New York: Harlem Church Vandalized, “You must pay! Allah! Wake up!”

Source: Graffiti threat left on Harlem Church: ‘You must pay! Allah!’ – NY Daily News

NYPD investigators were searching Thursday for a nutcase who sprayed ominous graffiti on a Harlem church, police said.

The phrases, “You must pay! Allah! Wake up!” were scrawled on the walls of the Church of St. Catherine of Genoa on W. 153rd St. near Amsterdam Ave.

Surveillance video captured the vandal defacing the Catholic house of worship Wednesday and then taking off, Father Evaristus Ohuche said.

Where is the video? A still image at least? How can citizens help identify the suspect if they don’t release the video? A picture of the vandalism?

“Someone came and defaced church property,” he said. “It was outside on the outside wall, and on a poster on the wall. Something about Allah and ‘you must pay,’ and all kinds of symbols.”

Church officials called police, who came and took the poster to check it for fingerprints.

Some of the writing was illegible or incoherent, Ohuche said.

He was puzzled, he said, because the church hasn’t been the target of any recent threats.

“The camera caught the guy but couldn’t see his face,” he said. “All I know is that the camera was able to see the back of him. I’m hoping it was just a kid.”

There had been no arrest Thursday, and cops were still investigating.

Since when do so-called news reporters interject their opinion into reports referring to the unknown perpetrator as a “nutcase”?

Furthermore, why did the same reporters include reference to an unrelated incident against a Muslim…particularly when they could have included reference to other acts of vandalism and violence against NYC churches? See NYPD: First Central Baptist Church fire-bombed; 2nd Stapleton church in week. Those churches were in the same neighborhood as the supposed Muslim incident.

2 thoughts on “New York: Harlem Church Vandalized, “You must pay! Allah! Wake up!”

  1. I’m all for calling this vandal bastard a “nutcase” just as long as they preface it with the words “MUZZLUM bastard”–spelled just that way!!!!! Yeah, I know, fat chance of that happening!

  2. I always think — reverse the situation, what would happen? You would have a rioting crowd baying for blood and demanding apologies from the mayor and the president (and they would get it)

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