Washington: Muslim refugee attacks woman and cop, then shot dead (video)

But the Dept. of Homeland Security – created to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists – is pimping full-time for Muslim refugees.

dhs-dawahSource: Man shot, killed by police officer in Kelso identified as 27-year-old transient | OregonLive.com  h/t Atlas Shrugs

The man shot and killed by a police officer Wednesday in Kelso has been identified as a 27-year-old homeless man who has connections to Spokane.

A Kelso police officer fatally shot Omer Ismail Ali after Ali allegedly attacked a gas station clerk, customer and the officer with a walking stick, the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Ali died of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the results of an autopsy performed Friday.

Ali, who immigrated to the U.S. from Sudan as a refugee in 2013, also suffered a “gunshot wound of the jaw and neck,” deputies said.


Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Ali tried to shoplift from a Flying K gas station food mart in West Kelso shortly after 8 a.m., deputies said. They said the store’s clerks told him to leave, and he threatened them and walked away. The Kelso officer, John Johnston, arrived shortly thereafter to take a report.

As Johnston and one of the clerks were reviewing surveillance footage in an office, Ali returned to the store and began hitting a clerk and a customer with the stick, authorities said.

Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson said in a news conference Wednesday that Johnston tried to intervene but was struck in the head. Johnston was also injured in the arm and leg, police said. Johnston then shot Ali.

Johnston is a 22-year member of the Kelso Police Department, deputies said. Johnston, the clerk and the customer were taken to a hospital, and each of them were treated and released.

The encounter was Ali’s second at the Flying K that morning, deputies said. They said he showed up at the store around 1:10 a.m., toting a flat board, and was told to leave by police and employees. Police took the board.

Police also contacted him twice between the Flying K altercations, deputies said. They said officers had contacted Ali or received reports about him multiple times since Saturday.

Ali was arrested Saturday in Cougar, Washington, for allegedly driving with a suspended license, deputies said. They said the car, a rental, had been stolen in Washington’s Whatcom County.

Deputies said he had a pair of non-extraditable, misdemeanor warrants out of Spokane and Blaine, Washington.


16 thoughts on “Washington: Muslim refugee attacks woman and cop, then shot dead (video)

    • I cant imagine why this officer backed up when he had his gun aimed at this guy, by doing so he could have lost his life and the maniac could have gotten his gun and killed the other officer along with the people in the store.

    • Vetting? this administration don’t know the meaning of the word, when was the last administration that did any vetting? Donald Trump brings up this commons sense idea and the Muslim lovers go nuts and call him every name but a white man. Would anyone with a brain cell allow strangers into their home, pay for their livelihood, let them be around their family members, especially their wife and daughters, this is what we’re doing, only difference is ones house compared ones country. Look how well this has worked out for Europe. Many parts of Europe are lost forever due to Muslim birthrates alone which can reach 15 children when Muslims have multiple wives compare this to non-Muslim families with one child and some choosing not to have children, couple this with millions on their way it doesn’t take a mathematician to see the outcome.

  1. If someone is a true refugee he is not going to behave like a criminal. What we are seeing all too often are nations offloading their prison population into the US under the guise of needing to give us their refugees.

    • Hello Philly I was living in Miami, Florida when Castro let out his prisoners and made sure they got to Miami, of course these weren’t political prisoners but hardcore and the criminally insane prisoners. Common sense should come in to play here because it dictates that among these migrants there will murderers as well as seasoned Muslim terrorists. I didn’t mention rapists that’s seems to be a part of who they are, Muslims believe it’s their right to rape non-Muslim women Look at Sweden rapes are up almost 1500 percent no that’s not a typo Fifteen Hundred Percent. Every country they migrate to rapes increase, but don’t look for it to be reported by the sycophants in the media who go out of their way to hide the fact if a rape was committed by a Muslim. Where are those loud mouth so-called women rights group, it’s been my experience the same type of women embraces Islam, one at MSNBC just the other day was speaking the good of Sharia Law even though Muslim men treat their women worse than western pig farmers treat their pigs, In America today there are many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations who are working together to further the advancement of Islam along with Sharia Law. with allies like MSNBC and those like it with the exception of Fox News makes these organization’s jobs much easier. I have been warning people for over 15 years, go back 15 years and compare it with today and you’ll see how huge their advancement is, even a Muslim in the White Mosque aka the White Housel even if he isn’t a Muslim to these Muslim organizations he’s as good as having one of their own there.

      • America has a 2nd Amendment and Stand Your Ground. Exactly to protect against scummy heathen invaders. In Europe the cop would have faced prison time. Good for him that he didn’t rush to judgment though. Johnson is a true hero. As for refugees who knows how this cretin got in. Trump wants extreme vetting but refugees already get that. Would be great if we could just keep out Muslims but it’s probably too late now with 3mn here already.

      • Consider this… Muslims consider it a CAPITAL OFFENSE (by any gruesome, bloody means available) to convert to any religion outside of islam. That’s “capital” as in DEAD! Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born to a muslim Kenyan father (probably IN Kenya). He later moved with his mother to Indonesia (the most densely MUZZLUM populated nation in the entire WORLD)! He was educated in muzzlum schools and learned to recite great passages from the koran (intentionally lower-case) in ARABIC with almost NO NOTICEABLE ACCENT! He came to the USA and attended Harvard (nobody really knows much about this part cause it’s CONFIDENTIAL–unlike Hillary’s emails) with the funding of a prominent muzzlum millionaire (sorry, the name escapes me). His college records and manuscripts are virtually unattainable–JUST LIKE HIS BONA FIDE birth certificate FROM KENYA! He later attended (for over 20 years) a “Christian” church where the Pastor (falsely so-called) finds it totally fine to scream, “God DAMN America” standing in the pulpit! AHEMMM….. I’ll give you two guesses which “religion” Bar-ack (backwards–Ack-bar) HUSSEIN Obama belongs to….MUZZLUM or MUZZLUM…. Ahemmm!!!!

  2. The Rapefugees are mostly Muslim, all Evil & sent to
    US with our own Government’s Approval. This is the Plan for White Genocide in America.

  3. Sharia is also a stealth device. Corrupt American politicians readily mask the concept within western precepts, inventing a stealth patina of legitimacy … SEE HERE …


    • Fixed it….Muslim “refugees” should be “resettled” in the “Muslim” world, not transform the West into the Muslim world, which is happening now.

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