Canada: Police submit, allow Muslim women Mounties to wear hijab

Islamization and sharia continue unimpeded in Canada.


via: RCMP allows Muslim women Mounties to wear hijab – Politics – CBC News

The Mounties have adopted a new uniform policy to allow female Muslim officers to wear the hijab.

Scott Bardsley, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, confirmed that RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson recently approved an addition to the uniform policy to allow women officers to wear the head scarf “if they so choose.”

Bardsley said the new policy is intended to better reflect diversity in Canadian communities and to encourage more Muslim women to consider the RCMP as a career option.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Julie Gagnon said current policy, which came into effect in January 2016, requires an “exemption” to wear the hijab from the commissioner, the only senior officer permitted to approve faith-based accommodations.

Gagnon said the RCMP developed a hijab for applicants or serving female members of the Islamic faith, reflecting “the diversity of the RCMP’s workforce.” It underwent rigorous testing to ensure the design meets “the highest standards of officer safety.”

She said the RCMP currently has no members requesting to wear the hijab on duty.

The only other religious or cultural item allowed is the turban for male officers.

Bardsley said the RCMP will be the third Canadian police force to adopt the hijab policy, behind Toronto and Edmonton police services. Police services across the U.K., Sweden and Norway, and some in U.S. states, have also adopted similar policies.

Meanwhile, the growing “diversity” in Canada has resulted in at least 180 “Canadians” who have traveled abroad to fight with ISIS, other Islamic terrorist groups.

How many mothers of the 180 wear hijab?

12 thoughts on “Canada: Police submit, allow Muslim women Mounties to wear hijab

  1. Canada, the Hijab and the RCMP…Forrest Gump got it right…Stupid does as stupid is. Need I say more? Oh by the way, what is next?

  2. The Mounties have been Mounted by Islam. & are being ridden into Hell. I saw one of their Affirmative Action (female Muslim Mounties), YES, by all means, Put a
    Jihad on her & pray that she never takes it off. Trudeau’s Muslim country. Canada, is following the Brits, Germans & Americans to full Islamization.

    • Yep! letting potential mappers in to wooded areas? National security at stake here they don’t mince words at where they stand. N ext they’ll have a case in court protesting your national an them too. Canadians are going to regret this move.

  3. What is really concerning here is that not a single woman has requested this clothing item, yet the Canadian government has designed and tested one to be used on the force,just in case anyone does. I wonder how much that cost in government funding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canadian government has already awarded a contract to someone to produce stockpiles of regulation hijabs!

  4. Do you think for one moment yielding to moslem demands is anything but doing what should be done by all non-moslems? There is no two-way, give-and-take with moslems.

  5. If Sharia law is ever allowed in Canada, I will revoke my Canadian citizenship and move to a place where it does not exist. This country has become a pathetic joke!

  6. Interesting, how hijab and jihad, sound so similar and project the same expression. And, why is the RCMP laying the groundwork for Sharia? Furthermore, what US states are allowing this insanity? Dear God, protect us from those humans we are asked to trust to protect us.

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