Virginia: Fairfax Dentist Says Hijabi Quit Rather Than Wear Sanitary Covering

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By Dori Joyner, M.A..

Early in August 2016, Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax, Virginia hired a young woman, Ms. Najaf Khan, to work in their dental office. Ms. Khan had worn no religious clothing to her employment interview. Her first two days on the job, she continued to wear secular clothing. She was given positive feedback those first two days. The third day she arrived to the dental office wearing a hijab, an Islamic religious ‘headscarf’.

In an NBC Washington taped interview, Ms. Khan describes her version of the events that followed.

“I was devastated. The owner told me to take my hijab off and he gave me an ultimatum. I could continue to wear my headscarf and no longer work there. Or I could continue to work there without my headscarf. And when I said I would not compromise my religion for that, he held the door for me and I walked out.”

However, Dr. Chuck Joo, the dentist and office owner, states on the business website and Facebook page:

“Our office does not have any objections to hijabs. We only asked Ms. Khan to wear a separate, clean hijab (for office wear only) or wear a sanitary head cover over her hijab while seeing patients in the office, just like we require all employees to wear full scrubs and not street clothes in the office when treating patients. This dress code has applied to all dental assistants since 2003, when it was first implemented.

Ms. Khan did not find the dress code or the alternative we offered suitable and she then walked out on her own accord.

Ms. Khan was never terminated from our employ. In fact, we contacted her later in the evening on the same day she voluntarily walked out of the office and offered to continue her paid training program.

We had been inspired by Ms. Khan’s enthusiasm to become a dentist, and even though she had no experience working in dentistry, we provided her with a three month paid training opportunity in exchange for eventual full-time employment, something rare in the dental business. Ms. Khan elected not to respond.”

To give her credit, Ms. Khan plays the victim role convincingly. She’s young and pretty and looks sad as she tells how she was so unfairly treated. Perhaps she even believes it. najif-khan-supremacist

The truth, though, is that she was not fired. She was not terminated. She was not forced to choose between her religious attire and her job. She was not ‘shown the door’. And, when asked on camera if she would go back to work in the dental office, she replied, “Probably not. Not with somebody who is so close minded.”

Who is close minded here?

Certainly, not the dentist, who was nothing but generous toward Ms. Khan. Yet, she could see only discrimination. She was given every consideration to accommodate her religious practice within the bounds of maintaining a sanitary environment for patients, yet she chose to interpret the experience as religious discrimination and this is the story that has been splashed across multiple media sites. A sceptic might wonder if she intended to ‘cry discrimination’ from the get go, and that’s why she applied for the job, hijab-free, knowing she would don it later and if challenged would create a public outcry very much like the one she ended up creating.

But someone with faith in the goodness of all, might believe she is merely young and naïve enough to want to make a stand for her religion, even if that stand is based on half-truths and lies, and even if that stand hurt the very people of good will who had her best interests at heart.

Regardless of her motivation, though, she took her story to the media and it has been used publicly to defame the dental office. What’s especially sad is that these were the people who only wanted to help her advance her career and make her dreams of becoming a dentist come true.

Ms. Khan also contacted CAIR, (Council on American-Islamic Relations) with her complaint, and her misrepresentations of the truth are also repeated on their website, although with words such as ‘alleged’ and ‘reportedly’, perhaps to protect CAIR from libel when the truth of this event emerges, as it is now. On their website, they claim to have “served more than 25,000 victims of discrimination since ‘their’ founding.”

One wonders how many of those cases of ‘discrimination’ are similar to this one, made up of spurious claims.

More chilling, they state, “Our nation-wide offices receive a total of approximately 3,000 inquiries a year and work to resolve them through mediation, negotiation, public pressure, or if necessary, through legal action.

Public pressure… hmm… In this case, perhaps groundless public shaming and intimidation would be a more apt term?

CAIR is calling for Ms. Khan’s reinstatement (although she quit of her own accord). And, of course, they are also calling for financial compensation for her.

Racism certainly does exist. So does religious discrimination. And these bigoted views should be challenged whenever and wherever they occur. But in this case, the dentist and his office team do not deserve the appellations of racist, ‘islamaphobe’ or hate monger.

Even so, their names and business reputation have been smeared in these terms or with insinuation and innuendo, which amounts to the same thing. Unwarranted public defamation like this is a lose/lose proposition for us all.

Good, honest Muslims lose when their religion is used dishonestly by some to promote a nefarious political agenda.

Well-meaning individuals like this dentist lose when their livelihoods and community standing are unfairly threatened. And citizens around the globe lose when the few disturb the peace and good will of the many.

This is a sad and sorry state of affairs, these times we are living in.

We encourage readers to submit content regarding local events ignored or mis-characterized by the media.

In the linked article above, NBC News failed to alert readers that CAIR is:

  • listed as a terrorist organization in the UAE
  • an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history
  • banned by the FBI due to its HAMAS links
  • deemed part of HAMAS by a U.S. federal judge
  • being sued by Muslim Americans, and
  • numerous of its executives having been jailed or deported for terrorist activities.

All in the Creeping Sharia archives.

nur-anti-cair CAIRdiorama32


7 thoughts on “Virginia: Fairfax Dentist Says Hijabi Quit Rather Than Wear Sanitary Covering

  1. Yes, it is a sad state of affairs but such are the times we are living in. And, if Hillary Clinton is elected we can expect situations such as these to only get worse.

    • @anonymous. Better yet, maybe she should just jump right into the trash can! It goes w/o saying that she had this agenda to sue this dentist long before she applied for the job! More stealth jihad, i.e., “creeping sharia”! She’s a good-for-nothing scumbag–emphasis on the word, ‘BAG’!

      @Troybeam. Don’t know where you got your info, bro, but it’s not a religious requirement for muslimas to wear the hijiab. Their koran only states that women must dress modestly (or words to that effect). That’s why she is twice the SCUMBAG, b/c this has nothing to do with her “religion”, per se. But it has EVERYTHING to do with STEALING a nice windfall from this benevolent and unsuspecting dentist!!! It also proves what an utterly contemptible and dishonest person that she really is!!!!!

  2. is she related to the infamous khan who made speech on his son’s sacrifice for our country??? why is she being so stupid; you have to be sanitary in a medical setting; perhaps she should empty trash cans

    but then she would find something else to gripe about, such as, can’t pick up pork related trash and it goes on and on and on and on; thanks to cair/hillary/obama

  3. Many times stated “never hire a Muslim” you run the chance of this happening, in Europe many people have lost their businesses due to Islamic sue at the smallest perceived miss justice, as an FYI wearing head covering is not a choice but demanded in sharia that comes from the Koran.

  4. OMG, another Khan is front & center, to ruin
    another business or to get paid extortion to
    Keep her ugly mouth shut. This Khan(Paki)
    Has made a HIT on a Dentist’s Office with the
    aid of the Terror Facilitators, CAIR. The KHAN
    Tribe has made a killing off of Americans . Stop
    Em, From the Tin Star Khans to the clerical KHANS,
    Be Careful, they’re crooked to the bone.

  5. Someone needs to tell Khan that she lives in the USA where we have freedom and liberty under the constitution and if she likes to be a slave of Islam, she should do so at her mosque

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