FBI Warning ‘Many Christian Volunteers and Ministers’ in US on Muslim Terrorist “Kill Lists”

Source: FBI Makes Warning Visits to US Christians on Jihadist “Kill Lists” | h/t Jihad Watch

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (ANS — July 29, 2016) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is interviewing Americans whose names have recently appeared on “Kill Lists” on a Jihadist website

Among them are “many” Christians involved in international student welcome ministries or who are helping Muslim refugees settle in the United States.

The FBI visits are not related to the killing of an 86-year-old French priest by two young terrorist supporters of Islamic State, also known as ISIS, on Wednesday, as he led prayer in a Normandy church. The FBI visits were already underway before the priest was murdered.

No Americans on the Islamic State “Kill Lists” have been successfully targeted and killed as Rev. Jacques Hamel was last Wednesday. However, the FBI is advising those whose names are on these “Kill Lists” to take precautions and report anything suspicious.

The Jihadist websites are urging American Muslims to undertake “personal Jihad” missions against Christians, journalists, military personnel, police, social workers and others who are helping Muslims study or settle in the United States.

The “Kill Lists” are part of the cyber war which the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (IS) is waging to bring more Islamic Jihad attacks to American soil.

An FBI agent said that so far, he is not sure what prompts certain Americans to get listed on the IS “Kill Lists” but “many” are Christian volunteers and ministers. Site visits to churches, homes and offices of those listed as targets on the Jihadist websites are a routine part of FBI investigations.

According to the Pentagon, the worldwide Jihad “Kill Lists” were updated on July 24 and includes Americans living in 19 states. Here in Virginia, Americans targeted for death live in Burke, Charlottesville, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Springfield, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

If it wasn’t prompted by the rash of deadly jihad attacks across Europe, maybe it was criticism over this a few weeks ago: FBI Not Telling Americans on ISIS ‘Kill List’.

It’s difficult to trust anything coming out of the FBI and James Comey but it sounds like they are setting us up for an event.

11 thoughts on “FBI Warning ‘Many Christian Volunteers and Ministers’ in US on Muslim Terrorist “Kill Lists”

  1. It’s just Muslims saying “Thank you” for helping them, and doing it, “Quran style” – “kill the infidel, whenever you meet them”.

  2. no, it is killing those who can identify you after they enter. once they are seen, the people who see them must be eliminated so no one knows who was here, or when or any specifics or who you came in with. All witnesses must be erased.

  3. This is a clever tactic by my brothers and sister to overwhelm the Kafir west law enforcement apparatus.

    I tell you this because you are weak and don’t have the will to do anything to stop us.

    Allahu Akbar

    • We not only have the will, we have the personal means and will be delighted to arrange a meeting between you and your demon god, allah.

      Aloha snackbar

    • Nitwit Awad-o-snot,
      On the day of God’s judgement, you and your kind will realize too late that you worshipped the wrong God, satan. But you’ll have to bow to God of the Bible, the Father of us all, admitting He is Lord. But it will be too late. You will burn, along with your child rapist Mohamule, in hell forever. Mohamule was wrong. You still have time to save your soul and I will pray for you.
      By the way, your fellow Islamists will LOSE in the end. Haven’t you been told this, or did your Imam conveniently leave out that part of the story?

    • @Nihad Awaad. You’re a typical muslim moron, Awaad! Americans have a lot more ‘horse sense’ than you and the smelly camel you rode in on! You actually believe that waging bloody jihad is God’s way to winning the world to truth and righteousness! On the one hand you’re all preaching about your “all merciful” allah-god, but with the same breath you say “KILL THE INFIDEL”! And then, when confronted with your hypocrisy, you always LIE and say, “but that’s not what REAL islam is all about.” Tell me, Awaad, what kind of an “ALL merciful” God would demand that his followers go through life cursing and lying and killing and decapitating and raping and stealing from everybody and everything??? Sure could’a fooled me, Awaad–that sounds like SATAN to me!!!!!

    • Jihad is core and base of the Islam. Three quarters of sacred texts of Islam are about Jihad. Muhammad waged Jihad all his life. Each Muslim is required to fight and kill infidels until only Muslim are left on earth. (Sounds like genocide to me.) Ergo there are not non-Jihadi Muslims. There are just Muslims too afraid to wage Jihad openly right now, until they have numbers.

      • I don’t believe in Jihad! However, I’m not Islamic,–nor a Muslim. Killing someone to wage Jihad should be punishable by years behind bars. That’s why I avoid joining Islam because it’s been linked to terrorism for a long time. Setting up a kill list when waging Jihad should be a serious crime.

  4. Frankly, I don’t care one bit about these Americans who aid and abet and give assistance to the massive numbers of muslims they are unconstitutionally working on resettling in the US. They are not only our enemies, but their own worst enemies as well. Not all christians are biblical christians and these are most certainly not. They are more like the delusional pope-on-a-rope than they are like Jesus.

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