Video: “If We Don’t Address Sharia, This War Won’t End”

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 The solution: ban sharia and those who practice/support it.


9 thoughts on “Video: “If We Don’t Address Sharia, This War Won’t End”

  1. That is why I was against the war’s in Afghanistan and Iraq. The only way to win those wars was to kill every Muslim over there. Would we be having the trouble in Iraq, if Hussein was still in power? We should have left all the Dictators alone in the Middle East. They didn’t want the Muslim brotherhood in their Countries either. But Obama is set on Islam domination of the World. That’s why he keeps bringing in Muslims from the Middle East and not Coptic Christians, who are the one’s in greatest danger over there. Do you want to know why most of the immigrants to Europe and the U.S. are young men of Military age, not at home fighting for their Country? They are of a Hijrah. Hijrah: means to emigrate in the cause of Allah, that is to move to a new land in Order to bring Islam there is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act.

  2. It’s too late by 1400 years. Islam is based on expansion by aggression. Problem is that apeasment has led to the expansion of Islam to the point of no return. Comparable to roaches or rats, the only way at this point in time is extermination. As with all evil, Islam will always be there. There is no final solution. The only alternative is the annialation of all aggressive Muslims as we do with other vermin. In this way we have learned to live with evil. It will always crawl from under the rocks and out of the sewers but if we continue down the path of timid acceptance and submission, then we are willing to live in a world of evil forever. The extermination of Medina and Mecca would be a good start.

    • Had Shrub, in September of ’01, nuked Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia and asked the Muslims: “Where is your Allah who promised you protection and victory, easy victims who would do you no harm if they did resist? If he said: “They chose to go to Hell, we accomodated them. What is your choice?” that would have been a good start. Destroying those cities now would only provoke the Ummah.

  3. It’s spelled out in Zechariah 14 (towards the end of the Old Testament). The Final Solution is the Messiah, Jesus, Yeshua. With Obozo “leading” us, it’s person-by-person, I need a 9mm and Bible; the 9mm for the attackers and the Bible as a Witness of my beliefs.

    • “Like apples of gold in pictures of silver…” This Chris Gaubatz speaks Truth! The root of the problem of islam is the underlying damnable philosophy of mohammed! Sharia must be addressed and CONDEMNED–‘carte blanche’! There should be absolutely NO capitulation whatsoever, under any ‘mitigating’ circumstances, where Constitutional laws are replaced by ‘sharia’! What’s more, our Western customs and values absolutely must TRUMP all other inferior cultural practices! If we are INDEED the greatest country in the world, then let’s start putting our chests out and acting that way–not as ‘proud bastards’ but as ‘PROUD PATRIOTS’ who are sick and tired of being humiliated by 7th century camel-humping degenerates!!!!!

      • The root of the problem with Islam is that “Gabriel” who appeared to Muhammad and dictated the Koran to him was the devil. Satan, being an angel, had and still has that capability. So, the root of Islam is demonic worship of Satan himself as god, that is “Allah”.

        • There is no deception in the world stronger or more magnetizing than islam (intentionally lower-case). It IS the “religion” of the anti-christ, and only Christ, Himself, has the power to utterly obliterate it from the face of the Earth. The good part is that, as Christians, we have read the back of the Book! The good part is that Jesus Christ will ‘soon and very soon’ return to reclaim this world for his own! Satan’s time is short–it’s no wonder he’s waging such a fierce slaughter against God’s people–he knows he’s licked and he knows his time is almost up!!!!!

  4. The Clinton machine and Obama waving them in giving them voters cards hard to spread the truth anymore since the main stream media , news papers Google are censoring the truth Iam going to libraries and book stores to find the real story and truth Political correctness by the libs are keeping us misinformed

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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