Michigan: Muslims Sue, DOJ Investigates, City That Rejected Mosque in Residential Neighborhood

As we noted here, Sterling Heights has a large population of Iraqi immigrants who opposed the special zoning request for a mosque in a residential neighborhood. Now the city faces the zoning jihad from an overwhelmingly pro-mosque Dept. of Justice who – rather than investigate the imams and mosques recruiting and training Muslim terrorists – are busy forcing the training facilities in residential neighborhoods. Source: Muslims sue Sterling Heights after city rejected mosque

U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan and the Department of Justice are investigating whether a proposed mosque was treated fairly by Sterling Heights government

The leaders of an Islamic center filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Sterling Heights after the city last year rejected their plans to build a mosque that was strongly opposed by many residents.

And the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan announced that her office and the Department of Justice are investigating whether the mosque was treated fairly.

In the federal lawsuit, the American Islamic Community Center accuses the city of being biased against Muslims, citing e-mails from city officials that talked about getting someone to investigate the possibility of the mosque’s leaders being terrorists. In one e-mail, a police official asks whether the FBI can be contacted to see whether the mosque leaders are “on their radar.”

Last year, the planning commission of Sterling Heights voted 9-0 to reject building a mosque on 15 Mile between Ryan and Mound roads. City officials and residents have said their rejection was not based on bigotry, noting that the city already has a mosque, but over concerns that the location was not suitable for such a large building and could cause traffic problems.

MIE McQuade

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade. Enforcing the sharia on Sterling Heights?

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said Wednesday: “The Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s Office have been conducting an independent investigation, and that investigation is ongoing.”

The lawsuit alleges that the constitutional rights of the mosque members were violated in denying the mosque. Residents who opposed the Shi’ite  mosque have said the building would be in a residential area that would cause congestion and wasn’t suitable to the area around 15 Mile.

But the lawsuit said that some of the residential opposition was rooted in anti-Islam prejudice. At public meetings, some in Sterling Heights expressed concern about Islamic extremism; the tensions exposed strained relations between some in the Chaldean (Iraqi Catholic) community in Sterling Heights and metro Detroit Muslims.

“With a vociferous and racist member of the Planning Commission leading the charge, the Planning Commission voted to reject the site plan,” said the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit. “With no other choice, the American Islamic Community Center has filed this suit seeking equitable relief to build the Mosque and seeks damages as the City of Sterling Heights’ conduct violates, among other things, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act … and the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.”

The lead attorney filing the case on behalf of the mosque, currently based in Madison Heights, is Azzam Elder, once the deputy to former Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

Mayor Taylor has said previously that Sterling Heights respects diversity. About 23% of the residents of the city are immigrants, one of the highest percentages among cities in southeastern Michigan. It has a sizable Iraqi-American Christian community, some of whom escaped Islamic extremism in Iraq and had voiced worries about the mosque.

On Sept. 2 last year, Taylor wrote on Facebook: “I completely and unequivocally denounce any anti-Muslim bigotry.”

He added: “I will work with the AICC (American Islamic Community Center) to ensure they have a place to worship in our city.”

Taylor told the Free Press last year: “I urge all residents to be respectful and tolerant of each other. Regardless of the outcome, Sterling Heights must remain a place that is open and welcoming for people of all races, faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds.”

Mohammed Abdrabboh, an attorney helping with the lawsuit, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that “Islamophobia (is) alive and well in Sterling Heights.”

The lawsuit says that some mosque members have lived in Sterling Heights for decades and others have served in the U.S. military.

“I am proud to have served in Desert Storm as a Senior Airman for the United States Air Force,” said Khalil Abbas, who is a member of the Muslim Center. “My grandfather served in WWI and other family members served in other wars to protect the rights of all Americans. All I want is for the City of Sterling Heights to follow the U.S. Constitution, and protect my rights as a veteran and citizen.”

The lawsuit cites an e-mail sent Aug. 19 from a resident to city officials asking that the mosque leaders be vetted for possible extremism and terrorism.

City Planner Donald Mende then forwarded that e-mail, along with the names of mosque leaders, including its imam, to the police chief at the time, Reese. Reese then forwarded it to John Berg, then a captain and now Sterling Heights police chief, asking him to ask a contact at the FBI whether the mosque leaders are “on their radar.”

The mayor stated plainly the solution is simple: find a location that is not in a residential area…where the hordes of Muslims will come and go at all hours of the day and night, ignore traffic and other laws, and become a nuisance to their neighbors…as they are already proving.

That said, one doesn’t have to look far to find Islamic supremacist links to this group, as if the mandated terrorizing of non-Muslims in the Koran is not enough.

