Minnesota: Glencoe Muslim Threatened to Shoot, Blow Up Walgreens Gets Probation

Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton

Source: Glencoe Man who Threatened to Shoot Up Walgreens Gets Probation | KSTP.com

A Minnesota man was sentenced Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to threatening to “shoot up” a Walgreens.

Twenty-three-year-old Abdul Raheem Habil Ali-Skelton of Glencoe pleaded guilty to terroristic threats April 25 and was sentenced Wednesday to 28 days in prison, which he has already served.

He will be on supervised probation for three years.

According to the criminal complaint, Ali-Skelton went to the Brooklyn Park store early Sunday, March 27, and accused a customer of having a relationship with his girlfriend, then threatened to hit him with a bottle. Ali-Skelton also threatened to “shoot up the place” and said he was part of a terrorist group and would “blow up” the store.

Ali-Skelton also pleaded guilty in federal court to lying about communicating with Syrian-based members of the Islamic State group.

6 thoughts on “Minnesota: Glencoe Muslim Threatened to Shoot, Blow Up Walgreens Gets Probation

  1. Some of these Home-Grown Wackos are appearing in our legal system, trying to reinvent themselves to be Muslim Terrorists. As seen here, IT WORKS. If I dared to do such a thing, I would be in Jail, but this creep says he’s Muslim & VOILA, he gets a limp slap on his wrists & sashays off.

    • THIS IS why the giant -PUSH BACK needs to happen. NOW ! iSLAM IS A FILTHY BULLY POLITICAL IDEOLOGY! iSlam masks itself as a RELIGION TO con —con—the CHRISTIANS -JEWS AND OTHER INFIDELS who have not EDUCATED themselves about the lie that is really islam. Just as DHIMMI HILLARY is a forever liar so Islam is a forever LIE. iSLAM has used our laws against us and that can stop. Robert Spencer was forbidden by BHO to educate the DC and the Military about Islam –Without knowledge you can’t fight the enemy.
      Start in earnest to educate yourself about the TRUTH OF ISLAM so you will not be CONNED INTO SLAVERY AND DEATH.

  2. This is just the next step up in Muslim Jihad Terrorism – Soon, America will experience what Europe is experiencing “EVERYDAY”.

    This is Islam – These Are Muslims Practicing Their Religion

    My only wish and hope, that the Liberal-left, Atheists, Muslims themselves and Politician’s are the “First Receivers of their LIES” !! THEY DESERVE THE ATROCITIES !!

  3. If he hadn’t said that he is a muzzie he would on been locked in prison for a few years, but as a muzzie he gets slapped on the wrist and set free.

  4. The good folks of Glencoe, MN, must be totally ecstatic to have this “upstanding” muzzlum ‘holy man’ back on their streets. Hey, so far he’s only gotten away with ‘idle’ threats! Now he’ll have a second chance to actually carry out those threats! HOW TOTALLY LOVELY….. Don’cha just wanna have a real BLAST????

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