30,000+ illegals from countries of “terrorist concern” crossed SW border into U.S. in 2015

And those are just the ones who were caught.

Illegals_Muslims_1Source: Military Intel Confirms JW Reporting: Muslim Terrorists Entering U.S. Via Mexico – Judicial Watch

Corroborating what Judicial Watch uncovered years ago, a U.S. military intelligence report discloses that Muslim terrorists are being smuggled into the country through Mexico. The government calls them Special Interest Aliens (SIA) and Latin American smuggling networks are helping them cross the border, according to information obtained from a U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Intelligence dispatch.

Located in Miami, Florida SOUTHCOM is one of nine unified combat commands in the Department of Defense (DOD). It’s responsible for providing contingency planning operations and security cooperation in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. The internal assessment on SIA smuggling has not been made public, but a conservative Washington D.C. online newspaper obtained key points from the command’s J-2 intelligence directorate. A SOUTHCOM Army colonel told the paper that in 2015 more than 30,000 migrants who entered the U.S. through the southwestern border were from countries of “terrorist concern.”

The new SOUTHCOM report specifically mentions Sunni extremists, the news article states. The terrorists are using a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the U.S. but the network has not been identified by military officials. “Networks that specialize in smuggling individuals from regions of terrorist concern, mainly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the Middle East, and East Africa, are indeed a concern for SOUTHCOM and other interagency security partners who support our country’s national security,” a SOUTHCOM Army Colonel, Lisa A. Garcia, says in the story. “There are major hubs that serve as entry points into the region for migrants from those areas of concern attempting to enter the U.S. along our border with Mexico.”

Read it all.

Earlier this week, Thousands of Middle Eastern Illegal Immigrants Busted with Forged Papers at US Border.

Even Haitian illegal invaders have figured out Obama’s open border and pro-Muslim policy, so they use the name Muhammad Ali:  Flood of ‘Muhammad Alis’ Highlights New Migration Toward U.S. They may not be terrorists but they are illegal and a burden on U.S. taxpayers nonetheless, not to mention a tremendous health risk.


5 thoughts on “30,000+ illegals from countries of “terrorist concern” crossed SW border into U.S. in 2015

  1. Untill obaaaama leaves there will be no stopping the invasion of potential saboteurs and fifth columns into America. Only if we have new leadership in D. Trump and he purges the 3 letter agencies of the muslims that Hussain has placed in charge can there be hope. But more likely the obaaama army will be called into action to create chaos if the election fraud does not install Clinton as the obaaama puppet.
    The percentage of muslims keep growing and directly related to that percentage is the trouble and killing in their struggle to take over the world!

  2. Set up a competing smuggling ring (STING) and transport these goons to the gulag.Introduce them to road building in the southwest .They will love the hot tar and acrid smell of diesel.For vacation;send them surfing.

  3. I wonder how MANY WEAPONS they have stashed around the country.Taken apart and smuggled over and then reassembled for terror attacks when Allah gives the order.They will do here what they have done elsewhere.The Jihad is increasing;not decreasing.The political wings are spreading over America with the relentless barrage of these creatures.It is all well coordinated.It is made to look otherwise.Sharia law serves the purpose of the new world order and that is why they the terrorists are getting so much help from gov.The idea is SUBMIT!!!!SUBMIT TO TOTALITARIANISM.WELCOME TO COMMUNIST AND SHARIA AMERICA.

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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