Alabama DMV: ‘Only Muslims can cover their hair for ID’s, Christians can not’

Laws for Muslims, and laws for everyone else. Infidel.

Source: Muslims can wear headscarves for Alabama IDs. A Christian woman sues so she can, too. – The Washington Post


When Yvonne Allen went to renew her driver’s license, she wasn’t expecting to discuss the Bible. But she soon found herself trying to defend her Christian beliefs.

Allen takes literally the words of 1 Corinthians in the New Testament: “If a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off.” She never goes out in public without a colorful scarf wrapped around her hair.

But when she sat down for her driver’s license photo, that wasn’t okay with the clerk in Auburn, Ala. The clerk demanded that Allen take off her headscarf and, as Allen recalls it, when she started to refuse, the clerk asked her if she wears the scarf for religious reasons. “Yes, ma’am,” Allen said.

“Are you Muslim?” Allen recalls the woman asking her. When Allen said she was Christian, she says the clerk replied, “Only Muslim women have the right to cover their hair in their driver’s license photos.”

Allen said that the first clerk she saw told her, “Christian women don’t cover their hair,” even when a friend of Allen’s who was there with her told the clerk that Allen never takes off her head covering in public.

Then that clerk said that Allen could call Frayer. Frayer, the chief clerk, repeated that only Muslims can wear headscarves in their photos. Frayer said that she herself is Christian and doesn’t cover her hair.

If she had to take off her scarf, Allen asked the clerk if she could at least partially close the door, to give her some privacy while the photograph was taken, according to the lawsuit. The clerk said no, Allen claims.

Even the good people of Alabama have been brainwashed and submitted to the Islamic supremacist ways.

That said, if Yvonne Allen were really concerned about her and her fellow Christians’ rights, the last place she should have gone is to the ardently pro-Muslim, anti-Christian ACLU.

But back to the DMV and their special Muslim privileges:



14 thoughts on “Alabama DMV: ‘Only Muslims can cover their hair for ID’s, Christians can not’

  1. Even the State & Local Government Workers are getting on the Program to Islamitize Americans. It’s a full scale Indoctrination, Re-Education Camp for the
    Americans who are not willing to swallow the Propaganda Crap! A Christian Woman dares to challenge the Dhimmi Government of the Obamanation. She is a POC, so BO will be merciful.

    • Only Muslim women have the right to cover their hair in their driver’s license photos.” Their shit doesn’t stink either. What happened to equal rights for everyone?

  2. Good for her. Im glad she’s a black christian. That makes it more difficult to deny her the same rights as a Muslim savage. When is this country going to understand what Islam is trying to do. Every little inch we give in to these aholes, the closer we get to submitting to the entire ideology. Muslims want special prayer time at work so we give them. Muslims demand they be allowed to wear a head bag when working and we give in to them. Muslim stewardess says she can’t serve alcohol and we give in to them. Muslim at a grocerystore say they can’t handle bacon and again they get exemptions. Its total Bullshit. You and I can’t demand special priviliges as we would be laughed at.

  3. What the H E Double L!! This BULLSHTTT has to stop! This woman has every right, under the law, that some MUDSLIME has! It really is time to take out the TRASH! I really hope she refuses to settle out of court, b/c this case needs to won for the sake of the PRINCIPLE! Just look at the mess that Bar-ack (ack-bar) has done to this country! Soon the only people who will have any rights at all, are the muzzlum scumBAGS!!!

  4. A year or 2 ago Alabama voters passed an Amendment banning sharia law in this state and the Governor signed off on it. If I was this woman I would be calling my State Representative and Governor Bently ‘ s office!

  5. Just another religious exception.. Why do these Muslims get special attention under the law. I thought we were in America where everyone gets the same treatment under the law.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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