Georgia: 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens

…or to fool the city? For years mosque-building Muslims have been waging a zoning jihad – breaking, violating and outright ignoring zoning laws across the U.S. With absolutely zero consequences. In fact, Obama’s DOJ has acted as mosque enforcer.

“…I will leave it up to people in the community to decide for themselves why it was called the Avery Community Church and Cemetery until last week~ District 1 Commissioner John Douglas

Source: Newton County Residents Voice Fears At Mosque Meeting | WABE 90.1 FM

Hundreds were at a Monday night meeting in Newton County about a proposed Muslim worship center and burial facility there.

The historic Covington Courthouse was packed for two back-to-back meetings.

Most were opposed to the purchase of 135 acres along Highway 162 by a mostly Bangladeshi mosque based in Doraville.

When Newton County resident Edmond Hall took to the podium he called the people gathered the “silent majority.”

Then he spoke about the proposed facility.

“I don’t want these people and these teachings in our community. Were we not watching our TV on Sept. 11, 2001. Have we lost our mind? Have we lost our common sense here?” said Hall.

Many people said they were scared the new mosque would lead to attacks similar to recent mass shootings in Paris and Orlando, Florida.

A few people in support of the proposed Muslim facility called the comparison to mass attacks “hateful.”

“When I heard that there is a mosque built there I was excited,” said Zouhir Fakir, a Muslim who’s lived in Newton County for eight years, “something nice, you feel like you belong here. There is a place where you can go worship and maybe meet other Muslims and stuff. But then when I heard the reaction from other people I was surprised.”

The Doraville mosque already has an administrative permit for the 135 acres it owns. But last week, the county commission instituted a five week moratorium on building any new religious facilities.

Civil rights groups have threatened a lawsuit against the county for religious discrimination.

Imam Mohammad Islam, the leader of the Doraville mosque that purchased the property in Newton County, was not at the public meeting Monday night.

Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has been working closely with Islam following response to the proposal for the new facility.

Mitchell said the Doraville mosque received advice “it would be better and safer” for Muslims not to attend the meeting.

“We think it would safer to let the crowd there say what they want in that environment, and then let church and community leaders meet privately with the leadership of the mosque to ask any questions they have and to dialogue in a safe and protected environment,” said Mitchell.

Georgia CAIR and the Georgia branch of the NAACP were scheduled to hold a press conference Tuesday regarding their request that the U.S. Department of Justice Investigate Newton County over the moratorium.

New reader’s should be alerted to the fact that CAIR is a terrorist front group listed as an Islamic terror organization in the UAE.

The back story and how the mosque mislead or kept the project a secret from citizens, via Newton Commissioners put mosque, places of worship on hold

The five-week moratorium, proposed by District 1 Commissioner John Douglas, in whose district the mosque would be built, was designed to give the county’s planning staff time to review zoning provisions and the current trend toward “campus-style, multi-service facilities” for places of worship. The county’s current zoning ordinance allows places of worship in all zoning categories in the county, provided the project meets minimum requirements of the ordinance.

Douglas told commissioners that the moratorium is in line with his previous opposition to “excessive development in the first district.” Douglas said he had opposed development of 1,500 houses in Stanton Springs, opposed the higher-density Autumn Trace subdivision on U.S. Highway 278, opposed expansion of a trucking terminal at the Hub Junction and delayed a decision on development of a regional ag center until a public meeting was held to answer neighbors’ questions.

“I have made it a point to work to keep the first district mostly rural and small town because the people who live in east and south Newton came here for that reason,” said Douglas. “There they love the quality of life we have in that area, the low crime rate, the lack of congestion and traffic and the ability just to get away from the big city when they go home.”

Residents in the area where the mosque has been proposed have said they are concerned about the increased noise and congestion that would come with the project. Plans for the 135-acre tract include 5 acres set aside for the mosque and another 10.5 acres allocated for the cemetery and a burial preparation accessory facility. The plan includes an additional 15 acres for future cemetery expansion, 28 acres for a future school operated by the church, 21 acres for residential uses, and 4.8 acres for open space.

Douglas also last week said he was greatly concerned that he and other commissioners were in the dark about plans for the mosque and related facilities, even though the land was sold to Al Maad Al Islami Inc., a Doraville non-profit organization, a year ago.

