California: 50 Recent ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’ Episodes

Louder With Crowder points out the nonsensical declaration in California Deems August ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.’ Their Asinine Reasoning… »

Pandering much?

Just when you thought Muslims were appreciated all year around (what with the media never once tying Islam to anything other than PEACE) they now have a dedicated month. For extra, super-duper appreciation. The California State Assembly introduced the idea on Monday. Because California wouldn’t be complete were it not for the enchanting sound of Muslim morning prayer.



On Monday, August 1, the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) [joined] Assembly member Bill Quirk in the presentation of House Resolution 59, which recognizes the month of August 2016 as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.”

“I am proud to celebrate the first ever Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month by honoring generations of Muslim Americans for their many social, cultural, and economic contributions to California,” Assembly member Quirk stated. “The rhetoric surrounding this election makes the presentation of this resolution more important for me,” He said. “It is appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness of the myriad invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in California…”

Look, it’s one thing to genuinely feel appreciation towards a specific group who helped build society. For instance, our forefathers. Heck, even horses. But this? I’m not sure it’s accurate, or even feasible for that matter. Has Islam contributed enough to California to fill up an entire month? Think about it for a second, what famous (or non famous) Muslim has made California better? It’s okay, you can cheat on this one. Googling is totally allowed here.

Assembly member Quirk (yes, his real name, you can’t make this stuff up) talks about “The myriad of invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in California…” But fails to detail any of these countless feats. Again, feel free to Google this one. Perhaps Quirk is referring to Islam’s latest contribution to California? You know, the San Bernardino attack…? The one that left 14 dead (see Liberal Narrative BUSTED: San Bernardino Killer Pledged Allegiance to ISIS). Ringing a bell?

Creeping Sharia has documented Muslim contributions in California and felt it most appropriate to enumerate just a few of those exemplary efforts in California that Mohammad himself would be proud of, including: violent jihad, implementing and enforcing sharia law, attacking and enslaving non-Muslims, killing gays, rewriting history books. Here are 50 posts from California in just the last year:

  1. California: Muslim earns 15 years in prison for trying to join ISIS
  2. California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim
  3. California: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America (VIDEO)
  4. California: Muslim gets 12 years in terrorism case
  5. San Bernardino terrorist’s friend linked to Muslim group arrested for 2012 jihad plot
  6. Brother of San Bernardino terrorist, 2 others arrested for immigration fraud
  7. 17 Muslims Detained, Released After Chanting Allah Akbar, Firing Rifles, Shotguns Near San Bernardino
  8. California: Muslim “Refugee” Indicted for Attempt to Support Islamic Terrorists
  9. San Diego: Brother of Muslim Killed Fighting with Islamic State Lied to FBI, Charged
  10. Muslim attack on California university campus was ISIS-inspired
  11. California: Syrian immigrant gets 8 years for lying about his Islamic terror ties
  12. California: Muslim named Jihad arrested after bomb threat on cop shop
  13. Los Angeles: Father, Shehada Issa, killed son for being gay
  14. California: Muslim Uber driver arrested for raping woman after driving her home
  15. California: Muslim indicted for attempting to join Islamic terror group
  16. Black Muslim Chases, Tackles White Trump Supporter After San Jose Rally
  17. Egyptian on Student Visa Facing Deportation for Death Threat Against Donald Trump
  18. California: “I would die and kill for Allah” – Muslim arrested for attempted murder
  19. California: Father of Jihad Suspect to Muslims: ‘Don’t Even Think About Telling Govt’
  20. Muslim Students Trap, Bully San Diego State’s Jewish President
  21. Muslims Terrorize Jewish Students at UC-Irvine Movie Screening, Police Rescue
  22. Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history
  23. Jewish Woman Forced to Hide From Muslim Thugs at UC-Irvine
  24. California: Muslim arrested in online threat to UC Santa Cruz
  25. UC Berkeley students: Chattanooga jihad justified, nothing to do with Islam
  26. Cal-Berkeley Student’s Article “On Leaving Islam” Retracted…Fearing Muslim Violence
  27. California: Muslim Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to ISIS, Lying on Passport
  28. California: Muslim fugitive caught, files lawsuit over hijab removal
  29. San Diego: Iraqi Immigrant Couple Enslaved Maid in Their Home
  30. California: Saudi ‘threatened to kill staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide’
  31. LA: Saudi prince arrested after bleeding woman seen trying to escape compound, more victims come forward
  32. California: Cafe Countersues Muslim Women Fraudulently Claiming Discrimination
  33. San Diego School Board Approves Creation of Islamophobia Propaganda Plan
  34. Huntington Beach (CA) school makes 7th graders sing “Believe in Allah! There is no other god”
  35. San Diego School District Expands Sharia Lunch Program
  36. San Diego: Taxpayers now funding Muslim’s halal school lunches
  37. California school district enforces sharia, bans drawings of Muhammad, keeps Islamic indoctrination
  38. California: Muslim stabs 4 on UC Merced campus before shot dead
  39. Phone records show imam at San Bernardino terrorist’s mosque knew killer’s, lied about it
  40. San Bernardino Jihadist’s Father Knew Son Supported ISIS, Told No One
  41. San Bernardino jihadists buried by mosque members in Islamic ritual
  42. California: Saudi at Culver City mosque linked to 9/11 attack
  43. LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)
  44. Sharia compliant: No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel
  45. Hollywood Chooses Swank Sharia-Owned Hotel Over LGBT Boycott
  46. Video: Muslim Prayers Take Over Streets of Downtown Los Angeles
  47. California: After trip to Morocco, son shoots mother, cuts her heart out
  48. Anaheim: Two (more) Muslims Arrested Trying to Join Islamic Terror Group, Wanted to Die Martyrs
  49. California: Muslim arrested in sexual assault on 13-year-old girl inside her home (video)
  50. Los Angeles: Muslim clerk caught giving undercover lottery officer $75 instead of $75K prize

