California: Muslims scream “Allahu akbar!” through bullhorn during church service


Source: Churches take new security measures in face of terror threats

As Father Josiah Trenham prepared to read the Gospel, several parishioners discreetly scooped up their babies, retreated up the aisles of St. Andrew Orthodox Church and out into the spring air, so as not to allow the crying of little ones to disturb the divine liturgy.

The time-honored tradition was shattered when a car passed by the Riverside, Calif., church, slowing down as the front passenger leaned out of his window and bellowed menacingly through a bullhorn, according to witnesses.

“Allahu Akbar!” the unidentified man repeated several times as the unnerved parents drew their infants close and exchanged worried glances.

Witnesses were able to give Riverside police a description of the green Honda Civic, but not of the three occupants. Some told police they believed one or more of the men may have been taking photographs, according to Officer Ryan Railsback. Although Trenham insisted multiple congregants heard the Arabic phrase, Railsback noted no mention of it was in the police report.

h/t Jihad Watch who asks, “In omitting this, was the author of the police report running some politically correct interference for area Muslims?”

Whatever the case, no law was broken – even if an unmistakable message was sent and received.

“Be calm and to keep a special vigilance over the property and our children while we are at church,” Trenham wrote in an email to parishioners in which he recounted the disturbing event. “Pray that these provocative young men might repent of their intimidation and be saved.”

Trenham told last week the situation remains “tense and tenuous,” and said the church now has security officers on hand for all regular services.

“It is a deep sorrow to live this way in the ‘new America,’” he said.

The incident took place on April 12, some four months after a terror attack left 14 dead in nearby San Bernardino, and just over three months before a French priest was killed by ISIS-linked jihadists in his church. The events, whether far or near, underscore a grim new reality for pastors such as Trenham: Instead of offering sanctuary from evil, churches could in fact be attractive targets for terror.

Many churches are now hiring self-defense instructors for classes or security guards that include off-duty police,” said Ryan Mauro, a professor of Homeland Security at Liberty University and national security analyst for the Clarion Project. “If you are an Islamist terrorist seeking self-glory, executing a priest will bring you more attention than executing an average civilian.”

In February, Khial Abu-Rayyan, 21, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., was arrested after he told an undercover FBI agent he was preparing to “shoot up” a major church near his home on behalf of ISIS. A month earlier, the Rev. Roger Spradlin of Valley Baptist Church – one of the biggest congregations in Bakersfield, Calif. – told attendees that they had received a threat written in Arabic.

“Undercover officers were then placed during worship services,” Valley Baptist spokesman Dave Kalahar said. “The FBI continues to investigate along with the local task force.”

Last September, an Islamic man clad in combat gear was charged with making a terrorist threat after entering Corinth Missionary Baptist Church, in Bullard, Tex., and claiming that God had instructed him to kill Christians and “other infidels.” A year earlier, police were called to Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Columbus, Ind., after the house of worship was vandalized with the word “Infidels!” along with a Koranic verse sanctioning death for nonbelievers. Similar graffiti was found that same night at nearby Lakeview Church of Christ and East Columbus Christian Church.

Synagogues have faced increasing threats in recent years, too. Earlier this year, the FBI disrupted a plot by a Muslim convert to blow up the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, in Aventura, Fla. A 2014 audit by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that anti-Semitic incidents rose 21 percent across the country that year.

Eastern Orthodox Christians, who in many cases suffered persecution at the hands of radical Muslims in their Middle Eastern homelands, believe they may be singled out because of their heritage. Mass at St. Andrew typically attracts up to 400 worshippers with roots in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia and Greece.

“We have guards now; we never used to have guards,” said St. Andrew attendee Solomon Saddi, a Syrian-American Christian. “They keep an eye on everyone and talk to the faces that aren’t familiar,” he continued, referring to the aftermath of the April incident. “It is a very dangerous time for us even in America.”

Several weeks ago in New York, a Harlem Church Vandalized, “You must pay! Allah! Wake up!”

And as we noted in that article, unreported by most media and unsolved, were 2 NYC churches bombed in one week. Like the allah akbar shouters, it’s not news.

