Muslims Threaten To Murder Charlie Hebdo Staff Over A Cartoon…Again

“The reform of Islam: Muslims, loosen up”

Express UK submitted to sharia law and did not even post the CARTOON, provided by Blazing Cat Fur

FRENCH satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been inundated with fresh death threats after featuring two naked Muslims on the front cover this week.

More than 60 disturbing messages, insults, and anti-Semitic remarks were posted on the magazine’s Facebook page, including one saying ‘You’re going to die!”. Another message warned of an imminent terrorist attack.

An inquiry has been launched and French police are currently investigating the “very threatening death threats” made against Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and journalists.Although the first incident was reported in June, number of threats rose dramatically after the latest edition hit the newsstands this week.

Charlie Hebdo’s editorial board has been under police protection since the January 2015 attacks.

Twelve people were slaughtered in the Hebdo attack and another five people in a near simultaneous and related attack in France.


19 thoughts on “Muslims Threaten To Murder Charlie Hebdo Staff Over A Cartoon…Again

    • If there’s one thing that clouds the islamic mind and ‘terrorizes’ the terrorists, it’s when the ‘infidels’ MOCK and ridicule islam! It renders their limited brain capacity to the level of an amoeba with a headache! MUZZLUMZ are so put out by these cartoons–NOT BECAUSE THEY REVERE THEIR FALSE allah-god–No, no, it’s because they ALREADY KNOW INSTINCTIVELY how foolish and insane most of the CRAP is that they are told to believe! You can’t be in a CULT of imbeciles for very long before you start questioning and doubting what you’re told to believe. That’s what most islamists are up against, and it’s the reason that they are all so hyper-sensitive over the most insignificant things! People who are secure in their religious beliefs could care less, when they are persecuted and/ or mocked! It’s only the insecure ones who scream and cry like maniacs and infantile morons, when someone comes along like Charlie Hebdo or Donald Trump and calls their bluff!!!!! It causes all of their “computers”, hypothetically speaking, to crash!!! Touché, Charlie Hebdo, touché!!!!

      • Amazing, isn’t it, how these self-proclaimed ambassadors for “truth and righteousness” to the world, are some of the lowest of the low-lifes?! Really amazing! We all know how this ‘Z’ character is making such a huge contribution toward world peace and harmony!!!! What in hell do ya want ‘Z’, what IN HELL do ya want??? Never mind, you’re gonna find out real soon!!!!

  1. It says a lot when cartoonists need 24/7 police protection from these “religious” thugs and murderers. Time to stop calling Islam a religion – it’s a totalitarian political ideology akin to Nazism and Communism.

    More than ever before, let the West beware of Islamic Law & creeping censorship: in 1903, Turkey shut down Armenian free speech 12 years before the genocide. All of the forbidden words below were judged as extremely hurtful and offensive to the feelings of Muslims. Speaking or writing any of them was equal to incitement, subversion, a violent attack on the sensitivities of Muslims, a very serious infringement indeed, as punishable as drawing a cartoon of Mohamed:
    Finding it inconvenient, in the face of the sentiment of Christian Powers, to destroy the national spirit of the Armenians by force, the Turkish government undertakes to coerce it by putting Armenian school textbooks and press under strict censorship. Such words as the following have been interdicted: “Star”, because its Turkish translation means Yeldiz, which is the name of the Sultan’s palace; “astronomy”, because of its relation to the word “star”; the chemical symbol of water, “H2O”, because this might be construed into H (Hamid), 2 (second), and O (cipher),—that is, Hamid Second is nothing [in other words, someone might interpret the chemical symbol, H20, as an insult to the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Hamid the Second]; the word “Armenia”, so that the American missionaries who had founded a college in Armenia by the name of “Armenian College” were obliged to change its name into “Euphrates College;” and the words “liberty”, “freedom”, “home”, “nation”, “sacrifice”, “thistle”, “obstacle”, “stumbling”, “hope”, “faith”, “emancipation”, “Lincoln”, “struggle”, “right”, “tyranny”. No verses are to be published in the daily papers; the Boers are not to be sympathized with; Americans never praised; Germany never criticized, and Russia never mentioned.

    • @caligirl 1960. Better yet, ask them if they know anything funny about Christians, Jews or muslims. Their reaction to the question should reveal whether or not they’ll ever assimilate! Just a thought….

  3. Iam still waiting for a post card from Osama and sadam about the great time they are having in paradise guess Allah forgot them and the virgins ?

  4. Absolute freedom of speech in a developing multi cultural nation would bring deaths, divisions, destruction and tragedies.

    Charlie Hebdo brushes aside the potential threatening consequences. An insulting book like Satanic Verses caused the deaths of 14 Indians,

    Irresponsible authors and publishers disregard such tragic consequence They want their name and wages regardless.

    The British had banned the Book Spy Catcher? Why?

    The same British did not allow the book titled the Massacre and banned a film on Saudi Princess. Why Is it because Britain has a double standard one for the influential and one for the politically weak.

    Is Justice based on power and money.

    It is usual double standard, no principles, usual bullying of the weak and when the weak has no weapons to fight against.

    Freedom to impart information is different from freedom to insult, ridicule, insult and vilify.

    Is such a freedom more divine than communal harmony?

    • @Gulmohammed Tisekar. Pardon me, ‘GT’, but is that a trick question? Well, here’s your answer, in any case. Sharia is the “code of ethics” universally agreed upon by ALL muslims, by which everyone, everywhere should allegedly be ruled and ultimately judged. There’s just one teensy-weensy, minuscule problem with sharia–IT’S EVIL!! It is an invention of rules and jurisprudence that permits NO FREE SPEECH, NO FREEDOM OF FAITH OR RELIGION, NO LEGAL RIGHTS AND NO LEGAL DEFENSE–OF ANY KIND!!!! Sharia claims to speak for GOD–DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! That’s SHARIA in a nut-shell, ‘GT’. Are you muslim and you’re asking ‘what is sharia’? Well, hopefully your eyes have been opened, ‘GT’. Why don’t you check out online what the punishment for stealing is under sharia law, or adultery, or homosexuality, or ‘blasphemy’ against mohammed or allah! See if you think those punishments are fair and balanced, ‘GT’….

      @’pamohamedameen’. “communal harmony”??? Well, well, well, a FLOWER CHILD FROM THE ’60’s! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH, ‘pa’! Believe it or not, ‘pa’–YES, TRUTH REALLY DOES MATTER! And WORDS (and cartoons) must never be censored when used to elucidate TRUTH! You may say, What is truth? And I would simply say, Truth is the universal stuff on which the worlds were founded. You may disagree with me (and you have every right to do so) but Jesus Christ is the One and only person to ever claim that, “I AM … THE TRUTH”. That’s b/’c He, and He alone, spoke (WORDS) and the universe came into being! John Lennon “imagined” that we should just live in a fantasy land where all absolutes were non-existent, or at best, simply insignificant. Is that the kind of “communal harmony” that you’re referring to, ‘pa’? But, really now, to the greater point, ‘pa’. Should Charlie Hebdo be censored simply b/c they have allegedly created an incendiary situation with islamists? I say, LET TRUTH REIGN! This cartoon may or may not be ‘tasteful’ to some individuals–I’m not especially ecstatic about the suggestion of nudity–but I like the insinuation of EXPOSING THE HYPOCRISY and utter ignorance of islam (intentionally lower-case, so call me a bigot!). ISLAM IS EVIL–SICK–DEMENTED–PREJUDICED–DESTRUCTIVE AND DEADLY—SECOND TO NONE!!!!! LET TRUTH REIGN!!!!!

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