Detroit: Muslim convert refuses to serve alcohol then sues airline when suspended

We first told you about this sharia supremacist in 2015, when the Muslim flight attendant made her co-workers do her job serving alcohol, until one refused. Here’s a photo of the less-than-pious Muslim fraud looking like she drank a little too much alcohol:

Charee Stanley w/unidentified male (MadWorldNews)

Of course she is working with the named terror group CAIR to force sharia on ExpressJet and its employees. Source: The Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) — A Muslim flight attendant has sued ExpressJet, accusing the airline of wrongly suspending her because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter announced Tuesday it filed the lawsuit last week on behalf of Charee Stanley, a Detroit-based flight attendant for the airline headquartered in Atlanta.

The federal court case follows a discrimination complaint filed last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which dismissed it without determining whether the airline violated the law.

Even the overzealous, Muslim-leaning EEOC dismissed the complaint.

Stanley alleges ExpressJet didn’t provide a reasonable religious accommodation and seeks back pay and other damages. She was placed on unpaid leave last summer.

ExpressJet said in a statement that it values diversity but cannot comment on specific personnel matters or ongoing litigation.

As noted in the original post:

When she converted to Islam about two years ago, Stanley says she arranged for fellow flight attendants to serve alcohol on her behalf.

She says that arrangement worked out fine until one employee filed a complaint about having to do extra work last month.

An undue burden on those who have to follow her around and pick up her slack.

No one sums it up quite like Michael Savage in the short clip below:

3 thoughts on “Detroit: Muslim convert refuses to serve alcohol then sues airline when suspended

  1. why in the hellw ould ANYBODY hire a muslim for any reason; all they will do is try to force their way of life on the rest of us; won’t work; give them a one-way ticket to the desert where theycan practice all the islam they want without any complaints

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