12 thoughts on “California: Muslims scream “Allahu akbar!” through bullhorn during church service

  1. As Muslims in the Middle East came for the Christians, reigning “Terror, Murder and Destruction” on the them, American Christians were silent. As Muslims dragged the Christians away to rape and torture them, American Christians were silent. As Muslims perpetrated unspeakable acts on Christians, bringing about “anninlation and genenocide” Christians in the West, in America, were SILENT !!!
    Now, here in America, the Muslims come for American Christians …. You did not cry for your brethren or offer assistance, and no one will cry for you!
    You never challenged Obama, Hillary, the Democrats OR Muslims here in America! You sat silently (for the most part), in your pews, acting as “if” nothing was happening. When Obama demanded that unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees be brought in, you said nothing; you even made money, and helped bring these potential “Muslim Terrorist” in! Now, you will reap what you have sown, and the blood of your loved ones will be upon your hands!
    Christians, you will find out how peaceful, “peaceful Muslims” really are! ENJOY THE FRUIT OF YOUR SILENCE!

    • Ex cu se Me!!! But, I did complain about Myslims being let into our Country, period! I complained about them leasing a Stadium on Brooklyn to call the so called faithful by prayer with a loud speaker! I have tried to alert my FB friends & family to some of the Muslim acts here & abroad! I wrote that if Muslim Immigrant males rape children, young & old women & young men because of their apparel, then, as it states in the Quran, cut off the offending part! We Americans don’t know what to do when our President, Politicians don’t or won’t listen to what we are saying!! Obama allowed thousands of Mudlim Refugees into our Country without a by your leave of the Amerucan people! We aren’t allowing ANYTHING, we simply don’t know what to do to stop the Horde from infiltrating & tearing our Country apart as they have been doing in other Western Country’s!!! Get your facts straight! We don’t want either Hilary not Trump, but, money talks and bullshit walks!!

      • Spot on! The only security is in our power to amend the constitution of the state and of the United States to include what religion is not. Then we will have a clear picture of our enemies foreign and domestic. When our elected officials are no longer ignorant, the will understand what religion is not and then realize what religion is. We need grass-roots efforts to amend very soon! Our country must not be abandoned for light and transient causes, which is the chief reason for amendments; to avoid war.

    • As I predicted, the Muslim population in California and America has now reached the percentage where they will be causing more and more outreach on Christians as they are in Europe and UK with Sharia Law. This Muslim culture does not assimilate, instead they just infiltrate and take over. This happens to be Obama’s agenda and Hillary will continue with his agenda. This is just a necessary step towards the NWO and one world government about to be jammed down the American peoples throats. Congress fails to acknowledge this and they are in agreement. The end of the American culture and the constitution of the United States.

    • A lot of us did speak out and it fell on deaf ears. Even though muzzie attacks are on the rise in America, there are still many who refuse to see what’s coming and they are the fools who will bring death to America.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if the same thing was done with the people on the bullhorn yelling Jesus Saves outside of Mosques while services were going on inside, would the people be arrested for a “hate crime”?

    • God you are dense Allah Akbar has been in our experience the last year screamed along with accomplishing
      A crime against an innocent non muslims

    • Yes, the CAIR Muslim Brotherhood would be calling this hate crime. Loretta Lynch and Obama would make more political hay with this. CAIR would call to America and say the Islamophobia index is rising. We need to force congress to start passing bills that would reclassify the Muslim Culture as a Hate organization along with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Unfortunately, no one in congress has the guts to take action, including Paul Ryan. The NWO and One World Government (OWG) is about to take over in November with Hillary. Does anyone think for a minute that this will not happen? Is there anyone out there that cares? Hello?? Does anyone hear me now??

  3. It’s no wonder these muzzturd cretins have to go around howling and screaming their war cries and threats, b/c they see this magnificent CITADEL OF PEACE as a challenge to their FALSE “religion of peace”! Somebody has to be lying, right? God forbid the MUZZTURD LIARS would ever admit to that!!!!!

  4. I think we would all be better off if Trump was our President remember he was the person that wanted to ban Muslims from the U.S. and the MSM went insane screaming about it. Didn’t you ever notice that what is happening with these churches is never on the news? This country has a disease I called “PC Insanity” it seems to be infecting everyone.
    I’m voting for Trump in Nov.

  5. We need Congress to stand up for Our Nation’s principles, and enact a law clarifying that, due to the criminality of its’ tenets; islam is not to be considered a religion under and according to the U.S. Constitution and laws, and will not be afforded any of the rights or considerations granted to legitimately peaceful religions.
    islam is a hateful, bigoted, dishonest ideology of intolerance, misogyny, slavery, terror, torture, perversion, pedophilia, murder, domination, fascism, and genocide. It has brought nothing beneficial to any place it has been allowed to fester.

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