We reiterate, this limited and incomplete list of Muslim activities all took place IN CALIFORNIA. Recently.

Not to mention CAIR is a designated terrorist group in the UAE.

The California State Assembly member’s contact info is here.


10 thoughts on “California: 50 Recent ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’ Episodes

    • Hey, Jenene, my friend–My sides are splitting for laughter!!!!! Ahahahahaha!!!! WE NEED TO COPY AND PASTE your comment all over O-buzzard’s FACE in the WH–AND all over this ‘Quirky’ dude’s face too!!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!! YES, CS, ya really can NOT make this stuff up!!!! Ahahahahah!!!!!

  1. Your sampling of headlines all within just one state has left me speechless; it would not be happening without active encouragement from leftist groups. It’s insane.

  2. It’s the things they haven’t done that are the contributions. Try listing the things they haven’t done but wouldn’t be punished for (as a whole). Also, they are here to take, and this is why they’ll never appreciate anything given to them. Imagine how funny we would look from a mus point of view.

  3. Where Islam goes , trouble always follows. The lefttards will be the first to lose their heads when Muslims are calling the shots.

  4. Thank you for this article. I have been so upset by this and no one I know seems to even care – they think nothing is wrong. Just joined your mailing list.

  5. the families and survivors of the people mass murdered in San B need to launch protests of this insanity, and make sure MEDIA covers them, as well as SUE THE STATE. This is a violation of separation of state from religon and pure discrimination to OTHER faiths who are not getting appreciated by RELIGION. Where are the damn atheists when you need them? I know Cali has many. Why aren’t the gay groups protesting this religion that says it’s OK for any Muz to KILL THEM??

  6. I think that this process of mass Muslim immigration into the West, and the Islamisation of the West, supported by the Left, will not begin to be arrested in the USA or elsewhere until civil unrest is triggered in one or more Western countries. In particular, I look at France. I have read that 25% of its teenage population are now Muslim: demographically France’s fate is now sealed. With ongoing Islamic attacks in France, it will only be a matter of time before extreme right wing groups in France retaliate to these attacks. Over time this unrest may deteriorate into civil war resulting in France becoming an unstable and dysfunctional state like Lebanon. Expect the same to follow eventually in other European nations having high proportions of Muslims, namely Belgium, Sweden, Holland, and even Germany? This experiment, promulgated by the Left, is the most dangerous threat that the West has ever faced, because it is so difficult to undo. I hope that this unfolding catastrophe in Europe will give the US sufficient warning as it is not as far down this track. If not, then Western civilisation, and its culture and values, will be lost.

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