Video: Killing Ed – Charter Schools, Corruption, and the Gülen Movement in America

killing-ed-posterSource: Killing Ed | Charter Schools, Corruption, and the Gülen Movement in America

KILLING ED is a new documentary feature film that exposes a shocking truth: that one of the largest networks of taxpayer-funded charter schools in the U.S. are a worst-case-scenario—operated with questionable academic, labor, and H1-B visa standards by members of the “Gülen Movement” – a rapidly expanding, global Islamic group whose leader, Fethullah Gülen, lives in seclusion in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

KILLING ED enlightens its audiences everywhere with a shocking, first-hand look inside the schools while revealing the corruption of those attempting to privatize our public schools through education ‘reform’ in America.

Facts Uncovered About Gülen Charter Schools in KILLING ED

  • 60,000+ students
  • 150+ schools in USA (with 12 new schools applied for)
  • over 1,200 schools worldwide
  • $500M+ in taxpayer-funded revenue each year
  • FBI investigations in 4 states
  • Congressional investigation into Gülen-paid Turkey trips for politicians
  • over 5,000 Turkish employees on H1-B visas
  • operated by followers of Turkish Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gülen
  • Gülen Movement named a ‘terrorist organization’ by Turkish government
  • Movement’s charters support other follower’s businesses (catering, buses, construction, school furniture, curriculum, etc.)

Fethullah Gülen Historical Timeline by Prof. Joshua Hendrick:

NOW AVAILABLE: Killing Ed is now available on BluRay and Standard DVD from Barnes & Noble online.

Available now for community and group screenings at your local cinema via Read more about organizing a screening here.

More info at the links above or see the Creeping Sharia archives on Gulen. Bonus video below the fold.



5 thoughts on “Video: Killing Ed – Charter Schools, Corruption, and the Gülen Movement in America

  1. It’s incredibly sad to see how extremely naive this elderly couple in the vid seem to be. They are living right next door to a war zone of islamic activity and they are totally clueless! Maybe it’s best that way. At least they won’t die of a heart attack fearing for their lives. The Poconos used to be known as a Honeymoon vacation land. Now, not so much….

  2. this money is coming from the public school system; if they dont want to use public schools, pay their own way elsewhere; no vouchers should ever be allowed fo any reason.

    guilen is pure terrorist training; when will the sheep wake up; hopefully before they are slaughtered

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