exploding fireworks. They almost hit one child and actually did hit one of their own.”

Several of the Somalis carried black flags that Penskey said resembled the ISIS flag.

A man in his sixties was reportedly threatened by one Somali who demanded that he erase the picture of his license plate from the man’s camera.

Police took up to three hours to arrive. The dispatchers told Penskey they didn’t have enough officers on duty to confront 20 or more men. The police did periodic drive-bys to monitor the situation. When they did show up, the worst offenders were gone.

The police report says officers arrived to find a female victim, Penskey, who was “very distraught and alone. Crying.”

She had called 9-1-1 three times that day. An officer arrived once earlier but only wrote a minor traffic ticket to one of the rioters. The main instigators had fled before police got there.

Police: ‘This is a very unusual case’

John Elder, public information officer with the Minneapolis Police Department, told WND Wednesday there have been no arrests in the incident to date.

“There remains an active investigation, and I am very limited in what I can say due to the fact that it is an active investigation,” Elder said. “We continue to work with the community, and continue to interview folks, but no arrests have been made at this point.”

WND asked if any arrests were anticipated.

“I can’t comment on that,” Elder said.

Is this type of activity common in Minneapolis?

“This is an unusual case, yep,” the officer said.

The case is being investigated as a situation involving potential terroristic threats. Penskey said the FBI has also visited her and is taking the case very seriously.

Day 3: Men in robes return

And the terrorizing of Linden Hills didn’t stop after that second day.

The men returned for a third straight morning, June 28, and this time Penskey’s husband was home, standing out in the yard as they approached.

It was the younger group of Somalis this time, not the older ones dressed in robes. Within minutes, the older provocateurs were back, however, with their robes and their duffel bags, their flags and their bottle rockets, shouting their threats in this strange form of jihad.

But this time they had a surprise for the targets of their terror.

“They slowed the car down, waved at my husband with the windows open and played a recording of what sounded like a woman being raped, blasted it from their car speakers,” Penskey said. “Then they parked their car, and my husband came upstairs and said call 9-1-1 now and stay away from the windows.”

The robed Somalis scared vacationers off the beach that morning, reportedly using their duffel bags as fake guns, pointing them at families and pretending to shoot them, one by one. The sound of exploding bottle rockets crashed through the heavy morning air.

“The beach emptied out real quick. It was about 10 a.m., and there weren’t a lot of people out there. But those who were got up and immediately walked toward the parking lot yelling, ‘Call the cops!” witnesses told WND.

“The problem is this escalated so fast, but it was more at the beach side on the third day,” Penskey said. “They said something inappropriate to my husband turning on the recording of a woman being raped, or having loud sex, and just waved at him and smiled, a threat, to my husband. What was he to think? He was just furious and came upstairs and said you can’t leave the house today.”

Police arrived much faster this time, within three minutes. But, again, the older ones who were the main instigators had already driven away.

Even in liberal-minded Minnesota, where the sight of bearded Somalis in Islamic attire is considered part of the multicultural norm, the reaction of the beach-goers reflected the level of aggressiveness that was on display.

“They’re not accepted on the beach that way. You have beards and you’re dressed in long robes and using a duffel bag like you’re shooting a machine gun,” Penskey said. “People left. People left the beach.

“I don’t think people realize how bad it is in Minnesota and what type of backdrop we have here.”

Judy Layer, 76, lives next door to Penskey at Linden Hills and was an eyewitness to the events of June 26-28.

She is most infuriated by a group of commenters who swarmed a neighborhood website and tried to either downplay the incident as simply some obnoxious youngsters having summer fun or to say that it didn’t happen at all.

“I’ll just tell you what I saw, and it did happen. There are so many people who were saying it was all made up,” Layer said. “I was walking my dog. I went around the block, came into my house, sat on my deck and was reading on my iPad.”

Her husband was still upstairs getting dressed. The couple has lived in Linden Hills for 22 years.

“I did see a pattern developing of about five cars coming in, turning around, then the kids would get out of the cars, be shadow boxing with each other, they were loud,” Layer said. “Then I saw them all go into a cluster. They were speaking with Sarah [Penskey]. And I said to my husband, ‘Come here, this looks like kind of a situation. She can’t be too comfortable with this. She was watering the lawn.’ So Jim called the police, and others did the same.”

One young man came running down the hill in his dress shirt and took pictures of license plates, she said.

“I can understand why one police car would not want to come into this situation. I counted 19 or 20 at one time,” she said. “But what I didn’t like is that some people remarked on the website Nextdoor-LindenHills that, ‘Oh, it’s just a bunch of old people that like to call the police.’ I don’t sit around wanting to call the police.”

