Obama Releases 15 More Jihadists From #Gitmo


Source: Pentagon releases 15 more Gitmo detainees

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has approved the release of 15 detainees from the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the United Arab Emirates, a move derided Monday night by a leading member of Congress as reckless.

Rep. Ed Royce, the California Republican who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee, called the released detainees “hardened terrorists” who will be a threat for years.

“In its race to close Gitmo, the Obama administration is doubling down on policies that put American lives at risk,” Royce said in a statement. “Once again, hardened terrorists are being released to foreign countries where they will be a threat.”

The Pentagon, in a statement, said an inter-agency review board considered their potential threat to security and unanimously approved six of the 15 for release, A consensus was reached on release of the remaining nine. There are 61 detainees remaining at Guantanamo.

According to the Pentagon, the 15 prisoners are

  1. Abd al-Muhsin Abd al-Rab Salih al-Busi,
  2. Abd al-Rahman Sulayman,
  3. Mohammed Nasir Yahi Khussrof Kazaz,
  4. Abdul Muhammad Ahmad Nassar al-Muhajari,
  5. Muhammad Ahmad Said al-Adahi,
  6. Abdel Qadir al-Mudafari,
  7. Mahmud Abd Al Aziz al-Mujahid,
  8. Saeed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sarem Jarabh,
  9. Mohammed Kamin,
  10. Zahar Omar Hamis bin Hamdoun,
  11. Hamid al-Razak (aka Haji Hamidullah),
  12. Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmed,
  13. Ayub Murshid Ali Salih,
  14. Obaidullah, and
  15. Bashir Nasir Ali al-Marwalah.

Six of the 15 — al-Busi, Sulayman, Kazaz, al-Muhajari, al-Adahi, and al-Mudafari — were unanimously recommended for release by the inter-agency Guantanamo Review Task Force, the Pentagon said.

The other nine were recommended for release by the periodic review boards monitoring Guantanamo prisoners, the Pentagon said.

CNN reported three are from Afghanistan and twelve from Yemen. None can be returned to their countries due to ongoing terrorism but won’t be far from the jihad in the UAE. Or to the refugee flow into Europe.

The media won’t tell the world who these Muslim jihadis are, but readers can look up the backgrounds and recommendations on these terrorists. Most contain the phrase, “likely to pose a threat to the U.S.”

A few samples courtesy of @CounterJihadUS:

Cp8RnDNVUAE58Gs Cp82bWtUsAE-Lfz Cp8Ui9qVYAEtye2

Update:  Former Al Qaeda Detainee Promises ‘Creative And New’ Attacks On US

As the Obama administration released 15 more high value Al Qaeda detainees from Guantanamo (GITMO), former detainee Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud Al Qosi — who was released in 2012 as part of a plea deal after pleading guilty to conspiracy and supporting terrorism and joined and immediately hooked up with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in December 2014 – this week vowed attacks in the US by English-speaking jihadis with Western names not on CIA or FBI terrorist lists.

 “[Attacks] will continue but will be [in] a creative and new way by men of your own [who] carry your names, speak your language, and did not receive training in Afghanistan, and whose names are not on the CIA and FBI black list – men who might have in the past drunk alcohol, eaten pork, or been soldiers in your army,” Al Qosi, a member of AQAP’s Shura council, vowed in an article published by Al Marsa, a weekly newspaper affiliated with AQAP.


11 thoughts on “Obama Releases 15 More Jihadists From #Gitmo

  1. Facebook is blocking my posts from you — I tried through wordpress (connected to my facebook and twitter) no luck I then tried straight through facebook and twitter and while the twitter will post the facebook says not allowed — I have been in facebook jail a couple of times always feel they are monitoring me lol

    • This comment is intended for ALL, even though it will probably post as a response to “Lisa’s” comment.

      I can’t say it often enough that Obama is NOT an American citizen, and he is working with Iran and the Saudis to destroy our country! It’s in his MUZZLUM DNA to wage “stealth” jihad against ALL infidels! He lies every time he opens his mouth–about being a Christian and about being a ‘card carrying’ American! HE IS NEITHER!!!!! It’s absolutely BY THE GRACE OF THE ALMIGHTY, that we have (very possibly) the last opportunity to at least partially UNDO the horrendous MESS which Obama has created–BY ELECTING DONALD TRUMP AS PRES! If Americans can’t WISE UP to that fact, then we WILL NOT SURVIVE as a nation! At best, we might have 5–maybe 10 years left. Once Iran has the capability of using NUKES against us and against Israel–you can bet the farm–THEY WILL DO IT!!!!!

  2. I basically told my congressman i cannot support the GOP any longer for they have not stopped one thing Obama has done when he had told me once we cannot impeach Obama until we control congress. We gave them control and all they have done is fully fund Obama for the last 2 years so all i will do now is vote for the few people i know that are really speaking for we the people like Trump.

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