Palm Beach: Supervisor of Elections Held Secret Meetings with Muslims, Dems on Terror Mosque Voting Location


Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections of Palm Beach County, Florida

An update on this post. via: The United West: Boca Raton Mosque – Too Extreme for Palm Beach Voting Location

In the midst of this controversy it was discovered that in early 2016, Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections of Palm Beach Co., FL in collaboration with ICBR President Bassem Alhalabi selected the Islamic Center of Boca Raton as a polling center for the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

However, public outcry forced Bucher to select an alternative voting location for the upcoming 2016 election season.

As the public outcry led to media coverage, Bucher and AlHalabi organized a meeting on July 19 that was held at the ICBR.  In attendance were a cross-section of liberal and progressive political leaders that included ACLU of Florida President Mark Schneider, J-Street Regional Director Scott Brockman, Emerge USA/FL chairman Suhail Nanji, Chairman, Boca Raton City Councilman Jeremy Rodgers and American Muslim Democratic Caucus regional director Kashif Mohammad.

The purpose of the meeting was to insure that the ICBR would be a voting location in a future election cycle in Palm Beach Co. if Bucher is reelected in 2016.

The ICBR, a well-known Islamic extremist mosque, has promoted organizations calling for the “Killing of Jews” and has informed its members on “How Can I Train Myself for Jihad.” presents incontrovertible evidence of the ICBR’s Jihadist support, Jew Hatred, and radical Islamic ties in the following exposé titled, “BUSTED: Boca Raton Mosque, too extreme for Palm Beach Voting location!”

 Update: We were informed that Bucher was up for re-election on August 30 and won easily. Expect many more secret meetings among Muslims and much more Islamization in Palm Beach County.

Contact information:

Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections
240 South Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

10 thoughts on “Palm Beach: Supervisor of Elections Held Secret Meetings with Muslims, Dems on Terror Mosque Voting Location

  1. 2016 The ACLU=Group of Hypocrites If this was a Church or Synagogue with Christians and Jews pushing for it to be a Polling Place for Political reasons and the group met in secret with the Supervisor of Elections in a Clandestine Meeting to force it without any public comment the ACLU would be Against IT and fight it by all legal means starting with injunctions. They have given Special status to one religion and this is wrong. Now it turns out upon investigation that this Mosque is a Center for Jihadist Support and Demonstration. This means in plain English the end to Our Way of Life, making Non-Believers second class citizens who pay a Special tax for keeping their religion. Anyone who disputes this can visit Islamic Countries, there are 57 of them and if you are LGBTQ, and go don’t tell anyone since most of those countries apply a death penalty for it

    • God please help these poor ignorant people. Can’t they read the Quran and understand the Muslims are not here to be their pals? These politicians are selling their souls to Satan=Allah.. .

  2. ACLU of Florida President Mark Schneider is either incredibly stupid or he receives a mighty handsome remuneration from the ICBR. Judging from the obvious, his name sounds very Jewish and whether he can admit it or not, he would be the first to go (DEAD) if his “friends” at the ICBR became the dominate force of the land. To me, there’s no one stupider than an American-born woman who converts to islam–UNLESS IT’S A JEW who does so. Come to think of it, now I can’t help wondering what kind of nationality is Susan Bucher. Talk about committing virtual suicide…. Are these liberals totally BRAIN-DEAD???

    • Wellborn I’d be appreciative if you can tone down the Speculation about the question of Jewishness of Mark Schneider,ACLU President. What you have written is not necessarily inaccurate but would you have gone out of your way to comment had he been a Christian facing the same inevitable outcome? This Mosque, harboring and disguising the Jihadists with respectability of the Chief Election Officer, ACLU, and trying to create an air of normality by making the Mosque a Polling Place is just the beginning baby steps. They won’t meet voters with horns but kindness and an attempt to meet in the future and schmooze, to build relationships and take off from there.
      Ms Susan Bucher is actually offering a Quid Pro Quo by telling the Muslims if re-elected I promise or guarantee that the Mosque will be a Polling Place.

  3. how does huma get by being married to a Jewish man??? and a sex pervert at that! guess the rules don’t apply to everyone. . . . .

  4. Why isn’t the FBI investigating this Mosque? I think since Obama has been in the White House he has ordered the FBI to not bother with investigating Mosques in the U.S. Keep in mind that he has Moslim Brotherhood members working in his administration and they have been there all of his two terms. I consider that all of the Mosques in the U.S. are run by operatives of the Moslum Brotherhood and they use brainwashed nut cases like this politician that was probably bought off to quietly help them spread throughout the country. I doubt she is the only they have bought.
    Huma Abedin that has been Clinton’s employee since the 90’s mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood so whatever was in Clinton’s emails that interested the Muslim Brotherhood I sure she passed it on to them through her mother, father or brother. They are all members.

  5. You need to go to over to the site you might already subscribe to it, the newsletter I was sent today is titled, Hijra,Islamic Migration. This site is run by Bill Warner he said that (I am quoting here) today in the West, we see the beginning of the annihilation of our civilization due to the deference we pay to Islamic migration and Sharia and we refuse to see the true nature and goals of Islam-complete domination of all aspects of our society.

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