Dearbornistan: Woman avoids rapejihad after Iraqi stalks her, traps her in her garage

Diversity alert! Source: Man allegedly stalks woman, charged with three counts of breaking and entering

DEARBORN –Ali Alsoweidi, 21, was arrested on July 27 on three counts of breaking and entering, after a female resident contacted police and claimed that she found him in her garage, where he allegedly revealed he had been stalking her.

The incident occurred on the 6400 block of Coleman Street, in east Dearborn.

The resident, a Caucasian female in her 40s, had come home shortly before midnight and parked her car inside her detached garage. She had secured all garage doors and entered her home.

But moments later, her dogs began barking. From inside her home, she observed a bicycle leaning against her garage door. The pedestrian door for the garage was also wide open.

The woman went to investigate the suspicious activity and discovered Alsoweidi, a Dearborn resident, sitting inside of her vehicle in the garage.

She told police Alsoweidi attempted to trap her in the garage and had told her that he had been “observing her for a while.” He’d revealed that he had a fixation on her and even described clothing that she had recently worn.

It remains unclear if he lives near her home. The woman had never seen Alsoweidi prior to the incident.

She also claimed that he threatened to return and seek revenge on her if she contacted authorities.

The woman was able to escape after he pushed her against her garage door opener. Once the garage door opened, the woman ran inside her home and called the police.

Alsoweidi fled the scene on his bicycle. The woman provided a detailed description to police, who later found him a short distance away.

Judge Mark Somers arraigned him in 19th District Court. His bond was set at $5,000, with a GPS tether.

In a statement, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said the woman’s swift actions helped police catch him within moments after their encounter.

“We are grateful that the victim took the initiative to contact the police immediately, which allowed us to quickly respond and investigate the matter,” Haddad said. “Due to the actions of the victim, the Dearborn Police were able to arrest the suspect quickly and remove a felon from the streets.”

Alsoweidi waived his right to a preliminary exam and has been bound over to the Third Circuit Court. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office charged him with breaking and entering with intent, entering with breaking, and breaking and entering a motor vehicle.

An Iraqi-American, Alsoweidi graduated from Fordson High School.

Since TheAANews broke the story, Alsoweidi’s family contacted us to deny the claims that he was stalking the victim.

This wasn’t Alsoweidi’s first run-in with the law.

Earlier that month, on July 3, he was arrested and charged with two counts–robbery, and breaking and entering a building with intent in Dearborn.

On July 22, he had posted $1,000 bond and took a plea at the Third Circuit Court. He had been slated for a sentencing hearing on September 7.

However, the new charges from the July 27 incident set that timeline off-course.

A Disposition conference was held on August 25 to overview his charges.

6 thoughts on “Dearbornistan: Woman avoids rapejihad after Iraqi stalks her, traps her in her garage

  1. Since he graduated from Fordson high it was likely there he was badly influenced by the Christian students there. So he is not to blame, he is a “good boy”. He needs to spend more time at the mosque

    • This monster is a habitual offender and a danger to society. Maybe if he was a Christian and not a Muslim beast he wouldn’t be in this mess. Blame his up bringing and this satanic Mohamed. Thank God this woman wasn’t hurt or worse by this beast. If it was my house he would be dead. We protect ourselves and our own.

      • @Laura. Yes! And your self-defense would be perfectly justified–to the point of justifiable homicide! We need more red-blooded Americans like you and your family! Yeah, I know, now they’ll probably call me a racist and a bigot–better a bigot than a stinking MUSLIME COWARD!!! TRUMP for Prez!!!!

  2. Too bad Ms. female resident did not have a gun with her; she would have saved us all a lot of tax payer costs and eliminated one more of the filthy 7th century animals living there.

  3. Under what kind of insane reasoning has Alsoweidi’s sentencing for a previous and similar crime been delayed? It is obvious to the most casual observer that this scum can not be deterred by the mere thought of punishment. He is a confirmed threat to the safety of American citizens and should have been remanded to jail to await sentencing for his first crime and attend proceedings for his latest offense from his prison cell.

    Perhaps the judge who allows him bail should face criminal charges if Alsoweidi’s rapes or murders his next target. Or, the one he recently threatened.

  4. Law breaking seems to be a chronic issue with this Fordson High Grad. Maybe it’s time to start imposing more strict Sharia compliant sentences? Such as deporting this “young man” and his entire family back to Iraq, since Alsoweidi cannot live under America’s Rule of Law. Or is the young man following Linda Sarsour’s instructions of not assimilating?

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