New York: JFK Int’l Airport Has a Complete Mosque Inside



JFK (NY) airport lit green for month of jihad (aka Ramadan)

This is separate from the “little mosque in JFK — in the parking lot, taxi lot.”

Source: Meet the Worshipers at America’s Busiest Airport Mosque | TIME

The mosque at JFK Airport is more than just a prayer space—it’s a community

The mosque, a maroon-carpeted room where an imam leads daily prayers, is one of only seven Muslim prayer spaces in America’s largest airports, according to a recent Pew Research Center report—and it’s the busiest in the country, according to the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains.

It’s the only mosque of its kind in the country,” said Ahmet Yuceturk, the imam at the JFK International Islamic Center and a chaplain with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New York City’s airports. “It’s its own mosque, not just a room, which is what most airport mosques are,” Yuceturk continued. “We are our own place, we have our own services, we are our own community within the chapels here. It’s very different from anything in America.”

The mosque holds services five times daily, welcoming Muslims of all backgrounds and beliefs, whether they are New Yorkers who work in the airport or travelers who are stopping to pray in between flights. Depending on the time of day and whether there is a holiday like Ramadan, attendance ranges from just a few people to a crowd of more than 50 spilling out into the hallway; usually about three-quarters are airline passengers while the rest are local workers. In addition to holding services, the mosque doubles as a community center, offering Arabic lessons, Koran discussions and communal meals—along with an occasional wedding.

The mosque also provides aid to passengers who are lost or stranded, in keeping with the Muslim belief in the value of helping strangers.

The JFK International Islamic Center is part of a larger chapels area at JFK’s Terminal 4, which was built in 1955 to house a general Christian place of worship. It was remodeled in 1966 to include Catholic, Protestant and Jewish prayer spaces, and in 2001 a separate multifaith room was built to meet rising demand for a prayer space for the terminal’s Muslim, Hindu and Sikh travelers and workers, nearly a decade after the United American Muslim Association first proposed the idea. Services were intermittent and run by volunteers at first, but when Yuceturk joined as the prayer space’s first full-time imam in 2008, the room became a full-fledged mosque. Since then attendance has risen steadily, with Muslim airport workers spreading the word.

Father Chris Piasta—a Catholic chaplain at JFK and LaGuardia airports, who is also a spokesman for the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, the governing body for airport chapels around the world—said he has never seen a mosque like JFK International Islamic Center in his travels across America’s air transport hubs.

What we have at JFK is rather unusual compared to other airports,” Piasta said. He hopes to bring more diversity to the largely Christian prayer spaces in airports across the country. In October, the aviation chaplains association will convene in New York to discuss “bringing the world together” through their work, Piasta said.

“We are trying to be open to everybody,” Piasta said. “We have to answer a broad, important question: How can we serve people who are different from ourselves?”

Yuceturk, the imam, sees the JFK mosque as an opportunity to contradict stereotypes about Islam.

“When you look at politics or you look around the world, a lot of negative things are being said about Islam,” Yuceturk said. “But we’re not representing anyone…. We are just regular Muslims. We have no political agenda. We’re just living our lives, earning our living for our families.

“This is how we act. This is who we are.”

That is how they act. After 9/11 – when Muslims killed nearly 3,000 Americans – they demanded and got a mosque built inside the JFK airport. Separate, apart from the rest of the world. Supremacist. Muslim only.

A story on the mosque website indicates they are also recruiting at Riker’s Island prison.

Volume alert:

14 thoughts on “New York: JFK Int’l Airport Has a Complete Mosque Inside

  1. Right – – Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc — have all been perfectly fine Sharing facilities all across this country for numerous generations, but THEY -as usual– have to have their own personally dedicated space.

    — so how much did this cost taxpayers to build -AND- how much to maintain?

    Also, didn’t NYC recently make their public schools mandatory Halal food?? –very expensive, supplied by Only you know who, not to mention all the kids of other religions forced to bend to their desires??? –again, at taxpayer expense??

    As stated in my comment to previous article, most of OUR large airports are owned by the counties a/k/a/ government property — gov’t that is clearly demonstrating favoritism toward one religion with tax $$$!

    -yet, I don’t see any of the usual civil groups nor law groups fighting these issues.
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    I’m guessing that in less than 10 years, they will have taken over most of our major airports, and public schools, and – – here’s the real gut-wrencher…

    -over past couple years, I have seen numerous petitions at that whitehouse_gov site, trying to make all of Their holidays Federal Holidays!!!

    When you consider the combination of all the add’tl relatives coming in via “family re-unification” [avoid being counted as refugee, etc], as well as the thousands coming in under pres’ new “Alternative Paths” [via work visas & student visas so they will NOT be counted either] –as well as, they multiply like rabbits –much faster rate and larger families than we do —

    — they’ve already gained majority vote in many precincts

    * * * It’s only a matter of time! * * *
    ……………………………..and there’s not much left of that either! * * *

    • When it comes to JFK, none of that was paid by taxpayers, neither their location nor their operation. Not a dime from our pockets.

      • Yeah, no doubt you’re right, ‘JFKman’. The Saudis are ecstatic to facilitate these citadels of islamic hate-speech and propaganda! What’s more, our current immigration policies are bending over backwards helping to establish these non-assimilating anti-Americans into their own businesses and separatist communities! The property for the terrorist facility, i.e., mosque, in Roxbury [Boston], where the Tsarnaov murderers attended, was practically DONATED to the MUZZIES by former Gov. Duval Patrick and former Mayor Thomas Menino! NO, OUR TAXES DIDN’T PAY FOR ANY OF IT–WE JUST GAVE IT ALL AWAY!!!!!





  3. We are toast. The citizens barely wimper, as we continue to elect idiot traitors. These elected idiots welcome the enemy to our doorsteps and support them, using our stolen tax money. Everyone talks about human rights. equal rights, women’s rights, yet they let these animals in who want to destroy Western rule of law, as we know it. Think about that the next time you listen to an elected official or fellow citizen defend the welcoming of these “refugees” of “peace.”

  4. This is exactly what has happened in Europe once the EU was in operation and allowing the Muslims to come to the EU as workers years later they are slowly taking over everything. I believe that was the main reason the taxpayers in the UK wanted out of the EU so they could control their own borders and run their country as they see fit. I don’t know what will happen because of all the infighting in the government.

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