Local newspaper goes dark on incident

The local newspaper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has ignored the incident. And only one TV station, KSTP Channel 5, has covered it.

“And so now it’s being said that it’s all being made up. It wasn’t made up; this happened,” Layer said. “Why it was only being reported on Channel 5, I don’t know.”

Layer said she tried to capture video, “But I missed the part where all the cars were veering around, screaming. Had it been late at night, I think it would have been more dangerous. I wasn’t’ trying to sensationalize it. But on the other hand, it did happen.”

Layer said the Somalis “named a practice” by which they could have four wives. That would be Shariah.

“And she said, ‘Well, I’m married,’ and she just wanted to get in the house,” Layer said of Penskey.

Read it all.

19 thoughts on “Minnesota: Woman’s chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim invasion, rape threats

  1. Americans can ‘look forward’ to this kind of insanity and intimidation from now on! It’s worse during “rama-damn” and soon the threats of rape and violence will come to bloody FRUITION!!!! Minnesota and Michigan are earmarked for a complete takeover by these scumbags! The police are afraid of them–SO WHO’S GOING TO STOP THEM???? We are no longer free to go about our daily lives–islamism is a SATANIC CULT! GOD HELP US!!!!!

    • That will happen for certain Wellborn. KJV Jeremiah 51:2 As the years go by I become more certain that America is the Babylon of the “End of Days” Yahweh gave His prophets over 100 characteristics of this end of days nation and they fit America like a tailor made glove and the majority of these prophecies fit no other nation. But the False Prophets have their sheep believing this nation will rise up in Iraq and mimic America from her beginning to present day. Many believe it’s the Catholic church but it’s clear it’s a Singular nation a super power that mounts it’s defenses up to the heavens. and some believe it’s Saud Arabia, or Turkey These countries will never have a Golden Cup filled by Yahweh. But America has been the most blessed nation on Earth. America fits the prophecy of a mingled people. The Hindermost [youngest] nation to rise up in the wilderness, that has no king is a form of government run by the people. Too much to list here. I would like to be proven wrong but none can, they simply say Babylon will rise up in Iraq, why would it be a Mystery then.

    • Think we need more?? See if you can save enough time to watch the rest of the story…
      A person might note, these people have voting rights as per one of Obama’s executive orders. One might ask, why the big push to get the big Muslim numbers into the country??? Hello??? Does anyone care??? Will someone get a message to Congress to somehow over ride this executive order??? Hello??? Anyone home?? Congress will take another 7 week vacation. What is going on? The American people are just like the frog in a pot of boiling water, he doesn’t know he is being boiled alive like the American people. I can’t spell it out any more simply than this??? Almost every state now has legalized Pot. I think Congress is all on pot, no one cares? Does anyone know Obama is funding the Muslim takeover of America with the taxpayer dollars through the refugee program? Paul Ryan does know. They all know. The American people have nothing to say about any of it. Trump or anyone running has no chance to win the election against Hillary. Obama will make certain. Come October, if Hillary does not look like the winner with the American people, Obama will declare Marshall Law, Congress can go home for good. When the Muslims in this country vote, congress can go home for good. Hillary will install Sharia Law and we will all have a good Muslim as a neighbor who reads the Quran, which says through Sharia Law they can treat infidel women and children like cattle and it is fine to rape the infidel woman and children. Obama will be going door to door collecting the guns so his Muslim Brotherhood will not be harmed. It probably is too late for the American people at this time, however, it might be better to know about your enemy and confront them face to face than to be like those in Europe and the middle east and be slaughtered like sheep, with no chance to save your women and children from these mentally ill excuses of mankind. Lock your doors at night, get a good dog and lock and load before you go to bed.
      Clinton Cash…. Have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkfE10g8xbc
      Another good one about the Clintons. So many stories so little time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPX1G–iE3Q

  2. I agree. It appears to be patterned after the COLONISTS razzias(raids) in Europe. This is not the last. Unusual – until now. I have pepper spray, police grade with dye marker component.

  3. “‘The Police Are Afraid of Them” this is in Minnesota & Michigan. The words of a woman in an upscale neighborhood. For three days, Somalis have taken over a neighborhood. Minnesota & Michigan State GOV has caved to these animals. The Americans who
    Survived this ordeal, are described by media, as a group of old people. This was in a Minneapolis area. Not only are the Police afraid, but the media is either afraid or agrees with the Somali Muslims.

    • Where I grew up in Chicago in the 50-60’s a gang of local ‘youths’ would have asked the questions – with their fists. Now I live in Minnesota.

