Feds refuse to investigate Muslim Minnesota House candidate’s immigration fraud, marriage to brother

“Further Investigation Suggests Omar Married Brother,” by Preya Samsundar, Alpha News, August 22, 2016: h/t Jihad Watch

Further investigation into social media accounts, news reports, and legal documents support the allegation MN State House of Representatives Candidate Ilhan Omar married her brother, who is not a US citizen, in 2009.

As Alpha News reported last week, Powerline Blog raised some interesting questions about the current state of the DFL candidate’s marriages and the possibility of her committing immigration fraud.

Research by Alpha News suggests that Omar was involved with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (her legal husband) and Ahmed Hirsi (her cultural husband and father of her children) at the same time.

Since last Friday when Powerline Blog’s article broke on the potential marriage/immigration fraud, Ilhan Omar restricted access using privacy settings on her Instagram account. All social media accounts related to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi were deleted within the last week. Alpha News has screenshots of the pre-existing accounts. Ahmed Nur Said Elmi used the same handle for his Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and other social media accounts (@ahmednelmi). Omar, whose Instagram handle is @hameey, has recently made her Instagram public again. However, she has deleted any pictures of her and Elmi from her visit to the United Kingdom in 2015. Screenshots of Elmi and Omar were featured on Powerline Blog and Alpha News….

More via The Brother Ilhan Omar Legally Married Sends Alpha News an Email

To add more fuel to the fire, Alpha News received new photographs from an unnamed source in the Somali community who forwarded photos from the Instagram account of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.  The photos, dated 2012, are of Elmi with Ilhan Omar’s then-newborn daughter Ilwad with the caption of “Nieces, fresh out of the [female anatomy]” and another photo of Omar’s father, Nur Said Elmi Mohamed, with the caption underneath the photo, reading “The father of…!The father of…!” Omar’s youngest daughter was born in 2012.

Alpha News has heard from more than one source inside the close-knit Somali community that Ilhan Omar and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi are indeed brother and sister.  Some confirmed to us that the man in the Alpha News photos is Elmi and that they were introduced to him as Ilhan’s brother.

Evidence be damned.

Andy Luger and the U.S. Attorney’s Department in a letter to Omar’s attorney, Jean Brandl, already said that they will not investigate further into this matter. “There is no truth to this report and my office is not investigating, nor have we requested an investigation into Ms. Omar,” reads the letter from Luger.



11 thoughts on “Feds refuse to investigate Muslim Minnesota House candidate’s immigration fraud, marriage to brother

  1. they always say ‘incest is best’ and only the muzzies would know that.
    just another way to infiltrate and lie, lie, lie; they are born with it in their dna

  2. “Ilwad”….Perfect…The differences in language again bring joke-of-the-week….
    I think that also describes uber-leftist suicidal Merkel wannabes in Minnesota, et al.
    Soros would be proud, as that describes him well also.

  3. Public pressure should be brought to bare upon the DA to at a minimum, investigate; given these set of circumstances. If he remain intransigent, then focus on him memorializing his decision not to investigate by committing to a written public statement.

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  5. No Sharia Law in Minnesota…stamp it out! Get llhan Omar impeached….she is immoral and a pervert. Who in their right mind allowed this incestuous creep to get in to office…let alone running for office in the first place?
    Wake up Minnesota! Do you really want to give up your constitutional freedoms? That is what you are doing by electing these immoral type people!!!

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