Video: Muslim in UK says no doubt, sharia law will take over

This could be a Muslim in any U.S. city, for instance Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Watch the Britain First interview below.

It’s happening already. It was just announced this week that London’s Muslim Mayor Spending Millions to Enforce Islamic Blasphemy Laws.

7 thoughts on “Video: Muslim in UK says no doubt, sharia law will take over

  1. shared to my public fb today with my added comments:


    Keep letting those brain dead liberal democrats try to love muslims to civilize them, and American will soon follow Europe!

    They will not assimilate. Deport them all today!!!!!!

  2. I am afraid he is right that islam will take over the world. We had a short window of time where we could have expelled islam from the civilized world. After they destroyed the giant Buddha, the world should have recognized islam was incompatible with civilization and took action. Then the innumerable acts of terror since then should have made all the civilized world become islophobic and eradicate them as they plan to eradicate us. But it looks like that window is closed. Better plan on buying burkas for all the women.

    • The FIRST big MISTAKE that Westerners do is to think we can hold a RESPECTABLE dialogue with these CRETINS! Does anybody understand the meaning of “WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING”? Guaranteed–you try to hold a dialogue with a PRACTICING MUZZLUM and HE WILL WIN EVERY TIME!!!!! I’ve said it before and it can’t be said often enough–ISLAM IS EVIL! SICK! DEMENTED! AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING VALUE WHATSOEVER!!!!! NONE!!!!! Get that thru your sick heads, people! If you show RESPECT to a PRACTICING MUZZRAT (no matter how respectable he or she may or may not seem) HE WILL WIN YOU OVER EVERY TIME–AND YOU’RE DEAD IN THE WATER!!!!! Muslims have one overriding agenda–JUST ONE! And it’s a UNIVERSAL among ALL MUSLIMS: ESTABLISH A WORLD-WIDE CALIPHATE BASED ON SHARIA LAW! Any and all pleasantries and/ or social graces that they show to non-muslims is only a CHARADE!!!!! CHARADE!!!! CHARADE!!!! DON’T BE FOOLED! This IDIOT who is interviewing this “honest” muzzlum is totally BRAIN DEAD! He has clearly already surrendered! The fight is OVER for him! He will willingly EMBRACE the devil–no questions asked! Well here’s one who will NOT surrender! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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