The mosque website‘s very first “Useful Link” is “Sayed FadluAllah” leading to Bayynat.org. Screen shot before it disappears.


A quick gander around the English version of the site, typically less revealing than the native tongue, quickly renders a Friday lecture on…JIHAD, titled: The conditions of Jihad.

The lecture notes tell Muslims about “a need for institutionalizing the lesser Jihad (against the enemy)” and “celebrating victory over the Zionist Enemy.”

That was found within minutes, literally. What would be found if the other links were reviewed; if the mosque founders and those funding a new mosque were vetted; not to mention the legal duo who’ve made some wild claims? 

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10 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslims Sue, DOJ Investigates, City That Rejected Mosque in Residential Neighborhood

  1. In my opinion the essence of rejection is that moslemism is built on VIOLENT RESPONSE in any disagreement with non-moslems. The Irish were vilified as ‘ape-like’ until they learned the system and worked within it to better themselves. Not so islamists.

    • Yeah, you better believe I support the banning of ALL mosques, everywhere, FOR ALL TIME! It goes w/o saying that these monstrosities are purely and simply used to spread HATRED AND VIOLENCE!!! It’s a confirmed fact that even the prayers they “pray” are hateful toward Christians, Jews and all other non-muslims–and/ or other muslims who disagree with them! If there’s one thing the world does NOT need it’s more MUZZLUMZ and their “religion” from HELL!!!!!

  2. I give the highest honor to the people resisting the building of a Satanic Mosque in their neighborhood. The Muslim culture is the most disgusting satan worshiping group in the world. Islam cannot be a religion, it is a cult, the American people need to get this defined. This Satanic Quran is a complete Taqiyya. The Satanic Quran was put together to justify the will of this mentally ill population. They cannot fit in with anything else. They need the violence, the killing and maiming. The Satanic Quran gives them the license to feel better. Their excuse is the 71 blow up dolls the Quran claims they will get when they blow up some infidels. No real god would condone such behavior. The Muslims need to call this a religion to fit in with the world. This is their best effort to excuse themselves for being who they are, mentally ill deficient human beings. Someone should do a study on Muslim brains and I am sure you will find a difference between a healthy brain and a Muslim brain. Hitler’s brains was looked at for science discovery, Hitler was considered a white Muslim.. Building a mosque will bring more Muslims and the takeover will increase, infidel women and children will be raped with no more concern than picking an apple off a tree. Allowing a mosque will put the general public in serious harms way. Build a pig farm up wind from the mosque. God help you to resist this filth of the world.

    • @eagle669. Amen! On all counts!! Here’s something I’ve never heard anybody else mention. Islam is adamant about the “oneness” of their allah-god. Beginning in koran verse 3.6, it says, “there is no deity except him” (allah). Also, 2.163; 3.18; 3.62. But in the preceding chapter, 2.23, it says, “WE have sent down upon OUR servant [mohammed]…” Verse 2.34, “WE said to the angels….” 2.35, “WE said, O Adam…” SO….. WHO THE HELL IS THE SECOND PERSON HERE????? (Sorry for the language. Sometimes I can’t help myself when it comes to exposing the utter lunacy in islam!) IT CAN’T BE OLD MOHAMHEAD CAUSE HE’S THE ONE THAT “ALLAH” IS SPEAKING TO!!!!! Hmmmm!! The koran goes on and on and on in numerous other texts referring to allah IN THE PLURAL FORM and yet islam calls it BLASPHEMY to say that God has a Son, c.f., verses 5.72; 10.68; 17.111; 43.81; 4.171; etc, etc, etc. Again, to all you brainiac MUZZLUMZ out there–who THE HELL is your allah-god referring to when “he” calls “himself” WE??????

    • @eagle. Actually, truth be told, mohammd INVENTED the koran (PACK OF G-DAMD LIES) in a sick attempt at trying to justify his OWN VILE lifestyle! He started out in mecca trying to assuage the Jews into elevating him to the status of a SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet, but when that didn’t work, he decided to teach hatred and murder of all Jews! Everything written is the UNholy koran is for the benefit of making mohammd look special and beyond reproach! But nothing could be further from the truth! Mohammd was a criminal narcissistic psychopath SECOND TO NONE!!!!

  3. As it is the practice of Muslims to erect a mosque in places they perceive they have conquered, Oh Hell No! Any sane person who has an inkling of the history and purpose of Islam, knows that all mosques in Europe and America must be demolished and the earth where it stood be sprinkled with the blood of swine, and all Muslims who will not renounce the evil “religion” of the pervert Mohammed must be deported to the the birthplace of the vile philosophy called Islam.

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