Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR Met with Congress 325 Times in 2016


Source: CAIR Met With Congress 325 Times in 2016

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group identified by the Justice Department as a Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated as terrorists by the United Arab Emirates, boasts of having 325 meetings with members of Congress or their staff over the last year.

The group says it also enjoyed $3 million worth free advertising through media appearances this year alone, resulting in 50 million views of its work.

CAIR’s fundraising video boasts that there were 14,000 mentions of CAIR on radio or television this year alone, and that it has a database of 1.6 million media contacts to use. The organization said it has 65 trained spokespeople, 29 offices and 35 full-time lawyers.

Much of that on Fox News. Read it all.

8 thoughts on “Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR Met with Congress 325 Times in 2016

  1. CAIR & US Congress make a perfect picture of a Rogues’ Gallery. Both of them are veteran liars & have Blood-Stained Hands. Since when does a Designated
    Terrorist Organization have access to Congressmen @ (women)? This disgusting situation needs President Trump to declare the times of CAIR visits & reasons for these terrorists and name Congress ( CIVIL SERVANTS).

  2. …and each visit is duly logged as an act intolerance by NATIVES against COLONISTS. Now that the reconquest is almost complete…

  3. The first Muslims we need to Deport are Every Member of CAIR and ALL members of the many (100s?) of endless ASSOCIATIONS the socio-cultural-political Islam(ists) Jihadis have started in OUR Country.

    The sooner the better.

  4. To bad the rule of law has been done away with.This country will never be tha same if this country elects a Clinton………

  5. It was probably 100% of the democrats and 100% of the RINOs in those meetings. Those Congressmen are going to sell out Americans to the muzzie terrorists.

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