NYC: Muslim quits city job, then demands rehire with Friday’s off to attend mosque

After changing his name of course.

Source: Muslim man says DHS refuses to give him off on holy day | New York Post  h/t The Religion Of Peace

A practicing Muslim who works for the city’s Department of Homeless Services has filed a grievance against the agency for refusing to allow him off on Fridays — the Muslim holy day.

Jesse Pender, a community assistant at the Bellevue Men’s Shelter, claims the agency violated city policy requiring employers to give workers time off for religious observances, documents show.

Pender, who recently changed his name to Abdul-Wahhab Ibrahim, had a Sunday-through-Thursday schedule before he left DHS to take a job with another city agency in January 2015.

But when he returned a month later, the agency forced him to work Fridays.

Forced him to work? The NY Post provides more details on naked pictures of Trump’s wife.

An agency spokesman said, “DHS’s policy is to offer employees schedules that accommodate their religious beliefs.”

6 thoughts on “NYC: Muslim quits city job, then demands rehire with Friday’s off to attend mosque

  1. Friday is not a “holy day” in Islam. Friday is the day on which Moslem males are required to go to communal services at a mosque. That is a very different concept compared to the Sabbath or the “Lord’s Day”.

    • One thing is for certain–if anybody has contributed toward making Friday an UN-holy day, it’s the MUZZLUMZ! More terrorist crimes occur on Fridays than any other day of the week! Not to mention, their crimes typically occur immediately following Friday MUZZLUM “PRAYERS”–should be spelled PREY-ERS!!!!! Really makes ya wonder, WHAT THE HELL GOES ON IN THOSE G-DAMND MOSQUES?????

  2. Mohammed Zuckerberg’s Facebook is at the head of the queue lining up to impose freedom of speech on patriots who oppose the Islamization of the West. I have two “Fascistbook” accounts and they are both subject to 30 day bans because some anonymous Leftist or Islamist butthurt mangina objected to a picture or a post. I have had many such 30 day bans this year. In fact I am probably banned more often than not.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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