Rio: Moroccan Olympian arrested over sexual assault of two female cleaners

Allah akbar. Source: Rio 2016: Moroccan boxer held over alleged sex assault – BBC News

A Moroccan boxer has been arrested by Brazilian police over allegations of sexually assaulting two female cleaners in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic village.

Hassan Saada, 22, was held on suspicion of committing the assaults on Wednesday, a police statement said.

The boxer, who fights in the light-heavyweight category, was due to take part in his first bout on Saturday.

A Brazilian judge has ordered he be detained for 15 days, pending an investigation, media reports said.

His detention could mean Saada is unable to take part in the Games.

Brazilian media reports (in Portuguese) quoted police as saying the boxer had pushed one of the maids against a wall, pressing her with his thighs, and tried to kiss her.

He is accused of squeezing the breast of the second maid and making obscene hand gestures to her.

There has been no immediate comment from Saada or Moroccan Olympic officials.

The judge, Larissa Nunes Saly, said the boxer must remain in detention while the allegations were investigated because of the risks he could reoffend or try to flee the country.

Morocco is 99% Muslim.

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3 thoughts on “Rio: Moroccan Olympian arrested over sexual assault of two female cleaners

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