Minnesota: Muslim demands use of sharia law, U.S. court rejects

It’s a solution (banning sharia) without a problem they say. Until Muslims are imported to the U.S. by the millions. Source: U.S. court rejects Muslim’s demand to use Shariah

A state court in Minnesota, which already is heavily influenced by a large population of Muslim immigrants and has one district represented in Congress by a Muslim, has decided that in America, it’s American inheritance law that applies.

The recent ruling from the Court of Appeals affirmed a Hennepin County District Court decision that the widow, Nariman Sirag Elsayed Khalil, of a taxi driver who died in an accident should be the one to benefit from a $183,000 settlement over her husband’s death.

It was the cab driver’s brother who argued in court that Islamic law should apply, so that the widow of Nadir Ibrahim Ombabi would only get 25 percent of the wrongful death settlement, 16.7 percent should go to his mother’s estate and the rest to Ombabi’s siblings, “with the males to receive ‘twice the share of the female.’”

The opinion, which was marked “unpublished” and not to be used for citation, involved the claim of Hosameldin Ibrahim Imbabi of Gold River, California.

Representing himself, he claimed that all of the parties in the case were Muslims, so the state court should apply Islamic law.

The appeals court ruling, however, knocked down his assertions, pointing out that he didn’t even bother providing a transcript of lower-court proceedings so the appellate judges could check his claims.

“This court therefore cannot resolve issues that require a transcript, such as whether the district court judge made statements indicating that he had predetermined the outcome of the case or whether the district court erred by refusing to allow cross-examination of certain witnesses,” the court found.

“None of appellant’s assertions of error are adequately supported by legal argument or citation to legal authority. For example, appellant’s main assertion of error appears to be that the district court should have applied Sudanese Islamic law instead of Minnesota law when distributing the wrongful-death settlement proceeds.

“But the appellant does not explain why, other than stating, ‘[he] strongly believe[s] that the principles of the private international law should have been applied from the beginning…”

The ruling found: “The district court found that ‘there is no credible evidence to prove Mr. Ombabi’s mother, brother, or sisters experienced a pecuniary loss, or more importantly what that pecuniary loss is, because of Mr. Ombabi’s passing.’ Accordingly, the district court ordered than 100 percent of settlement proceeds remaining after deduction of attorney feeds, litigation expenses, funeral costs, and trustee services be distributed to respondent.”

Legal blogger Eugene Volokh said of the decision, “I think it was also influenced by a basic American legal principle: American courts apply American law, rather than one rule for Muslims, one rule for Christians, one rule for Jews, and so on.

“Sometimes American law does allow the implementation of foreign legal rules, or religious legal rules. A contract might, for instance, call for applying the law of Sudan, or a will might specify that the property be distributed one-fourth to the widow, one-sixth to the parents, one-sixth each to the three brothers, and one-twelfth to the one sister (whether or not that’s the Shariah-mandated split). A court may well enforce such provisions, subject to any constraints imposed by American public policy. (For instance, a contract calling for the cutting off of a person’s hand would be unenforceable; a will calling for a court to apply a legal rule that requires the court to distinguish males from females might be unenforceable, though a will calling for a court to distribute property to named parties would be enforceable.)

“But there, too, the principle is simple: American courts apply American law, including when an American law principle calls on American courts to enforce a foreign judgment, to apply foreign law or to follow terms in a contract or a will that deliberately track foreign or religious law. But there has to be an American law principle calling for such application of foreign law. And in this case, there was no such principle,” he said.

20 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim demands use of sharia law, U.S. court rejects

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  1. Although the Sudanese forfieted his right to demand Islamic rulings to apply to inheritance by his mere voluntarally imigrating to, residing in, living and dying in non Muslim lands without a valid a social contract, the US Constitution, international law and the sharia does offer American Muslim national minorities to demand the implimitation of sharia rulings in specific cases. For, in the case of the descendents of miliions of African Muslims who were kidnapped and enslaved in the US, stripped of their Islamic religion and culture; they do have the right, since they did not come to the US as voluntary emigrants; to demand a semi-autonomous Islamic judiciary which allows them to marry, devorce, inherit, bury and other social transactions according to the shari`a. The only limitation the semi-autonomous court would have would be in the right to issue the hadd punishments for theft, fornication, adultery or any other crime which requires capital punishment. This would also apply to the First Nation Native Americans, white Americans and hispanics who accepted Islam. Immigrant Muslims by the very nature of immigrating from the lands of Islam to the lands of disbelief have forfieted a great deal of their natural religious rights.

    • Except they followed their own spiritist religions and in parts of the south were forced to become Catholic, which is where we get syncretic religions such as voodoo and candomble but nice try.

      Note also that the slave traders were Muslim who primarily sold off surplus men.

  2. Islam, by its very own definition, is utterly and completely incompatible with the United States Constitution, to the point of being outright Sedition and Treason.

    Why aren’t the adherents of this maniacal death-cult rounded up and dealt with as the Law prescribes?

    Or will We, The People, need to take matters into our own hands to uphold and defend the United States Constitution from this obvious clear and present danger?

