Khizr Khan Lies on CNN, Says “No Such Thing as Sharia Law”

Hillary Clinton’s choice to represent Islam and the Democratic party blatantly lies on CNN telling Anderson Cooper (whom they’d throw off a building in many Muslim countries) there is no such thing as sharia law (4:46 mark if it isn’t bookmarked):

Source: -ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES Transcripts

COOPER: Let me ask you, just yesterday an official adviser on Veteran’s Affairs just the guy who was referencing before and the Trump campaign Al Baldasaro tweeted out this. He said, he tweeted out a link to a blog post which essentially accuses you of being a Muslim brotherhood agent who wants to advance Sharia Law in the United States adding that you used your son as a political pawn. I want you to be able to respond to that.

KHAN: Yeah. And I hope his surrogates are listening so they can take note of it what I’m about to say. I have no concern, I have no link, I have never been of that thought of that. I assure you I am an educated person. There is and I hope that other not so thoughtful Republican leaders are listening, there is constitutional amendment in the constitution of United States and that is called equal protection of law under 14th Amendment. Sharia Law as we have titled, there is no such thing as Sharia Law.

These are laws of various Muslim countries which are hodgepodge of British laws, French laws, Portuguese laws. In there, there is tremendous discrimination of genders which disqualifies them under the constitution of the United States, cannot be implemented, cannot be brought. How can I be a person that has read this, I preach that, that I do not stand for any Sharia Law because there is no such thing.

h/t Paul Sperry who said that was a “howling lie,” and the CSP who states, “A, that’s taqiyya – that is, lying for the faith – and B, it is demonstrably fraudulent.

Why? Because Khizr Khan has written extensively on the topic of sharia law! See here, here and here for just a few examples.


The full video is here…but could disappear…like Khan’s immigration website.



17 thoughts on “Khizr Khan Lies on CNN, Says “No Such Thing as Sharia Law”

  1. Kahn is guilty of practicing Taqiyya. The ability to lie if it furthers the goals of Islam. Thus Kahn is doing just that. If Kahn were in an islamic country and tried to preach against sharia law. He wouldn’t be breathing very long.

    • Khan is just doing what a Muslim does best, he is all Taqiyya to the American people, Obama will make Khan’s sacrifice very profitable. Khan’s son had no allegiance to the American people as by executive order, Obama so has stated, a Muslim does not have to pledge allegiance to America. Muslims will kill their own son to prove allegiance to Allah. Let the excrement flow out to sea.

    • I KNEW IT! I said the moment he was finished on stage there is so much more to this guy than meets the eye and I PRAY SOMEONE FINDS IT OUT! And there you are, already its coming forward. He is practicing Taqiyya – when a Muslim is allowed to lie to NON Muslims** Qur’an in a variety of verses (2:225, 3:28, 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, and 66:2) establishes the religious legitimacy of breaking oaths, lying, unilaterally violating treaties, and generally scheming against non-Muslims.-From the Winds of Jihad) . OF COURSE Clinton knew who to hire.. too bad he got start struck and decided to use his media moments to advance his agenda… Now he will cry he’s being misrepresented by racists everywhere, now the Dem’s will have to run to his defense… THANK GOD HE’S BURYING HIMSELF IN THE PUBLIC EYE, ALL ON HIS OWN. People should help Trump by posting on and their social media sites what a LIAR KHAN TURNED OUT TO BE, NOT TRUMP.

  2. shared to m y public Fb page with my comments:

    This man and his whole family should be deported from America after lying as he has, trying to wrongly damage Trump, and the despicable things he and his family have done.

    • I agree, when you do that much public damage to someone’s reputation , and especially b/c you are HIRED TO DO IT, you SHOULD be held accountable. He is a LIAR for even suggesting there is no such thing as Sharia1

  3. Khizr Khan–is using Islamic taqiyya, to promote Islamic terrorism/jihad–he is a lying Muslim terrorist dog! He should have never been allowed to be in America!

