Germany: Swimming pools, playgrounds, cemeteries forced to hire security after spike in Muslim migrant sex attacks


Muslim “migrants” are beginning their rape jihad in the U.S. too, but the media and local officials are not reporting it. Source: Swimming pool forced to hire security guards after spike in migrant sex attacks | Daily Express

A SWIMMING pool has been forced to beef up its security detail after a spike in sex attacks by migrants.

The venue in German has added the team to the payroll to teach migrants western values towards women.

During the first three weeks of summer, indoor pool Maximare in Hamm, close to the border with the Netherlands, had 16 per cent more guests.

But alongside the rise – thought to have been caused by an influx of migrants into the area – the number of sex attacks at the pool soared.

At least six separate assaults have been carried out against women at the public facility, forcing management to take action.

Manager Frank Rose has had to turn to a private security firm to provide extra protection to safeguard the womenHe said: “We found that one isn’t enough because the employees can sometimes spend 20 to 30 minutes explaining the rules of the pool to refugees who often don’t speak German.”The pool already had enough life guards, but decided it was necessary to splash out on two extra workers.
They will be solely in charge of enforcing the rules and not on pool safety.Mr Frank added: “There are often misunderstandings. It starts with the swimwear – women want to swim in street wear and men in their underwear.
“Additionally some have a different understanding of the intimate sphere and pinch women and girls in their bottoms underwater, for example.”A spokeswoman for the Federal Association of Security Economy defended the move, claiming it was necessary.Silke Wollmann said: “The whole situation with the fear of terrorism, the refugee situation and the growing subjective need for protection has led to our industry to reach its limits.”She added that even playgrounds and cemeteries were now requesting security.In June a leaked police document in Düsseldorf issues a warning over the “grave concern” of police chiefs regarding escalating sex crimes carried out by migrants in swimming pools.

Countless municipalities throughout Germany now display signs in various languages warning of appropriate behaviour, warning these sorts of attacks will not be tolerated.

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