Minnesota: City council gives terror mosque exclusive use of public park, violating fed law

This is the third mosque post this week (see here and here). The theme is the same. Muslims bamboozle (i.e., lie to – taqiyya), or collude with, city councils to gain special privileges for mosques, then wreak havoc. We’ve been referring to it for years as the “Zoning Jihad” and have a growing category of examples (see here). A growing trend is converting churches to mosques. In the case below a Lutheran high school became a mega-mosque complex.


Source: U.S. city rolls over for radical mosque by Leo Hohmann

A radical mosque known for breeding terrorists has been granted special privileges by the city of Bloomington, Minnesota, which allows its members to take over a public park and treat it as their own, to the exclusion of other residents, according to complaints filed by a citizens group.

The Friends of Smith Park started a petition drive and took its case to the Bloomington City Council with a formal complaint Monday night.

At issue is the Dar al-Farooq mosque, which WND has previously reported has a record of turning Somali refugees into jihadists for ISIS and other terror groups.

At least half a dozen known Somali terrorists have attended Dar al-Farooq in recent years including Adnan Farah, 20, and his brother Mohamed, 22, who pleaded guilty in April to providing material support to ISIS. The mosque is headed by Waleed Idris al-Meneesey, who preaches hatred of Jews straight from the Quran and the hadiths.

Now it has come to light that city officials in Bloomington have given al-Meneesy and his Sharia-compliant followers special privileges that violate its conditional-use permit, or CUP, and that are not offered to any other religious group, said attorney and retired Lt. Col. Larry Frost. By doing so, Frost said the city has exposed itself to potential lawsuits from churches and synagogues in the area that have not been afforded the same rights.

“According to your police officers, you’ve privileged Dal al-Farooq worshipers above all other religions. You’ve made Smith Park a Dar al-Farooq-only zone after the park is already closed, excluding citizens of all other faiths and those of no faith,” said Frost, who represents Friends of Smith Park.

The council members sat mum during Frost’s comments.

The list of abuses and alleged violations by Dar al Farooq, which was allowed to build in a residential area, is long. They range from dumping asbestos in the trash to having three to five times the occupancy allowed by its conditional-use permit, making excess noise, shining car lights and producing overflow parking at all hours of the night during the month of Ramadan – and to a lesser extent every weekend. The mosque members take over the adjacent public park and force out residents of nearby neighborhoods, often staying in the park well after the posted closing time of 11 p.m.

Neighbors have been told by mosque workers to get out of Smith Park “because the park belongs to [the Muslims],” said one local woman.

Another local resident, Matilda Zumba, who lives in a neighborhood near the mosque, approached the city council Monday night with an interpreter. She said she has two small children who are always playing outside.

“I’m very afraid because there is a lot of traffic and a lot of speeding and the people of Dar al-Farooq don’t respect our speed limits and the safety of our children,” Zumba told the council. “I’m also now afraid to take our children to the park because there are many people there who do not respect the rights of our own children to play there.

“A lot of times the other children don’t want to work together to share with our children. Sometimes their parents are there and they may shout at them but they don’t do anything, they just continue to let their children interfere. The park is very important to the Spanish community especially and we met there a lot, but now we don’t because we don’t feel safe.”

Mosque attendees have flooded the neighborhood with offsite parking, blocked driveways and walked through neighbors’ yards without permission. The city has told neighbors if they park in joint-use parking, the neighbors have to “hurry to the sidewalk” and get out of the parking lot so it would be available for the mosque.

Last week one supporter of the neighborhood group witnessed mosque abusers using joint-parking areas to practice driving at 1:30 a.m. – by using city garbage cans as obstacles. When the witness came to film the event, three young mosque members confronted him, one demanding to know what he was doing and telling him he could not film the offending car or its license. Later, a police officer told the witness that “only mosque members can use the parking lots after normal park hours” – in other words, the public space is reserved for use by one particular religion after it’s closed to the public.

The city took more than three years and 67 drafts to complete the conditional-use permit with the mosque. Built into that contract is a requirement that the city use a laborious five-phase, six-month enforcement process to correct any Dar al-Farooq violations.

“Clearly that’s a non-enforcement clause,” Frost said. “The city has to give this amazing provision to every new church applicant, and I would argue, every current CUP holder can demand the same. Why? Because you are privileging Dar al-Farooq above other religions.

“One of your own council members said ‘I feel like we’re punishing applicants that came after Dar al Farook,’ because you required them to do things that Dar al-Farooq is not required to do.”

The city council granted a conditional-use permit to Dar al Farooq enabling the mosque to operate in a residential neighborhood, then failed to enforce either the CUP or the joint-use agreement allowing the mosque to use Smith Park.

As a result, the neighbors of Smith Park have been reduced to second-class status, unable to use and enjoy a public park adjacent to their neighborhood.

Mosque actions violating the CUP and JUA were not stopped because the city attorney insisted that the federal Religious Land-use and Incarcerated Persons Act, commonly called RLUIPA, did not allow the city to enforce the CUP/JUA, effectively making the neighborhood around Dar al Farooq a zoning-free area. The city attorney also told council members that enforcement of the CUP could result in lawsuits against council members in their private capacities. Both legal ideas are flatly false, said Frost.

“Your own city attorney, former attorney, told you that you had to do that, but you made a grave legal and moral error when you signed a CUP and then didn’t enforce it, because that’s not what RLUPA says,” Frost told the council on Monday night.

RLUIPA is a federal statute that requires local governments to issue permits for houses of worship equally when it comes to construction projects.

“But once you have the CUP you’re no longer in the permitting phase – it is not a legal permitting issue,” Frost said. “Despite what your previous city attorney said, you can enforce the CUP and you must.”

