Mike Pence and Nice, France

Mr. Pence, Whose side are you on?


Donald Trump is reportedly poised to select a vice president who disagrees with him on one of the most important points in Donald Trump’s presidential platform. Maybe that’s Trump’s strategy, but it seems odd the day after more than 80 people, including two Americans were killed by a Muslim terrorist from Tunisia in Nice, France.

The 2015 post that Pence tweeted came just six days after two well-vetted, Muslims killed 14 Americans and 22 wounded more in San Bernardino, California.

The post remains on Pence’s Twitter account.

Updates: Confirmed, Trump has chosen Pence:


click to view original Tweet

An interview on Fox, skip to 12-minute mark for comments on banning Muslims temporarily:

Stopping Muslim infiltration of America is the biggest issue for America’s future, not just the next four years. It’s a long-term civilizational war.

That said, Hillary Clinton can not be (s)elected and allowed to further destroy America.

More analysis on Pence here.

7 thoughts on “Mike Pence and Nice, France

  1. Pence…another brain-dead RINO! These idiots all want to suck up the votes! It’s not about the safety or security of America–it’s about GETTING ELECTED! If you ask me, Donald Trump is going to have a really hard time getting a VP who agrees with him! Most people can’t see past their noses when it comes to MUZZLUMZ!! They all think izzzlam is just another PIOUS religion with ‘humble’ congregants! DUH–every little muslim kid on the street, can tell you, ‘THAT’S A LIE’!!!!!

  2. I do not understand!!!!

    shared to my public fb account with my added comment:

    Just when I thought Trump had his head screwed on straight, this…

    UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Seems this IN Governor does not understand laws?? 1952 law already on the books covers the constitutionality of keeping them out!


    What if, heaven forbid, something happens to Trump in his presidency and the VP must take over? No way in he11 i would want this guy to take over with his holier than now attitude!!

    America, our last may be going down….

  3. I do not agree with him. Not so much I would vote the pathological liar and host of the Benghazi murders. Let alone’secrets are us’ China fund recipient.

  4. Big mistake, Donald! Pence got a -F for supporting H1-B visas to give American jobs to illegal aliens. He’s also straddled both sides of the muslim issue, leaving him without any credibility whatsoever. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A TRUMP/PENCE TICKET – PERIOD!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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