Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history

Just like Muslims forced Hindus and Sikhs to convert to Islam in their homelands – or face death, supremacist Muslim groups and their abettors in the U.S. forced the California Board of Education to wipe their curriculum clean of forced conversions to Islam. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Source: California curriculum may fan Islamophobia: Scholars – The Hindu

Ahead of the California Board of Education meeting on Thursday to consider the new school curriculum framework, a group 25 experts on Islam and Muslims societies have expressed concern over many references related to India, particularly the notion of forced conversions to Islam in the subcontinent.

The California Instructional Quality Commission has proposed a draft for the consideration of the Board.

“We are concerned that conversations surrounding the historical identity, contributions and legacy of Muslims have taken place without due input from qualified scholars with expertise in history and religion relating to Islam and Muslim societies,” the scholars said.

Among them are John L. Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University; William Albert Graham, Jr., Albertson Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University; Dr. Hatem Bazian, co-founder and Professor of Islamic Law and Theology, Zaytuna College; Jonathan Brown, Professor and Chair of Islamic Civilization, Georgetown University.

The scholars said the statement in the proposed curriculum framework that “sometimes Turkish Muslim leaders forced Hindus to convert, but at other times rulers practiced religious toleration” should be deleted.

Robert Spencer weighs in on the Saudi-funded Islamophiles, California removes “Islamophobic” contents from syllabus

Harvard and Georgetown and probably the others are heavily Saudi-funded and thoroughly compromised.

“These edits comprised of painting Islamic history in the Indian subcontinent as one of forced conversions, and projecting Islam as an inherently war-mongering religion.” Historian Koenraad Elst says: “Since about 1920 an effort has been going on in India to rewrite history and to deny the millennium-long attack of Islam on Hinduism.” Elst quotes the American historian Will Durant, who wrote in the days before the present-day politically correct stranglehold: “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.”

“The hearing witnessed a large turnout from the American Muslim community, who were motivated by the desire to ensure that their faith was not misrepresented in order to serve an Islamophobic and Hindu supremacist narrative.” It sounds as if the Board of Education conducted this hearing in a highly intimidating atmosphere.

“It is ironic that while publicly claiming to seek a fair portrayal of Hinduism, Hindu nationalist organizations expended considerable resources in order to inject Islamophobia into the California curriculum.” This is projection: in reality, Islamic groups expend considerable resources to whitewash Islam in public school textbooks all over the country.

A small sampling of previous Creeping Sharia posts on Islam in India. Mirror the videos as Youtube also has a history of suppressing and removing the truth to protect Islam.

8 thoughts on “Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history


    Shared to my public FB with my added comments:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. liberals are clueless and wouldnt know he truth if it smacked them in the face. 7th century ignorance prevails in ca

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  5. Muslims who ruled India mostly identified themselves with their tribe -Turkish, Mongol or Pashtun and by 11th century Islam had too many adherents. The Turkish/Afghan tribes ruling during the Delhi Sultanate or the Turkic-Mongol Mughals ruled almost the whole of Hindustan for approximately thousand years
    Had they been forcibly converting not one non Muslim group would have existed in India America understands that because the native Americans form only 7% of the population today…today Europeans are being passed off as Americans with their language and culture dead…in India the so called Muslim rulers promoted Sanskrit and other Indian languages-some rulers composed poetry in these…they forgot about their own language and culture, didn’t try to keep their race pure and Indians today still look like… well Indians be they be of any community…….well Americans for all their faults are open minded—when they look at Khajuraho and other ancient sites–when they look at Turks and Indians and understand how the Turkish looks disappeared from the Indian landscape unlike their country….they know how to call a bluff…my dear friends—-

    • It just shows many Hindus preferred to die not convert. Muslims are still in present day and age converting non Muslims at the sword

  6. Slavery, terrorism, sub-human principles and suppression of human mind and thought are but strong pillars in Islam. One has to read Peter Hammond book and Nicolai Sennells research on the truth about Islam to understand more about Islam.

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