Not Unchristian to Worry About Resettlement of Muslims in America, Says Freedom Advocate

Source: It’s Not Unchristian to Be Worried About Refugee Resettlement in America, Religious Freedom Advocate Says

Christian religious freedom activist Faith McDonnell is pushing back against the notion that it is unchristian to voice concerns with how the State Department is resettling refugees from Syria and other terrorist hot spots in the Middle East.

McDonnell, the the director of Religious Liberty Programs and the Church Alliance for a New Sudan at the Washington-based think tank Institute on Religion and Democracy, told The Christian Post on Monday that it’s reasonable for Christians to voice concern about how the State Department is resettling only a minuscule percentage of Christian refugees from Syria and voice concern that the havoc being wrecked by Muslim refugees in Europe could also occur in America.

McDonnell took issue with recent remarks issued by Matthew Soerens, the U.S. director of church mobilization for the evangelical refugee resettlement organization World Relief.

Soerens, who works for one of nine agencies authorized by the State Department to resettle refugees inside the U.S., told CP this month that the notion that the State Department has an “anti-Christian bias” is baseless when looking at refugee resettlement numbers.

First, he said that the State Department refugee vetting process takes as long as 18 months and the refugees who are being resettled now are mostly Muslim refugees who fled their homes years ago when the Syrian conflict first started and before the Islamic State took power. He also explained that many Christians refugees fled to Lebanon, where the U.S. didn’t begin resettling refugees from until recently.

“I think that [these are] true but I don’t think that is a good excuse,” McDonnell, who has had her share of disagreements with World Relief in the past, said. “I think for one thing, if you read Mindy Belz’s book They Say We Are Infidels, you’ll see that both Syrian and Iraqi Christians had been suffering for a long time, even before the Syrian war with Assad and everything started. We should have been prepared for that. If you are refugee resettlement people and you are seeing what is on the radar screen, if you had any thought in your mind at all that Christians are being persecuted because they are Christians, then they would have been on their radar screen already.”

McDonnell said she thinks that the State Department should change the way it decides which Syrian refugees will be resettled, considering that the U.S. relies heavily on refugee referrals from the United Nations but many Christians stay away from U.N. camps due to fear of persecution from Muslim radicals.

McDonnell also believes that the State Department should expedite the vetting process for vulnerable Syrian and Iraqi Christian refugees. She detested Soerens’ claim that expediting Christian refugees would be a “double-edged sword.”

Although Soerens argued that expediting Christian refugees would cause other refugees to lie and say they are Christian, McDonnell argues that it wouldn’t be difficult to confirm whether or not refugees were actually Christians, stating that there are baptismal records available and leaders with the Assyrian and Chaldean churches are able to vouch for many Christians.

“There is this thing about ‘Are we going to respond with fear or compassion?’ I think that is a false dichotomy,” McDonnell said. “I think that you can be compassionate and still have the appropriate concern about the situation. They challenge American Christians and churches to respond biblically with Christ-like compassion and not give into fear, which they insinuate is not only sinful but in some cases, they ridicule people for it.”

McDonnell also took issue with a remark given by prominent megachurch Pastor Rick Warren, who said earlier this year that if Christians are not helping refugees, then “I doubt our Christianity.”

“Rick Warren saying that if we are not helping, he doubts our Christianity. I think that is really appalling,” McDonnell said. “If we look at what is happening right now in Europe, is it really compassionate and Christian to subject Americans to that kind of nightmare, to the rape that is going on and the changing of the entire cultures?”

Although advocates for Syrian refugee resettlement say that the State Department’s 18-month vetting process is adequate enough to keep terrorists out and keep the country safe, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., recently highlighted 20 examples of refugees who passed the State Department vetting process but were implicated in or convicted for terrorism or terrorism related offenses.

McDonnell warned that the Muslim appeasement happening in European countries should not be allowed to happen in America. Just recently, it was reported that wealthy citizens in Sweden have been asked to let newly arrived migrants stay in their own country homes.

We are voluntarily becoming dhimmis (non-Muslims citizens in an Islamic state) to Islam and seeing ourselves as second-class citizens in our own countries because of this,” McDonnell stressed.

McDonnell said that one of the things that shaped her opinion on the refugee resettlement issue was news that came out of Maine last year, when an African Christian man was slaughtered by Somali refugees.

“Maine is kind of crazy in that way, saying, ‘Oh, we embrace refugees.’ And then that is what happens because there is no sense of prudence about it at all,” McDonnell added. “I would be interested to know which one of the VOLAGs had resettled those Somali refugees and if they had any concern or compassion for the man who died at their hands,” McDonnell said.

