DC: American Shuts Up Rampaging Saudi Wahabbi in Georgetown (Video)

MFI was campaigning against the ideology behind ISIS and the Taliban in Georgetown, Washington D.C. when a Saudi Wahhabi decided to disrupt the peace.

Watch his reaction and how a brave American steps in to put him in his place.

9 thoughts on “DC: American Shuts Up Rampaging Saudi Wahabbi in Georgetown (Video)

  1. The problem is not just Wahhabism and loud-mouthed fanatics like that jihadist in the video. The problem is Islam itself, both Sunni and Shiite, including all of the Muslim Brotherhood and many other Islamist groups. They have the same notion of jihad war against non-Moslems because they all use the same Koran.

  2. I honestly didn’t understand why he was so outraged and talked so vulgar. Couldn’t understand him. He appears uncivilized and dangerous. If he didn’t like what they were doing, walk away, or present an argument on why he thinks he is right.

  3. It’s the Wahabbi ideology that ruined Egypt and made it so women feel unsafe in the streets while young men run around harassing them and forcing them to cover to make them better wife material. Cairo used to be the Paris of the Middle East. The Brotherhood came in and made things even worse. I predict the same Sharia based clap trap will be allowed to sway the American way of life. Obama started it and Hillary has promised to continue his destructive paths.

  4. do not entertain this fake ideology of phony peace, it is only peace on their terms which is NO peace. Hilary is in the pocket of the very seat of Wahabism, the Saudis, who as it happens own 39% of Americas GDP. because of OIL.

    • What I absolutely DON’T understand is WHY didn’t everyone get behind this brave American? There were several men who attempted to shut the muslim up at the first, but they all gave up and seemingly walked away. This is exactly how mass murders take place one victim at a time. There were enough onlookers and video takers there to flatten this idiot and send him on his way to see allah. They all stood back and watched like little scared rabbits! These muzzturds respect only one thing–STRENGTH AND POWER! Ok, so that’s two things! It’s a proven fact that these pervs and devils are all MOUTH when the ‘rubber meets the road’. STAND UP TO THEM, PEOPLE! STOP BEING A BUNCH OF WIMPS! Our lives and the future of our country depend on it!!!!! I just have to wonder, what would this idiot have done if everybody EVERYBODY had surrounded him and started screaming back at him IN UNISON to “GET OUT OF HERE NOW”!!!! There is no telling what this idiot might have attempted to do, IF ONE BRAVE MAN HADN’T STOOD UP TO HIM!!!! IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

  5. Who the hell cares if he’s white or orange? Are you gradually turning into a racist web site? The struggle against Islamic totalitarianism has nothing to do with anyone’s genetic makeup. I demand a retraction.

    • Actually, ‘ackshally’ if ya look real REAL close, I think I can ‘ackshally’ see a little teensy-weensy tiny little bit-o-orange–AHEMM! Hey, ‘bolivious’, what’s the BIG DEAL? Seems to me that it’s YOU who sounds like the racist! Do you RESENT the fact that a “white guy” singlehandedly stepped in to SHUT UP this raging lunatic? I saw others in the video (who were obviously people of color) who apparently gave up and walked away. This guy stuck it out! AND ANYBODY KNOWS that it’s predominately WHITE Americans, i.e., Western ‘Christian’ types, who are targeted first and foremost by these g-damd MUZZLUM pervs!!!! What’s more, I didn’t see anybody else in that crowd of people who attempted to back him up. I’d say it’s PRETTY SIGNIFICANT that this “white guy” had the real ‘testicular fortitude’, i.e., BALLZ, to PUT HIS OWN NECK ON THE LINE! Who’s to say this POS didn’t have a gun or a switchblade! I’d say this guy was a real HERO, hands down! Yeah, “white guys” deserve a little credit once in a while too! Just sayin’…. Now go ahead and call me the ‘racist’–see if I care–I have tons TONS of black friends…..and I’m white!

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