Muslim landlord breaks tenant’s leg in argument over Christianity

Source: Muslim landlord breaks tenant’s leg in argument over religion – News –

Milton Lazarus, 28, of Red Hills in St Andrew also pleaded guilty to destroying the complainant’s flat-screen television and figurines.

The court also heard that Lazarus forced the complainant to give up her tenancy. But this was denied by the complainant who pleaded not guilty to breaching the Rent Restriction Act.

However, Lazarus pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property and to aggravated assault last Wednesday when he appeared before Senior Parish Judge Judith Pusey, and a sentencing date was scheduled for September 21.

According to the police, on May 28 the complainant and Lazarus were at home have a discussion pertaining to Christianity and Islam when it turned into an argument.

During the argument, Lazarus threw a metal pipe and hit the complainant in her head and on her leg, causing the leg to break.

Lazarus also damaged a flat-screen television, valued at $45,000, and some figurines belonging to the complainant.

The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged.

Last Wednesday when the matter was mentioned, Attorney Davorna Wilson tried to get bail for Lazarus.

But the prosecutor objected on the grounds that Lazarus has been involved in a number of violent incidents in his community.

Wilson, however, persisted by asking the judge to offer him bail with conditions that would ensure that he refrains from getting in any further incident.

But the magistrate refused.

“What will I tell the complainant’s children if I grant bail to a man who is known to be violent and she turns up dead?” the judge asked.

“This is not just an intellectual exercise,” Judge Pusey said, while pointing out that parish judges have to know what is happening in their parish and have to grant bail based on the circumstances.

After he was denied bail, Lazarus told the court that he had pleaded guilty from the last court date, hence he was pleaded.

He was then asked if he was willing to compensate the complainant for her damaged good and he agreed. He was subsequently told to bring $50,000 to court to pay over to the complainant on the date of his sentencing.

5 thoughts on “Muslim landlord breaks tenant’s leg in argument over Christianity

  1. UK= Sharia is creeping into schools+politics+it is turning the general public against our own police force who comply with 24/7 so-called ‘HATE CRIME’ policing whilst not policing major issues= rape-murder-muggings-house break ins etc. Muslims are breeding like rabbits. Our health system+schools are overcrowded. In future they will need pensions they have never contributed to. The UK will be bankrupt.

  2. That Muslim landlord should face long prison time, and face a mega fine up to $200,000,000; and face a long prison sentence. He should’ve been banned from becoming a landlord for renting industries.

  3. better yet, he should have never been allowed in the country. and obamasshole wants more of them; people had better wake up; they are nothing but takers and idiots; whio do you think is going to pay for them??? surely not themselves; wake up taxpapers and legal citizens; you are in for a ride if more of these nutcases are allowed in our country.

    there are too many now; obama does not give a damn if we lose all to them like the UK, Sweden, and many other countries who probably seriously regret their ‘ kindness’ to these cretins. they will never get their countries back.

  4. It is difficult to turn the other cheek once your head is removed from your. neck. Where Islam has raised its ugly evil head, it must be crushed before it can gather its body as a whole and overwhelm with force of numbers and arms. Governments and Churches have failed and, are failing, across the globe, to prevent, even nurturing, the success of the Islamic invasion to conquer and enslave the world.

  5. It is clear that when a christian, hindu or any religious state is mentioned, that applies to the local and indiginous population. However, when Islam is mentioned then you know it means not locals but arrivals from a foreign land coming to live by THEIR customs regardless of how opposing it may be to the new country. If I as a muslim went to the UK, I could demand because I am foreign, if an Englishman came here to my country, a muslim country, even their government will tell them to observe customs or face the consequences! when did the glorious UK become such a dog to the Arabs? I am one, and I hate that people now fear me when I travel, not the case 20 years ago..

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