    • I wrote exactly that too, EVER PERSON should go to their social media sites and CALL KHANS LIES OUT AND MAKE IT AS BIG OF A DEAL AS HE MADE TRUMP DEAL WITH. Watch the Lib media go silent on this one, but people SHOULD NOW STAND W/TRUMP. I just hope Trump himself doesn’t comment – even tho he has a right to. I keep going to his Twitter page and fighting those who ignorantly post to him, I counter with the TRUTHS so Trump can see we got his back and all he has to do is keep his eye on the Clinton’s, Obama and policy.

  4. Ultimately, all said and done, this guy BELIEVES moslems are not to be questioned when it comes to all things islamic. He is skilled at straining gnat shit from pepper. Seriously though this shill for shari’a sounds good to academic/intellectual types.

  5. Hello…… yeah, yeah, yeah, and the sun doesn’t rise in the East (anymore) either….. What a real piece-o-shittt this stinking a-hole is!!! He’s literally STINKING UP my computer screen! “No such thing as sharia….” Oh sure!!!!! I better get done typing this real quick ’cause I’m about to get violently ILL–As in, throw up–vomit–up chuck–loose my cookies–and my lunch too!!!!! O MY GOD!!!! There’s an old saying that deserves a paraphrase. It’s should go something like this…..”We MUZZLUMZ aren’t the ones who invented LYING, but we sure do know how to PERFECT IT….” Here’s the thing, people…. Whereas CS has already CONFIRMED that this TURD has made these f…ing remarks on CNN to Anderson Cooper–ILL GLADLY TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT! In other words, I simply could NOT watch this video of this foul piece of rotten crap!!!! My brain won’t allow me to pollute it and abuse it in that way any longer!!! Where, oh WHERE, do the Dems come up with these kind of human EXCREMENT!!!!! PA-LEEZE, oh my God, please, put this LIAR in a place where he’ll have lots of company–I heard there’s still lots of vacancies in a place down SOUTH, OR SHOULD I SAY “DOWN UNDER”!!!! Ahemm, no offense to any Southerners or Aussies who might be seeing this. In other words, Mr. Khan–PLEASE GO TO HELL!!!!!!!

    • Where do the dem’s come up with these kinds of **it? you know what they say…when you lay (or lie) with dogs…. When your a Clinton you have every crooked – lying, piece of crap in America at your disposal, if you can be bought in any way from money to favors to sex to murder to… they will help you and/or use you. Clinton herself was caught using the NSA when they first got in to the whitehouse so she could build her files on each person in Washington to use later.. she had their backgrounds,bank history… she would add their indiscretions and secrets. I have zero doubt after she got to know them better she and Bill would involve them in shady but profitable business deals, Bill might find one of the guys had a thing for little girls and offer one up on a platter…or somehow get something good on them. Later, like NOW in this election they will blackmail them (Obama, I am convinced they got him his birthcert and thats what they have over him and why Obama is SO DESPERATE for Trump not to win b.c then Trump will have EVERY WAY to check out the claim he made against Obama and then reveal it)… or Mr Comey as he did/does sit on the board of one of Clinton’s companies and HAS covered up for her many many times in the past.

      Anyway, Mr Khan got sucked up but has started to let it go to his head and is taking it too far. Hopefully he’s REALLY STUPID and further puts his foot in his mouth.

      • @albertalady. Hello. You said, “…. I am convinced they got him his birthcert.” In other words, correct me if I’m wrong, but it would appear to me that you’re saying that there actually IS a legitimate b.c. FROM KENYA–NOT Hawaii!!! Yeah, that sounds about right to me! I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say that Hillary and Bill have such a piece of paper in their possession, but who knows? One thing is for certain, if anybody in our gov’t ever deserved a GOLD MEDAL for taqiyya, i.e., lying thru his teeth, it’s Barack (Hey, I just realized something–OMG, if you pronounce his name backwards it comes out, ACK-BAR)! omg!!!!!

        • What I took from his convoluted explanation was there is no shari’a law as we non-moslems define it. Does not mean it doesn’t exist in the world of islamism.

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