Vermont: DMV Saw Something, Said Something, Got Sued for $40K

There should be rewards given to those who report illegal aliens and visa scofflaws. Instead, Vermont is issuing drivers licenses to illegals and running a kangaroo court named the Human Rights Commission.

Source: Man settles $40K discrimination lawsuit with Vermont DMV – WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

MONTPELIER, Vt. – A Jordanian man will get $40,000 from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles in a discrimination settlement. Abdel Rababah has lived in southern Vermont for years with an expired Visa. Two years ago, he applied for a driver privilege card. He got the card, but a DMV investigator tipped off U.S. Immigration Enforcement. The American Civil Liberties Union took up his case before the state Human Rights Commission.”This case represents the state of Vermont trying to use enticing people to apply for driving privileges, to make our community safer, but then turning it around and trying to, on the other hand, treating them as criminals which they are not,” said Jay Diaz, ACLU for Vermont.

Rababah was (maybe still is) in the country illegally. Just because he was here illegally for years doesn’t make him legal.

DMV officials said staff members did not follow correct procedures and the incident happened shortly after the driver privilege card was created by lawmakers to help undocumented workers. Part of the settlement calls for the DMV to change the license application, as well as provide training to staff including anti-discrimination training.

The ACLU continues its work for the ummah.

14 thoughts on “Vermont: DMV Saw Something, Said Something, Got Sued for $40K

  1. People need to understand these blatant violations of our laws concerning aliens go directly to the white house of barak obama. His RULE AND PUNISH BY EXECUTIVE ORDER are at its heart. Can’t help billery clinton will do more of the same, if she is honest enough to admit her intentions.

    • This comment is not intended exclusively for D.R….

      Here’s just one more case of Bernie Sanders’ anti-American socialism! Reward the illegals and punish the “rich” white native-born Americans! This is what the ACLU is patently famous for, which is just one more overwhelming reason that our country is doomed, if Hillary Clinton is elected!!!

      • The more obama/clinton/sanders can make illegals(read COLONISTS) APPEAR to be citizens, the easier it will be to argue for their automatic CITIZENSHIP. The Reward id democratic vote. Will this split the party?

      • My Europeon ancestors came in 1628, my other ancestors were already here to help them off the boat. So where are you ordering me to go?

        Actually, the only one who needs to go anywhere is you Mr Ale, talk about nasty, boorish, useless bullies who are full of nonsense. Why don’t you go comment at Salon or MoveOn? You have to posess the good sense God gave geese to comment here & clearly that does not define your silly little Prog Brain. Have a nice day!

  2. The uumah scores again in the Obamanation. Abdel has been able to utilize the Monstrous (Human Rights Commission Source) to score $40,000 bucks off of Americans, and receive an Apology From the Vermont State GOV.
    Muslim Crap is soiling our country with their presence, & the Human Rights Commission is their vehicle to destroy America. Muslims are appointed to the Commission by American Politicians, who have been paid off in Bloody Muslim Money!

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