In response to questions from Douglas, County Manager Lloyd Kerr told commissioners that the mosque development proposal was presented to Development Services in June 2015 by attorney Phil Johnson. At that time, the place of worship was referred to as Avery Community Church and Cemetery. Kerr said Development Services was not aware that the project was a mosque and not a community church until county officials met with the project engineer on Aug. 8.

“Let me say that it is absolutely legal to call the project anything they want to call it, but I will leave it up to people in the community to decide for themselves why it was called the Avery Community Church and Cemetery until last week,” said Douglas. “For the record, Avery Place is a subdivision across Highway 162 from this development site.”

However, in a statement released Thursday, attorney Johnson, who was not at Tuesday night’s meeting, said the Department of Development Services was never misled. Johnson said it was specifically discussed “that no embalming would take place in the burial preparation facility because of the customs and practices of the Islamic faith … ” at the time that he hand-delivered the petition for an Administrative Use Permit to the department. That permit was approved in June 2015.

 Johnson stated that Douglas’s questioning of Kerr was designed to “indict me for misrepresentation in John’s mischief and grandstanding. What is baffling is why Lloyd participated in this charade.”

Johnson further stated that the Department of Development Services had no choice but to approve the Administrative Use Permit based on its own ordinance, “which clearly provides that the term House of Worship in its code includes every conceivable religious house of worship in its definition, including specifically a mosque.” The full text of Johnson’s statement is available on the Newton Citizen website at

Al Maad Al Islami purchased the proposed mosque site, which is comprised of two tracts, from Neely Farms Family Limited Partnership in August 2015 for $675,900. The organization already owns and operates a mosque and school on Woodwin Road in Doraville.

A letter of intent from Neely Farms Family dated May 28, 2015, outlined plans for the property. According to the letter, the site plan “reflects a future school site for a church operated school when the church is strong enough to accommodate such an addition.”

Kerr has said that adding a school to the site would require a conditional use permit from Development Services.

When the five-week moratorium is up, Douglas said he expects the board will either have an ordinance amendment to consider, the moratorium could be extended or it will be allowed to expire.

We’re told that a WSB-TV Atlanta reporter asked the mosque’s imam why he needs to build such a large mosque and facilities and the cleric replied that he is expecting thousands of Muslims from Bangladesh. The reporter asked him if he knew absolutely they are coming and the cleric replied yes. (if anyone has video of that local tv report please leave a link in the comments).

Update: Militia plans armed protest in Newton over mosque – meeting canceled, militia being investigated

18 thoughts on “Georgia: 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens

  1. Maybe its just me but I got the impression from reading the CAIR remarks they are terribly arrogant when they think they have the upper hand. I also think speakers of English will spend many years mosifying language used in various codes. It is obvious moslemite followers of mohammed and his imagined god will use these language loopholes to pry open peaceful civilization.


      When the 8/31/15 sale of the 2 parcels of Neely Farms land went to the Al Maad Al Islami Mosque ownership, it left the Farm land in Breach of Covenant, said covenant was for agricultural usage of those acres and that lower tax rate would have run until 12/31/21.

      With the sale, the covenant was in breach and additional tax had to be paid. Additional info on this and other matters is found at:

  2. I personally have no problem with allowing this project to go unhindered AS THE “AVERY COMMUNITY CHURCH AND CEMETERY”! Hey, they stuck their foot in their mouth, now put your money there too! Let the MUZZTURDS build a huge CHRISTIAN COMPLEX for CHRISTIANS! Yeah, there ya go…. Seriously, if they bought this property under FALSE PRETENSES then they should either be stopped or held to a fine of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (MAYBE TRILLIONS!!!

  3. With over 270 million murders already committed by islam since its inception as a new religion (there is nothing ancient about it), and with that number increasing by the hundreds each week, islam is clearly a threat to liberty in the West. Islam as a religion, their imams, their teachers and their zealous adherents have a single goal: world dominance of all political, social and religious practices. They give no quarter. Their domination tactics include arbitrary taxation of anyone not muslim, IF they are allowed to live, and slavery, murder by beheading and total destruction of previous cultural icons, such as art, entertainment, and political processes. Native cultures are not allowed to continue in the presence of islamic authority, since everyone MUST submit to islam and accept their abhorrent practices and beliefs. Allowing a facility of this size, or any other, is part of the submission process. If liberty in the community continues, islam must be eliminated, not just ignored and allowed to continue spreading its vicious form of tyranny. I’m sorry if that sounds hateful; but it is certainly less hateful than the hate they bring to a community of people who love the liberties found in the U.S. Constitution.

