Londonistan: Muslim harasses woman in tight jeans, then threatens police (video)

Take a look at the future of cities in Europe and America. Muslims trying to impose the sharia on non-Muslim women who wear tight jeans. Then attempting to intimidate the police. Notice the allah-akbar shouting Muslims in the background.

Islamic street preacher, 31, is charged after screaming abuse at a woman for wearing ‘tight jeans’ and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a policeman’s FACE Krissoni Henderson, 31, has been charged with two public order offences Allegedly verbally abused woman and swore at her ‘for wearing tight jeans’ He then appeared to be caught on camera angrily shouting at police officer At one point preacher allegedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ in policeman’s face

There used to be so-call Muslim street preachers near the World Trade Center too – uttering the most vile remarks at passersby…no one took them seriously.

9 thoughts on “Londonistan: Muslim harasses woman in tight jeans, then threatens police (video)

  1. this person should be s h o t; he has no business criticizing how women dress when his real probem is fgm ; he is a pure idiot and an islam b u l l y

  2. This vid is a prime example of what Western society is facing by inviting these 7th century maggot pigs into our world. They are ravenous uncontrollable madmen! This can only get worse b/c our police (in this case, the London police) cannot control a situation like this. The cop was surrounded by a crowd of ‘allahu-akbar’ screaming MUZZLUMZ, ready to tear him to shreds like a pack of wolves! And don’t think they would have hesitated to do it, right there on the spot! This is proof positive that IZZZLAM IS EVIL and it CANNOT co-exist side by side with Western civilization!!!! DONALD TRUMP IS 100% RIGHT! KEEP THESE WOLVES-IN-SHEEPSKIN THUGS AND MURDERERS OUT!!!!!

    • It goes w/o saying, that the cops were powerless to arrest him on the spot–there would have been a blood bath like no other!!!!! Trouble is, how will the courts handle him? My guess is, he’ll be back on the street in less than 24 hrs!!!! It’s no fun to be a cop–thankless, dirty job with no decent pay! If a Christian ‘street evangelist’ had gotten up in that cop’s face, like the MUZZLUM PRICK DID, you can bet the farm, that he would have been placed in solitary for 90 days, w/o hope of a court-ordered defense attorney! Yeah, I’m not too far off here!!!!!

  3. This is demonic behavior inspired by Satan who is Allah. Have no doubt about it that what Obama wants for America is that Islamic crazies, as well as pathetically weak Westerners, pass sharia everywhere thereby forming the worldwide caliphate. WAKE UP!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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