Also, it was recently reported that an Iranian refugee in Maine became radicalized and left to join the Islamic State. [CS: after collecting welfare for 4 years]

“There is enough evidence to say that at least part of this is people who are choosing to migrate as part of Islamic hegira, to spread Islam in the West and to work on behalf of groups like the Islamic State to build the caliphate around the world,” McDonnell said. “You sound like a crazy person when you say that but that sounded crazy when people talked about a caliphate five years ago and here it is.”

As we’ve said for years, “better to be incorrectly called an Islamophobe today, then be a dhimmi, or dead, tomorrow.”
* hegira aka hijra

6 thoughts on “Not Unchristian to Worry About Resettlement of Muslims in America, Says Freedom Advocate

  1. I think its too late! Islam has already infiltrated and subverted the American government. Americans are not equipped to deal with the level of deceit of muslims who have been trained from birth in the arts of lying. It is very clear islam must be militarily suppressed or Western civilization is doomed.

    • MrCatman. Muslims have been committing atrocities against innocent men women and children for almost 1400 years, only fools would allow these Vermin into their country. In America today there many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations working together to further their vile Fascist ideology. Most of Europe is already lost when Muslims birthrates are considered, couple this with Europe’s pro-Islam so-called leaders, if there was a Charles Martel [The Hammer] in Europe today he would be treated like Geert Wilders, so how can it be any other way,

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. It’s not that We are dumb-witted it’s that Our Government in conspiracy or agreement whatever you want to call it has not been up front with the Public and the Media is complicit in both the omission and disinformation since BHO is almost Moses coming down from Mt Sinai with the Word of G-d. I have the advantage of living in that general neighborhood for almost 10 years, I have ties there and gobble up any information that I can about the ME. I’m not an expert however Lebanon will not give permanent status to Syrian and especially non-Syrian Refugees for many reason nor will they allow them to integrate into the larger society or work. A
    Short time ago high ranking Minister declared a high percentage of ISIS amongst the Refugees in his Country. Besides this whee is everyone’s mind? Before the Great Migration sat the beheading of 25 Coptic Christians in Libya on the shore, ISIS declared they would open the flood gates of people from the ME into Europe and they would send Jihadists amongst them. They also referenced Mohamed and his Conquest of Medina using Hijra ISIS pointed across the sea and said they will burn Rome. All this every Security Service knows and every Political leadership knows. They use the willing politicized Press to hide or sanitize what they can. Maybe settling refugees in rural areas they think they can hide them. The opposite is true. They stick out like a sore thumb. In Europe the majority of ‘saved refugees’ are single and Army age. Why are they here versus families being the majority. Here are some questions
    If FBI Dir Comey states under oath twice it’s impossible to vet these ‘Refugees’ why is it now possible and in less time? Is this another Obamacare and Iran Deal?
    Muslims are allowed more than one wife. Is US Law going to be broken in the name of Islam and allow up to 4 wives and recognize children from all 4 for benefits? Who would make a decision that polygamy is acceptable?
    There are usually 10 in a ME Muslim Family. First as refugees are the being given a path to citizenship or is this temporary and they’ll go back and rebuild their country? If they stay here is there going to be a cap on how many family members they can bring over? What’s that number?

  3. I saw a cartoon in which sums it up. the 4th page I think. several arabs loaded with cash bags being asked why they don’t resettle Syrians who are muslims in their own Muslim countries. “no speak english” IN SPANNISH is their reply..

    Please don’t be surprised if people will react violently after years of having officials turn a blind eye to problems they experience. NO foreign person has the right to demand and upset others, that was always the case with people of the same country moving from area to area. You do not create a problem and do not take your culture and customs with you to impose on others. Islam has created the problems which created asylum seekers, don’t bring the problem with you, or stay wit it where you are..

  4. Long time fan of CS, well done all. I followed the comment left with reference to, and have since added them to my fav list as with your CS site..

    Qatar is taking over London, major sites and businesses being bought up with the grin of their so called rulers. Often I have heard how Christianity was spread, BUT, wherever Christianity went, it was the locals who became of the faith. With Islam, it’s not locals that become Muslim, their cult goes with the influx of muslims and not converts!

    Wake up America, or perhaps you too will join Europe in the fight against the Muslim foreigners! Perhaps it is also better NOT to be against Muslims but against Brown people!! They are not white and therefore the entire boohoo issue of islamophobia can be overcome.

    Great site guys

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