Friends of Smith Park are asking only that all city council resolutions concerning Dar al Farooq be enforced, including retroactive enforcement where legal and appropriate – exactly as would be the case for all other religious institutions with a conditional-use permit.

Read it all.

More details including links to the petition and city council meeting via MN Neighborhood Group says Mosque is Overusing Local Park.

17 thoughts on “Minnesota: City council gives terror mosque exclusive use of public park, violating fed law

  1. The people voted AGAINST the mosque; the elected Shitty Council members went ahead with it without consideration. They obviously were paid off for their corruption. This needs to go to a higher court and the mosque needs to disappear. “The neighbors of Smith Park have been reduced to second-class status [sharia], unable to use and enjoy a public adjacent to [and IN] their neighborhood.” Americans are becoming strangers in their own land. I smell a whole lot of Constitutional violations that a Court should hear. Friends of Smith Park need a gofundme page and fast. If they lose, we ALL lose.

    • PS: It’s suspicious that the Council retained a lawyer who misreads and misinterprets the law to favor the mosque, while the Friends of Smith Park were able to retain a lawyer who KNOWS the law. Perhaps the City attorney was chosen by the mosque and paid by those sharia-promoting muslims who paid FOR the mosque – in America and/or from Sow-di Arabia…

  2. “Americans are becoming strangers in their own land.”

    You said it marlene, and you spoke truth…the scary truth. We can expect this takeover to expand to more cities and towns across this nation at breakneck speed as Obama’s time in office draws to a close. God help us if the DNC rigs the election and Hillary becomes the next president! (There aren’t enough idiots in this country that would vote for her at this point, so the only way she could win is by cheating.) I’ll be damned if I allow these Islamists take over my little Deep South town. There will be bloodshed.

    • Thanks you so much for your great reply. We need people like you up North. I’ve been following this story from the beginning and at first, I was angry at the townspeople for not fighting harder. Then I thought of the big corporations that scout an area, doing market research, for the best place to put their big stores. So, perhaps Bloomington was “scouted” for their corrupt elected officials or maybe the corrupt officials themselves reached out to the mosque funders. And maybe during a discussion, the Council told the muslims “no problem” “we control the people around here, there won’t be much protest…etc.”. It’s not such a stretch when you see 3.7 million French people protesting in front of their government offices, but no massive demonstrations here in America against a far worse President and an oligarch government. Like you, I too would “be damned if I allow these islamists to take over my” big “town.” Thanks for your inspiration.

          • I believe at best, we can only weaken “islamism”. And we do that by strengthening our resolve with websites like CS. Words may never win the war, but they can certainly push back at the enemy! Truth be told, MUZZLUMZ HATE the truth–and they’re AFRAID OF IT TOO! Idle threats won’t get the job done, but mobilization and some hefty law-suits are a step in the right direction! It’s time to tell our elected officials to get their heads out of the sand and stand for the American Way! We are not 7th century camel drivers (not to mention, piss-drinkers) and we WON’T BE RULED BY SUCH!!!!! It all starts with an unshakable resolve–not powerless idle threats!!!!! P.S. This website should be overflowing with comments from people who are willing to “TAKE IT TO THE STREETS”!!!!!

          • For example: Islam is hate speech, it is direct order to kill people. So any propagation of Islam, including Mosques, workplace, food complaints, school attire, prayer atc. is punishable by 5 years in solitary confinement (we don’t want them to spread Islam in prison like they do now) with pork diet :-)) Mosques and all funds forfeited, each Muslim have to bear to be monitored as dangerous person and being Muslim is legal reason to be fired or not served. Of course no weapons, no work for government including military and most importantly NO SECURITY SERVICE whatsoever.

          • I forgot… Islam is incompatible with basic western values and the Bill of Rights, i.e. orders to kill people based on their religion or lack thereof, promotes gender inequality, supports slavery and so on. So being Muslim should mean disqualification in application for citizenship or permanent residency, I would go even as far as to revoke citizenship on base of false sign of application (there is a section where applicant promises to adhere to western values, for what I know)

        • I read that article, written by Raheem Kassam. It was originally published on Breitbart. She started off leading from behind, but now the people have begun responding. It’s the power of the people – that’s my point. And one I’d like to drive into Americans. Death to islam, one jihadist at a time…

          • Seems to me, as usual, I see lots of idle threats about how to ‘JUST SHOOT ‘EM DEAD’ mentality! Then again, there are the philosophers who think their mental concepts will ultimately outsmart ALL the MUZZLUMZ! Well here’s a thought–LET’S ELECT DONALD TRUMP! At least he has the BIG ONES to tell these bastards to GO TO HELL! MUZZLUMZ (intentionally misspelled to MOCK them) ARE AFRAID–Yes I said AFRAID, of the TRUTH. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE ALL SUCH FILTHY ROTTEN LIARS!!!!! Let’s face it people, WE ARE POWERLESS against this barrage of hatred and violence! We need a leader who will stand up for America! And I, for one, am more than willing to give TRUMP a chance, what about you????? Stop pretending you have all the answers and get behind someone who actually MIGHT have some answers!!!!!

            From: “Creeping Sharia” To: “rlmyerson2” Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2016 8:56:55 AMSubject: [New comment] Minnesota: City council gives terror mosque exclusive use of public park, violating fed law

            marlene commented: “Very true. Thanks for the links.”

          • What’s YOUR problem? DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016, of the people, by the people, for the people.

          • @marlene. My comment was not intentionally aimed at you, Marlene. I don’t know why it posted the way it did. Sometimes I have a hard time getting comments to post where I want them to–it’s something to do with WordPress.com, I guess!

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