    • Islam is only incompatible with the US Constitution because the constitution is a flawed document which must be amended. If it were not amended you backward crackers would still be trying to have slaves (I say ‘trying to’ because had it not been amended the Africans would have continued the REAL revolution and completely changed the US society!) So since it is amendable, Muslims who indigenous to the US will be seeking to amend it where they can marry, divorce, inherit ect based upon their sharia. The ONLY thing you can do to stop us is vote and use the legislative process, just as we will use the same process to gain our rights. That is what democracy is all about. If think that you crackers are going to revert back to some Jim Crow error rioting, lynching and killing in order contain the ever growing Muslim poulations in your midst; then those empty threats you’re throwing out will met with the same in decisive action.

    • actually that is not what he said. In fact he made a stipulation which allowed the case not to be used as a precedence in any future cases. Which means he indirectly allowed other similarly litigations to emerge and prevented his case from being cited as a precedence in future litigations! dumbass!

      • But that doesn’t mean anything will change in the next case. No other religion tries to impose its law on American courts, or on anyone with no ties to it

  3. Hey, gotta hand it to ya ‘song a dong dong’, you musta did some powerful diggin to come up w all that shitt! Yeah, no kiddin, I know for sure that I ain’t even gonna try and verify or deny any of it! What’s clear to me, in any case, is that you ain’t no dummy, and to me that’s really kinda sad, ’cause you’re spending your whole life living in hatred over wrongs (whether justifiable or not) done to others. And most of those “wrongs” are not all that readily verifiable by YOU! Truth be told, ‘songy’, I’ve never even read anything by Thomas Paine, who appears to be some kind of hero to you! As for my main man, “Georgy boy”, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME–but, hey, to each his own. It goes w/o saying that you’re BLACK. Whether or not you’re also MUZZLUM seems to be debatable. As for your “historical record” pertaining to how the Africans were “lured” from their peace-loving families and African homesteads with Jamaican rum, well, I’d say that’s probably a bunch of bullshittt! The rum was for the Limeys and the ship’s crew! They couldn’t have carried enough of it half way around the world to hand it out free of charge to people whom they considered to be one grade level above the Apes (not my opinion, THEIRS)! I could tell you that “some of my best friends are black” however that would be a lie! You see, ALL of my best friends (with one or two exceptions) ARE ALL BLACK–and I’m a Whitey–who knew??? I looks to me like you really don’t have an answer to my claim that nearly all of the Northern Yankee soldiers, who died in the Civil War to end slavery, were White!!! What’s more, the Amendments to the Constitution concerning slavery were written by the pens and with the blessing of White men! Doesn’t that mean anything to you at all??? Those white men gave their lives because they truly believed that slavery was wrong! What’s more, it seems to me that it really should concern you, as a black man or woman (hard to tell from your blogname), that race relations in the USA have NEVER BEEN WORSE since the days of Jim Crow, than they are right now–UNDER OUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!!! No shittt, ‘songy’, for real, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??? Am I on your s-hit list too, seein’ how I’m white?????

    • Correction: The most famous trader of all was Tippu Tip , (Hamed bin Mohammed) a Swahili Arab son of a trader, and grandson of an African slave. He was born in Zanzibar of African Arab parentage and went on to establish a base West of Lake Tanganyika, linking up with Msiri. He and his men operated in an area stretching over a thousand miles from inland to the coast. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/9chapter3.shtml

      On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 12:57 PM, Creeping Sharia wrote:

      > wellborn commented: “Hey, gotta hand it to ya ‘song a dong dong’, you > musta did some powerful diggin to come up w all that shitt! Yeah, no > kiddin, I know for sure that I ain’t even gonna try and verify or deny any > of it! What’s clear to me, in any case, is that you ain’t no d” >

  4. Don’t know where you came up with your version of the African Slave Trade, but here’s the historical record. Not only were the Arabs involved, but an African-Arab man named Tippi Tu was well known for selling his own black African brothers into slavery. There is no way this is exclusively the sin of white European men. That’s the real myth. History is not on your side if you believe that.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/ storyofafrica/9chapter3.shtml

  5. More info on the African Slave Trade. Not exactly what we’ve been told. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/9chapter2.shtml

    On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 9:01 AM, Creeping Sharia wrote:

    > creeping posted: “It’s a solution (banning sharia) without a problem they > say. Until Muslims are imported to the U.S. by the millions. Source: U.S. > court rejects Muslim’s demand to use Shariah A state court in Minnesota, > which already is heavily influenced by a large popu” >

  6. I’ve never met anyone with so much pent-up hatred. And that coming from an articulate, most likely healthy and young, black male. I just have one question for you, for all of the “sins” that you attribute to the white European-Americans, can you see no flaws whatsoever within the members of your own race? None? Actually I have one other question for you–Do you believe there is a God, and is He a White Racist too? Never mind answering–just a rhetorical question! Somehow I think I already know the answer to that question. In any case, that just might be something you want to consider, in the light of your never-dying, eternal soul, which will one day be required to give an account for the things you’ve done with the life He gave you….Oh yeah, I know, the Southern Crackers didn’t believe that the slaves had “eternal souls”. Well guess what–THEY WERE WRONG! Or did you already know that to be the case?? I know you probably won’t believe this either, but I really don’t see an angry young black man here, I SEE A SEVERELY WOUNDED AND BLEEDING troubled soul! I know the One who can help, but I seriously doubt that you have any interest in hearing about Him, do you???

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