Washington: Muslim “Refugee” Who Raped Grade-School Girl Flees to Dubai Days Before Trial

How many other Muslim migrant rapes of American girls have there been? h/t Atlas who has many more questions and commentary on this injustice.


Source: Kennewick child rape suspect boards plane to Dubai days before trial in Benton County | Tri-City Herald

  • Arrest warrant issued after no-show in court
  • Grade-school girl ready to testify

A 49-year-old man reportedly boarded a flight for the United Arab Emirates two days before he was to stand trial in Kennewick on charges of raping and molesting a grade-school girl.

A nationwide arrest warrant was issued this week for Khalid A. Fathey after he was a no-show at his Benton County Superior Court trial.

The U.S. Marshals Service then discovered that Fathey left Seattle on July 23 on a plane bound for Dubai, said Deputy Prosecutor Anita Petra.

She did not know if it was a one-way ticket or round trip.

Fathey was free on his personal recognizance since being charged with the sex crimes in May 2015. He now faces a new charge of bail jumping.

Judge Vic VanderSchoor waited 1  1/2 hours Monday — in case Fathey had car trouble or another problem — before calling off the trial, releasing the jurors and ordering the arrest warrant.

Judge Vic VanderSchoor released Muslim refugee rapist

“Needless to say, the victim’s family was very upset by the news,” Petra told the Herald. “They wanted justice in this case and for this case to be over.”

Needless to say, the victim’s family was very upset by the news. They wanted justice in this case and for this case to be over.

Anita Petra, Benton County deputy prosecutor

Kennewick attorney Kevin Holt, who was hired by Fathey, said he met with his client for about eight hours on July 21 and then prepared for the trial.

“He assured me that he would be here Monday morning,” Holt said.

Fathey’s brother showed up at Holt’s office as scheduled at 8 a.m. and the two headed to court, but they never heard from Fathey.

Holt said he has not seen an actual report from the Marshals Service that his client fled the country. The brother is supposed to call him with an update on Wednesday afternoon.

Holt said his client is from northern Iraq. Fathey had been in the military and worked with the United States government after the 2003 invasion, he said.

Since Fathey was no longer welcome in Iraq under the new regime, he sought political asylum and came to the United States with his wife and children as political refugees, Holt said.

Fathey and his wife were paid by the state for four years to be full-time caregivers for a Tri-City woman who had medical issues, he said.

Fathey contends the sex crimes did not happen and were made up by the girl’s family. Fathey and his family had to move to Spokane from Kennewick about six months ago because they were afraid for their safety in the Tri-Cities, especially after someone reportedly set fire to their car, said Holt.

“It really is a sad situation where our system has gotten so biased that a person has to fear for his life and would run, as opposed to face justice,” Holt said.

Prosecutors allege the girl’s mother became suspicious in December 2014 when she found the girl and Fathey together, and Fathey “appeared nervous.”

The girl later disclosed to her mother that Fathey allegedly kissed her and touched her sexually several times over a six-month period. Fathey “told (the girl) never to tell or she was going to get in trouble,” documents said.

Before the police were involved, Fathey called his religious leader, who had them sit down together with the girl’s parents, court documents said. Fathey admitted to the inappropriate touching but would not elaborate, documents said.

The girl’s mother fainted during the meeting, and police were called.

Fathey is charged with one count of first-degree rape of a child and two counts of first-degree child molestation. All three counts include the aggravating circumstance that he used a position of trust to commit the crimes.

If somebody sees Fathey in the Tri-Cities, they are asked to call Benton County dispatch at 509-628-0333.

People who have information to pass on about Fathey or the case are encouraged to call the Kennewick Police Department at 509-585-4208.

9 thoughts on “Washington: Muslim “Refugee” Who Raped Grade-School Girl Flees to Dubai Days Before Trial

  1. I have lived with Muslims and know them to be a barbaric culture. All of the men get sweaty and spittle forms in the corners of their mouths when discussing sex with children. Why do we let them into America? There is no upside to it? The real purpose is to invade and destroy our society. I know if I caught a Muslim raping a child he would never make it to the police station–would be returned to his child molesting leader right there. I think we American men need to make up our minds to take down several of these b*stards for each one of us they hurt.

  2. i certainly agree; if their culture wasn’t so fucked up they wouldn’t have unnatural desires for children; sexual education is nil in islam; it is cut off their parts so they can’t have pleasure so he, the horny bastard rapes children and destroys the child, girls and boys. that sharia is really something isn’t it??????

  3. The hardest thing to do as a Christian is to keep myself from hating. I have to fight my inner flesh on a daily basis. When I drive down the road & see them walking down the sidewalk, I fight it. When I go in the store & see them, I fight it. I find myself snarling, making hateful faces, thoughts of resentment & anger going through my mind. When I see them owning businesses in MY country yet complaining about every single thing that this country stand for, I only wish the worse on them. It gets harder & harder to keep these feelings down. I know these emotions are wrong as we’re to pray for them to see the true Light of Christ but what about them in the meantime? Hand them our children? Allow them to rape our women? Degrade our culture? Look down on our women? Resent our way of life? Continue to bring them in so they can continue to make plans to bomb us, stab us, kills us? Allow them to continue to buy our businesses so that when we walk into their business to help make them richer, they speak to us like dirt? I had a run-in with one the other week. I drove up at a store & there was no spaces to park unless u was getting gas. I wasn’t. I wanted a drink. So, I parked kinda crazy. He was loading some drinks & bringing them from his car to the store. I knew he was going to say something with that look on his sappy face. Sure enough, the 2nd time, he said Ma’am, could you move you’re car. You’re blocking everybody from getting in. Now, to help u see the picture, there wasn’t a dang soul trying to get in or out. There was 2 of us. The other was at the pump. And if someone needed to pull up, they had room. I just looked at him. The guy pumping gas said to me, “With a car like that, you can part anywhere you want’. I have a pretty awesome Corvette. I didn’t move though until I was finished doing what I was doing. I just bought something from this jackass’ store. It took all I had to refrain from saying anything.

  4. why wasn’t the mohammedan manure in jail ? free on his own recognizance. the judge aided and abetted the crime

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