Michigan: 65-year-old Muslim attacks boy with blunt object…in mosque

(Photo: Canton Police)

Source: Trial ordered for mosque assault defendant

Barring a plea deal, a 65-year-old man accused of assaulting a juvenile boy inside a mosque in Canton is facing trial in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Defendant Hobibur Rahman of Hamtramck, charged amid allegations he used a blunt object to attack the boy, could face four years in prison if he is convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault.

Rahman is facing trial after he appeared Friday in 35th District Court and voluntarily gave up his right to a preliminary hearing — a move that for now averted courtroom testimony. A not-guilty plea has been entered for him.

Rahman was charged after an incident unfolded Aug. 10 inside the Masjid Bilal mosque on Ridge Road, north of Cherry Hill. Canton Public Safety Director Joshua Meier early on called it “an isolated incident” and said it was not a hate crime.

Police believe the defendant attended the mosque, but officials haven’t disclosed any potential motive for the alleged assault.

Detective Sgt. Dan Traylor has said the juvenile boy was not seriously injured and was not hospitalized.

Police haven’t disclosed what kind of weapon was used — only that it was a blunt object.

Magistrate Frank Wren released Rahman on a $10,000 personal bond during his initial arraignment on charges in 35th District Court.

The accused is straight out of America’s first Muslim-run city, where mosques screech the call to jihad prayer at all hours of the day and night.

The mosque appears to have been a church: Masjid-Bilal-Canton

and they are building another mosque in what appears to be a residential area of Ypsilanti, where there are extensive parking issues/violations:

MBY-Now-Picture1-1000x800Masjid-Bilal-YpsilantiThe website indicates they are also planning on building a madrassah. But, nothing to see here.

We alerted citizens a year ago, 2 new mosques proposed within 2 miles of each other in Ypsilanti Twp.

Last week’s police blotter of mosques and imams in the U.S. included these pillars of diversity:

Oklahoma: Another “Islamophobia” hoax crime exposed; mosque member arrested, CAIR imam implicated

Chicago: Imam gets probation for molesting underage girl, female employee

6 thoughts on “Michigan: 65-year-old Muslim attacks boy with blunt object…in mosque

    • @Charlotte. Hey, hey now. You gotta show some respect here–I mean, what did those poor pigs ever do to you anyway???? Besides, would you really waste a good pound of bacon on these MUZZTURDS??? I mean, really, pigs are people too, ya know!!!! Now if you wanna try spreading (or spraying) camel psss all over the place–yeah, I’m all for that…..

  1. It goes w/o saying that this POS maggot was undoubtedly trying to molest this kid and the kid fought back! Why else would an adult use a lethal weapon against a child? It certainly wasn’t a matter of trying to educate or “train” the child!!!!! That just makes no sense at all! This is clearly a crime of passion and rage–SEXUAL RAGE!!!!!

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