LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)

Downing has gone off the deep end, but reader’s here have known that for some time. Source: LAPD Chief Downing Visits – King Fahad Mosque

King Fahad Mosque was honored to host LAPD Chief Downing and to break bread together as he joined us for Iftar. He along with Officers Shawn, Jim, and Chand helped serve iftar to people in the mosque and then joined us for dinner.

Chief Downing and Director Rauf Patel:

Officers Jim And Chand and Chief Downing (not pictured) serving food

Yesterday, Congress released the missing 28 Pages of a key 9/11 report. Pages that had been kept private for years. The notorious mosque Downing attended was among those listed, multiple times, in the previously sealed records:

king-fahad-28-Pages king-fahad

Search the CS archives on Michael Downing, we’ve exposed him before: 

Retired LAPD Captain exposes Deputy Chief of Police’s Muslim Brotherhood ties


5 thoughts on “LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)

  1. Small world. Downing really makes the rounds. He has stated publicly that sharia law is compatible with US law. When I confronted him with the fact that Muzzamil Siddiqi, who was his host that day at the Orange County Islamic center a few years back and where he made the above statement-that Siddiqi had hoisted the Blind Sheikh at his mosque in 1992, his response was ” Well, gary some people change over time.”

  2. Another thing: Officer Chand is Chand Syed, who is of Pakistani background. He gave me his card a few years back when I met him at an event at UC Irvine. He told me he was a secular Muslim. He was also present when I met Downing at the OC mosque. He and his LAPD partners were not receptive to my concerns about the history of Muzzamil Siddiqi and his mosque. One of my colleagues handed him a flyer with info about the mosque, and he ripped it up.

    I also find it weird that these guys wear their police uniforms when they attend events out of their jurisdiction.

  3. Looks like the LAPD has sold out to the muzzies. If you live in LA and you can afford to you might want to leave LA.

  4. Some stuff on this site is spot on, other’s is a little tin foil. This post might be reading too much into it.

    To be fair…your telling me a handful of cops, in uniform, accompanied an LAPD Chief to a food giveaway at a Mosque? With all the bad press cops are getting, it looks like this is one of those “officer friendly” things. Lately videos are over the net with cops playing basketball, at soup kitchens, etc… I have read that police depts all over the nation have been going to places of worship, especially mosques, in order to create relations with the location. According to the good facts on this site, this location has/ had some serious ties to terrorism (9/11 Report (28 Pages). Tell me again, why wouldn’t you want uniformed cops keeping an eye on it, or developing relations with parishoner’s so that people could report crime/ terrorism. Just my two cents.

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