    • In the preface to a history of the world by a moslem the author writes that moslems put the most weight on what they BELIEVE happened, not the facts as we Westerners would. This opens the door to the ‘moslem as peaceful and victim’ mantra. Don’t apologize for being factual. Then again hillery has difficulty with the truth also.

    • @dtaylr. Your comment is NOT the least bit “hateful” to anyone with half a mind for Freedom and social graces! And I personally DO NOT CARE anymore if I “offend” muzzlumz! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STAND UP TO THIS 7TH CENTURY BUNCH OF SAVAGES! Yeah, I know someone always says, ‘but, but, but, there are soooo many good and peaceful muzzlumz’. And to that I simply say, BULL-SHTTT! IZZLAM IS IZZLAM IS IZZLAM!!! Truth be told, the only “peaceful” muzzlumz are the ones who have been influenced in one way or another, BY WESTERN CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION!!!! If Christianity and the other peace-loving religions of the world did not exist, you would have NO WORLD left whatsoever, b/c MUZZLUMZ know only one thing–WORLD DOMINATION BY ENSLAVEMENT, TYRANNY AND BLOODSHED! It’s a proven fact that when MUZZLUMZ can’t find some “infidel, i.e., Christian or Jew” to kill that they KILL EACH OTHER!!!! THAT’S IZZLAM IN ONE SUCCINCT LITTLE PHRASE!!!! As long as you have MUZZLUMZ in the world–YOU WILL NOT HAVE PEACE!!!!! AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!

  4. It looks to me like the Neely Family Farms really were aware of what they were doing & slyly had their lawyer insert”Church”. The Neely Group knew who they were dealing with & went along with the ruse. You were snickered by a Dhimmi Muslim Lover.

  5. Muslim Censorship of the Internet is Coming….

    I am proud of the Irving, Texas City Council and especially their Mayor for this victory against Islam. It was a disgrace that Muslims used Texas to try and sneak in a Sharia Law court to bypass U.S. Laws and our American Constitution.

    Full Story:

    But, now the Muslim in the Whitehouse is going to endanger our first amendment right – Freedom of Speech and our National Security. Here’s Why….

    The Internet – Iran

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Targets 450 Social Media Users

    Tehran, Iran: The cyber-arm of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard says it has summoned, detained and warned some 450 administrators of social media groups in recent weeks due to posts seen as immoral, involving modeling – AP

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    Barack Obama is doing this entirely through executive order. No Act of Congress authorized this!

    Tell Congress to stop the transfer of Internet control to the UN! We must stop Obama from destroying the current engine of America’s economic freedom!

    Once Control of the Internet is given away – there’s no getting it back.!

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    The Marble Mind Video Aug-21-2016:

    UN – Muslims To Have Control of The Internet Soon.! Internet Censorship.! Barack Obama Supports and Helps The Terrorist Organization The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.

  6. After direct confirmation with the Imam (cleric) of Al-Maad Al-Islami, he negated the above statement that ‘he is expecting thousands of Muslims from Bangladesh…’ Is false and it was falsely attributed to him, and there were no interview with any reporter which he claimed of such.

  7. People are walking blindly on the trust of corrupt politicians and the liberal let’s deny everything briigade. puts it plainly, not fearing to state that the Saudi Royals are destroying islam single-handed. America seems set to defend everything but Americans – ‘S’ on the end. They allow Saudis to kill and fund terrorism so long as they buy weapons by the multi billion deals.
    HUNGARY has the answers.

  8. ““We think it would safer to let the crowd there say what they want in that environment, and then let church and community leaders meet privately with the leadership of the mosque to ask any questions they have and to dialogue in a safe and protected environment,” said Mitchell.”………..Translation:- “Let the “crowd” blow off some steam, so the community leaders can get on with closing the deal in secret”

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