NYC: Muslim cabby ordered to pay $14K for cursing at kissing lesbians

The gay mafia trumps the Muslim mafia in NYC…for now. Source: Cursing cabby to pay kissing lesbians $14K — unless he learns his lesson | New York Post  h/t TROP

A cabby ordered by the Human Rights Commission to pay $14,000 to two lesbians at whom he cursed for kissing in the back seat can keep the money if he takes lessons in why discrimination is hurtful, the victims said Friday.

Mohammad Dahbi was told to pay $7,000 each to Christina Spitzer and Kassie Thornton for a 2011 incident, where he allegedly flipped out and called them “whores” and “bitches’’ for violating his “no-kissing policy.’’

“We never wanted to financially ruin him,” said Thornton. “We want him to acknowledge what he did, say he’s wrong, do the training, and be a better human.’’

Dahbi did not return calls.

That’s classic. The lesbians didn’t want to ruin him financially…just humiliate him and force him to accept their gay agenda…and if he doesn’t accept that then they have no problem ruining him financially.

Human Rights Commissions are a joke and should be abolished. They create special rights for classes of people and punish anyone who doesn’t agree with them. New York is becoming Canada.

Interestingly, no one reached out to terror-linked CAIR – who uses the same totalitarian tactics – for comment. 

4 thoughts on “NYC: Muslim cabby ordered to pay $14K for cursing at kissing lesbians

  1. Hmmm..What “gay mafia”? [“And this just in–gay burglars broke into an apartment and–re-arranged the decor!”] Surely sexual “variants” should know. if anyone does, that taking P.C. lessons on “niceness” etc., ain’t gonna neutralize “queer-fear.” A.K.A. homophobia, which is a true phobia, unlike Islamophobia, where they don’t want to disgust you in the name of Love, but simply want you to Convert, Submit, or Perish…

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