Ohio: Saudi Muslims Videotaping Catholic Church Service Cause Scare


Last week, Muslims were shouting ‘allah akbar’ through a bull horn during a California church service.

This week: 2 ‘Arab men’ cause concern during Kettering church service | www.daytondailynews.com

Ohio — Kettering Police and Ascension Catholic Church leaders say two to three Arab men who entered the church Sunday and began videotaping the service were studying Christianity.

The men’s activity alarmed some parishioners who contacted police which prompted officers to respond.

“While their actions did arouse suspicion, we believe their actions were simply a breach of proper etiquette,” a statement on Ascension’s website read Thursday morning. “While current evidence suggests that they intended no ill will, the Kettering police and other appropriate agencies are continuing to thoroughly investigate the matter and are keeping us aware of their findings.”

Police said the individuals were questioned outside the sanctuary at the church on Sunday and told officers they were studying Christianity.

The individuals were taking videos of portions of Sunday’s mass and discontinued their filming after speaking with officers and were permitted to return to the sanctuary, church officials said in a statement.

“We have verified that the young men in question are visiting relatives here in Kettering who live next door to one of our own parishioners. Those relatives have an excellent relationship with our parishioners and have inquired a lot about Christianity,” church officials said. “The young men also expressed an interest in Christianity and seemed eager to experience Christian worship firsthand while here in America. They visited Ascension because of the relationship their family has with our parishioners and because of our reputation as a welcoming community.”

Each of the men that were investigated passed background checks and were visiting the country from Saudi Arabia. Kettering police have contacted federal authorities as part of their due diligence in their investigation.

A Kettering police report indicated the individuals also had plans to visit Philadelphia and New York during their visit to the United States.

Officials with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati said Sunday’s incident has become part of a broader discussion about safety at churches.

Archdiocese officials plan to create a comprehensive list of suggestions when it comes to safety at parishes, said Dan Andriacco, a spokesman for the archdiocese.

He said each school attached to parishes already have security plans as part of state requirements.

More via Robert Spencer, director of JihadWatch.org.

“Saudi Arabians Videotape Inside Catholic Church, Scare Parishoners [sic]”

Spencer said that if the Saudis were really studying Christianity, “they could have approached the priest and asked him questions. They could have read books about Christianity. They could even have asked permission to videotape. That they did none of these things is suspicious in the extreme.”

Spencer highlighted that authorities, when apprehending an extremist or investigating an attack after the fact, have found that the extremists usually have videos in their possession of their intended targets.

Many jihadis have been discovered with videos of prospective target sites in their possession. The Islamic State (ISIS) has quite recently called on Muslims to attack Christians. What’s more, jihadis thrive on intimidation, striving to “strike terror into the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60) — at the very least the videotaping of the Mass would unnerve and frighten the parishioners. This incident should be treated as the intentional provocation that it clearly was.

Regarding local authorities ignoring the attack by writing it off as merely a “breach of proper etiquette,” Spencer remarked that such curious behavior should be looked at with a more wary eye.

“The phenomenon of Muslims videotaping at sensitive sites cannot be ignored by those concerned about jihad terror,” he commented to ChurchMilitant.com. “What has been passed off as innocent tourist interest includes videotaping of water treatment plants, electrical plants and other sites without plausible interest for tourists.”

Concerns have developed after ISIS earlier this month, in its propaganda magazine Dabiq, ordered its supporters who live in the West to attack more Christians.

Titled “Break the Cross,” the issue is dedicated to calling all Europeans and Westerners to “abandon their infidelity and accept Islam, the religion of sincerity and submission to the Lord of the heavens and the Earth.”


9 thoughts on “Ohio: Saudi Muslims Videotaping Catholic Church Service Cause Scare

  1. It’s a personal test: Jesus, Yeshua or Mohammed do I believe? My jobs on earth are temporary, there is a better future ahead. They can break all the crosses they want, but Jesus’ cross in my heart is unbreakable!

    • moslems do not play by the same rules we use. its not fair to expect them to . HOWEVER not playing by the rules should be similar to placing your hand on a red hot stove. BURN and never do it again.

  2. we are too welcoming to the muzzhead bastards; they do things most of us would be imprisoned for yet they get by with it; why not they ahve cair and the pres on their side.

  3. AHEMMM! “While their actions did arouse suspicion, we believe their actions were simply a breach of proper etiquette,” PROPER ETIQUETTE???? How brain-dead do you have to be???? These PERVS have never had an interest in Christianity in their lives! That’s just about as insane as the story about a year or so ago, of the muslims who were from a Boston college, and they were caught “hanging out” at MIDNIGHT, at the Quabbin Reservoir, which just so happens to be the Water Supply for ALL of Greater Boston! Incidentally, if my memory serves me right, I think they were all CHEMICAL ENGINEERS! Oh sure, these MUZZTURDS just want to learn more about Christianity–OH SURE!!!! OMG, PEOPLE!!!!! This is more than suspicious behavior–under the current circumstances in our crazy world, it’s absolutely CRIMINAL and should be treated as such! When are we ever going to WAKE UP????? MUZZLUMZ, videotaping inside a Catholic church–during the Catholic Mass–WITHOUT BOTHERING TO ASK PERMISSION!!!! Oh sure, that’s just “innocent curiosity”! SURE IT IS……

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