North Dakota: Muslim corrections officer smuggles recipes to Muslim inmates who then file pork lawsuit

What else do Muslim corrections officers smuggle to their coreligionist criminals behind bars?

Source: Muslim inmates sue Cass County Jail, claim they were fed pork | Grand Forks Herald

FARGO—Four Muslim inmates have sued the Cass County Jail and several of its jailers, claiming they secretly were fed pork, according to a complaint filed in federal court.

Jail officials declared its meals were pork-free in November 2015, according to the complaint, but continued to serve pork to inmates, including Muslims whose religion prohibits them from eating pork, the inmates allege in their hand-written lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Fargo.

“We believe that having kitchen staff prepare separate meals for Muslim inmates was becoming a hassle and affecting their budget,” the complaint said.

The complaint says inmates weren’t told why the jail declared itself pork-free, though the plaintiffs—including Ashley Hunter, the man charged with murder in the slayings of two men in north Fargo last summer—allege it was in response to requests from Muslim inmates.

Prior to jail staff claiming they didn’t serve any meals with pork in them, Muslim inmates were served pork-free food, the inmates say in their complaint.

“We believe their declaration of being a non-pork facility was a lie to calm our worries of being fed pork in any form,” the complaint said.

Uyin Alau, one of the plaintiffs, told The Forum in a phone interview that he and other inmates learned the jail was serving them pork from a Muslim corrections officer, who brought them labels and recipes from the jail’s kitchen that listed pork products as ingredients in inmates’ meals. He said the inmates believed they weren’t being fed pork until the officer told them otherwise.

The corrections officer who allegedly tipped off the inmates isn’t named in the lawsuit.

The inmates are seeking $100 million, a public apology and the firing of jail staff connected to serving pork to Muslim inmates, according to the complaint.

“They fed us pork during the holy month of Ramadan,” Alau said, “which is completely disrespectful. It’s the most disrespectful thing you could do to somebody.”

“We have no one left to trust at this point,” said Alau, who recently pleaded guilty to helping rob a Casey’s General Store in January 2015.

Inmates Donivan Weis and Abdi Sahel also signed on to the lawsuit. Weis was arrested on drug charges in March, and Sahel is charged with simple assault, attempted kidnapping, terrorizing and robbery.

It’s not the first time a Muslim inmate has accused Cass County jailers of failing to honor his religious practices.

In 2012, Cass County Jail inmate Tyrone Jones accused the jail of treating Muslims in the jail unfairly when trying to practice their religion, alleging jail staff didn’t allow Muslims to hold prayer services in the facility’s day room.

The new lawsuit, which was filed July 8, names the jail and six corrections officers as defendants. The defendants haven’t filed a written response.

Lt. Amanda Henrickson said the jail administrator is out of town, and she had no knowledge of a lawsuit and couldn’t comment.

Sgt. Tim Briggeman, spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said he was not aware of the lawsuit.

The last time we wrote about the Cass County jail it was a Muslim refugee who raped a gas station clerk while screaming “Allah Akbar” and before that, a Muslim who threatened jihad on Jews at a synagogue.

Isn’t it time to end special privileges in jails that do nothing but waste taxpayer money? If you are locked up, you LOST your right to choose your food among other things.

PS: Tatiana Suskin was jailed for 2 years in Israel for her 1997 drawing, above.

11 thoughts on “North Dakota: Muslim corrections officer smuggles recipes to Muslim inmates who then file pork lawsuit

  1. The easy solution is feed all special religious need prisoners a vegetarian soy based diet. That will fulfill Halal, Kosher, and any other possible religious based diet.

    I suspect most of the people demanding special accomodations will quickly abandon their Veggie Meals for what the General Population is eating.

    Most importantly the Veggie Meals will not cost the prison systems and the taxpayers additional monies and it will keep sue happy groups like CAIR from filing nuisance lawsuits.

    PS – If you’re in prison you have forfeited all your personal rights while serving your time. If you don’t like the meat don’t eat it and eat the veggies and bread.

    Thank You

  2. sly little motherfuckers aren’t they; proves once again they’re working the islam plan; it is ok for them to lie if it gets them their way

  3. So starve! Prisoners should eat what is served! Or eat vegetables! Meat should be a privilege! There are some non-criminal ppl in this country that can’t afford meat of any kind!
    So … Either shut up or starve!

  4. What ever happened to ‘Bread and water” for prisoners? What are Christians being fed while in islamic prison. Do they get a last meal before they have their heads cut off or are burned to death?
    We need a law of reciprocity: All foreigners are treated here as an American would be treated in their country of origin. That includes welfare etc.

  5. Obviously none of them got sick or died IF they were fed pork products. Doesn’t the Quran say that Muslims can eat anything if halal is not available?

    Next they will be pressing for the prison to be free of all pork products for everyone. That’s how they normally proceed with their dietary demands.

    If a Muslim is around, you can be sure he or she is complaining about something. Islam = the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.

    • I’d say, just maybe they ought to show a little common sense and respect for the prison cooks. After all, ya just never know what else might ACCIDENTALLY find its way into their food! Yeah, I can think of a couple of “things”! BTW, speaking of PIGS, I guess the old saying applies here–‘It takes one to know one’!

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