    • MN has Keith Ellison as a Congressman he is a Muslim who supports all the well financed alphabet Muslim organizations in America including the Muslim Brotherhood. I began warning people over fifteen years ago that Muslims were doing Stealth [Secret] Jihad in many of our cities but not one person had any idea what I was talking about. It’s only recently that some are waking up, but the problem is they believe it’s only the so-called radical Muslim terrorist groups and these people aren’t true Muslims, I ask them why for almost 1400 years have Muslims turned every single country they invade into Hell-Holes. Iran wasn’t like it is today until Muslims took over and set up Sharia law. The fools in Washington have been fed lies [Taqiyya]and they believe it never mind Islam’s history of destroying Democracies and setting up Sharia. See KLV Jeremiah 51: 2 this judgment is from Yahweh there are over 100 characteristics given to several prophets about “End of Days” Babylon. Here are a few of these characteristics 1.Rises up in a wilderness. getting land from others. 2 Was both Yahweh’s people but dabbled in the Occult from her youth, all the statues of pagan gods in Washington says something about this 3. Is the Hindermost [youngest]super-power America is that too.4. Mounts it’s defenses up to the heavens America has NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world 5 Has many races of people or a mingled people living in it including Jews America has the most of both and more Jews than Israel and Russia combined. 6 Yahweh gave this nation a golden cup and filled it, America has been the most blessed nation on Earth. 7. Has many rivers, rivers that divide, the Colorado and the Mississippi do this] lakes and deep water ports. farms and many resources 8 Yahweh calls the nation the Hammer of the whole Earth, America is the worlds policeman and has built all over the world, there was barely any technological advancements until America rose up. 9.The nation is into drugs the Greek word is where we get the word pharmacy, America bests fits this prophecy. 10. Lives luxuriously, home of the rich men, who are the great merchants of the Earth. America has more rich people by far than any other nation, even the poor in America would be considered by many people in a lot of countries doing well by comparison. The lettered Christian leaders have their flocks convinced that Mystery Babylon will rise up in Iraq. The ten characteristics that I listed will take a miracle for Iraq to become this nation and Yahweh doesn’t work that way, people have a free choice. I don’t see Christians taking over Iraq and having a golden cup, this nation is for sure an end of days nation, these same Christian leaders believe we are in the End of Days I suppose they think Babylon with those 100 characteristics can come about in a very short time, there is no indication of any such thing but America is starting to Fall Etc. Etc. Yahweh said He would have healed modern day Babylon but we would not, maybe the reason is the majority believe it’s someone else, never us.

    • No, the police are not afraid of acting against the Muslims. They’d crack down on them in a heart beat. They are afraid of being sued, being railroaded, or imprisoned on a phony trumped up civil rights beef manufactured by President Obama’s DOJ and Loretta Lynch who are both blindly pro-Muslim and steeped in Sharia Law. Sadly, Loretta Lynch was once a tough DOJ prosecutor in the Southern District of NY, but she made a pact with Obama to get the AG’s job and went from a real world prosecutor to a willing tool and that meant rolling over and remaining blind to the destructive Muslim flood for the big job, the office and all the perks – that was the deal. And she has trumpeted the so called fact that the almost nonexistent belittling of Muslims is a far greater threat to our security than the real horrors of Islamic terrorism which everyone knows is killing us here in America and is murdering folks in France.

      • @John Burtis. Yes, exactly. You make my point, exactly! I stand corrected. I wasn’t intending to say that the cops are shaking in their boots. What I meant was exactly what you posted–they’re AFRAID of all the repercussions and pc backlash associated with arresting and/ or killing these perps! And of course, BLM has reared their ugly heads, just to add even more fuel to the fire–UGLY, in the sense that the BLM politics and leadership is hopelessly ignorant and prejudiced AGAINST ALL LAW AND AUTHORITY! Thanks for clarifying my point!!!!

  4. Americans, it seems, have to learn (as Europeans have) that this is standard behavior wherever there are moslem trash.

    They are NOT just immigrants out to make a better life for themselves, they are THE ENEMY, and always have been for their entire 1400 year existence, since mohammed crawled out of an Arabian sewer.
    You can never have moslem friends–their terror manual, er, Koran tells them you are their enemy, and they obey it literally.

  5. All this is made possible by those who voted TWICE for the Abomination.
    The Abomination will retire. The voters will remain amongst us.

    • Help them ‘disappear’. No one knows, no one tells. Just like the COLONISTS. But where does the idea they can do this with no consequences?

  6. Lock and load. Then practice, practice, practice until you could protect yourself against these thugs. Deport them after all victims had a chance to recoup some woop-ass. You thugs screw with my family, and you won’t find no politically correct ass wipe. You will find the inside of a body bag. Vets for America when the rest are pussies.

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